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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 67 – Banquet (END) 1/2 Ye Hua appeared to be very calm and tranquil. No matter win or lose, I have to bet an amount that won’t throw away I, the Supreme Overlord’s face! Worse come to worst, I will order a bit less crayfishes in the future, how big of a matter is that? Look at just how nervous they are right now, sigh, humans… I remember that in the past, when I was killing the humans, there would always be that one person who would step out and brag for a while, making himself seemed as if he was very formidable, but after I defeated him and was about to kill him, he would begin to beg for mercy. Just like those people here, those people here was even bragging about how much money they have just now, and how much money they spent on buying the diamond rings, and yet, when we only betted 50 billion, the expression on their face right now became black as coal. I have truly overvalued their worth. Just take a look at my woman, look at how calm she is. Qing Ya was just temporarily in a complete stupefied state and still haven’t had the time to change her expression. Along with the second half of the match beginning, besides from Ye Hua, everyone’s heart was nervous. Although 50 billion was just a number to them, but to want to earn this much amount of money, it would also have to take them quite a long period of time. Therefore, no one would be willing to lose 50 billion in one night. Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang seemed rather nervous. Although Portugal was currently in the lead, they were still worried about Portugal. If the two were like this, let alone the three women with them. The three women did not have the mental state that Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang possesses, and right now, all three of them were tightly clenching their fists. “Score!!!” Along with the commentator’s excited shout, Xiao Yi’s heart sank to the valley depths, Spain scored! Wang Dabao breathe out a sigh of relief. Seems like my luck is still here, I am destined to win tonight’s bet. The amount of money that I am going to win is going to be a total of 100 billion. If I were to go squander the money prodigally, how long would it even take for me to prodigally squander it all~ “Yay!” Qing Ya shouted out excitedly. The score is a tie right now, which means that the chance of me winning the bet is higher right now. If I win tonight’s bet, it would mean an additional 100 billion income that I got from nowhere. If I were to earn that amount of money by myself, just how long would it even take for me to be able to earn that amount of money? May the heavens bless me! Don’t let either of the team score anymore! Ye Hua was a bit bored from watching the soccer match as dragged Qing Ya who was currently feeling very excited to the bar counter at the side and poured himself a glass of liquor to drink. “Ye Hua, pour me a glass too, I have to have a drink to calm myself down.” Qing Ya was excited to the point that even her hands were trembling. This is too exciting! Ye Hua poured a glass of plain water, “You are a pregnant woman and you still want to drink liquor? Just drink plain water will do.” Qing Ya didn’t care that much as she was currently excited to the point that she was feeling very thirsty. Picking up the glass of water, she drank it all in one gulp. “When will it be the China team's turn to play?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, “Besides from China’s soccer team, the rest of the other teams went to the World Cup.” “China soccer team is still so weak even when they have Yao Ming in their team?” “Ye Hua, Yao Ming is the guy who plays basketball!” Ye Hua took a sip of liquor, this is a bit awkward… Jiu Ye was simply going to kowtow to these two already. These two betted their entire family property and yet they are still so calm and collected. How did they train out such a strong mental state? Take a look at these two, then take a look at the other five, the other five seemed as if they were going to glare out a hole from the television.

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