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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 67 – Banquet (END) 2/2 “Score! Spain has pulled off a comeback!!!” Along with the commentator’s excited high pitched voice ringing out again, both Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang somewhat couldn’t remain calm anymore, and on the other hand, Qing Ya was entire stupefied, while Wang Dabao revealed out a smile that seemed like he was saying, it is as I expected. “Seems like Spain is going to win.” Wang Dabao who was in a good mood held onto his female bodyguard’s delicate hand and played with it, while the female bodyguard’s face was completely red. Xiao Yi’s expression was gloomy. Money that is lost can be earned back, but the face that is lost can’t be taken back, especially when losing to this prodigal! If I were to lose to him, after today, news of me losing to him will definitely spread widely within the social circle. “Ye Hua, it seems like we are going to have to eat clay in the future.” Qing Ya looked at Ye Hua with a pitiful look on her face. I really want to cry. Ye Hua stroke onto Qing Ya’s delicate hair, “I know a kind of clay that is very delicious.” “What time is it already and you are still joking around.” Qing Ya didn’t know if she should laugh or cry, to actually go bankrupt in a night. If I had known, I wouldn’t have attended this banquet. Xiao Yi looked at the complacent Wang Dabao and felt very unhappy in his heart. Seems like I will have to cheat! At the same time, currently, at a villa in Long’an City, Death Mage was also watching the World Cup. However, he had only realized today that the World Cup actually exists, and in the past, he had only been watching playbacks of soccer matches! Opening the phone app and taking a look at his bet, then looking at the score, Death Mage thought to himself, “This won’t do! This is my first bet that I placed on a World Cup match, I have to start it off with a good beginning, I cannot lose the bet. Furthermore, if I were to get discovered by the master that I had bet on a soccer match, and even lost, where should I even place this face of mine at!" Stroking onto his ghastly white chin, Death Suddenly snapped his finger, and on the television, right after Death Mage snapped his finger, a soccer member from Spain team could be seen immediately making a foul, and after making the foul, the soccer member looked completely dumbfounded. And because of the foul, Portugal received a free kick in an excellent spot! Death mage was very satisfied with his doing. I swear that I will only cheat this one time and I won’t do it ever again! Watching Ronaldo who had a resolute and determined look on his face take the free kick, Death Mage snapped his finger once again, and the ball could be seen shooting through the air and steadily landing into the goal. Immediately, Death Mage picked up the bottle of beer and drunk it in one gulp, then let out a weird sound from his mouth, “Olleh, olleh olleh olleh~” Seems like I am going to win this 200 rmb bet of mine. I will definitely not bet money again in the future, if not I would want to cheat again. At the clubhouse. Wang Dabao looked dazedly at Ronaldo who was running in the field. Do you know that this kick of yours basically kicked away my 50 billion rmb worth of family property! A total of 50 billion rmb! Xiao Yi breathe out a sigh of relief. I actually fell into a circumstance where I had to cheat, this is truly an irony. Meanwhile, Qing Ya was currently screaming out excitedly as she held onto Ye Hua’s face and gave him a bunch of kisses. “Look at how you are acting from just a score!” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows and said. Qing Ya didn’t care that much right now. That kick of Ronaldo earned me a total of 100 billion! However, right now, a lot of people were currently queueing up to go up the balcony because of this kick of Ronaldo’s. Xiao Yi took a look at the time, just one more score will do! Amongst the three, the situation was inclining towards Ye Hua right now, with Ye Hua having the biggest chance of winning the bet. Qing Ya nervously held tightly onto Ye Hua’s hand. Since I was small till big, I have never felt so excited before, this feels so good~ Wang Dabao remained silent as he looked towards Xiao Yi. Could it be that this fellow is cheating secretly? Tang Wushuang revealed out a slight smile, I didn’t expect that Brother Xiao would actually cheat. Along with 90 minutes coming to an end, the referee added on another 3 minutes, and these 3 minutes was the longest 3 minutes that Qing Ya had ever experienced in her life. To her, it felt like the 3 minutes had gone on for an entire century. Xiao Yi tightly wrinkled his brows. Why is there a problem with my control! It seemed as if there is another power messing around with my power. How could it be! Just who is the one messing around with me, this damned bastard! For the 200 rmb, Death Mage was trying his hardest too. Currently, the Death Mage was confronting with Xiao Yi’s power, and of course Wang Dabao’s luck. Ye Hua looked at the clock. It’s about to reach 10 pm already, I still have to go back and duo-queue with the sister-in-law later on too, I should hurry up and go back home once this ends. Along with the referee’s whistle whistling out, the entire match came to an end. The score was fixed at 3 to 3, a draw! Besides from Ye Hua whose expression was calm, the others were all dumbfounded. Qing Ya shook onto Ye Hua’s hand while pointing towards the television. However, she was excited to the point that she couldn’t speak. After a long while. “CEO Xiao, CEO Tang, CEO Wang, seems like my man’s luck is better. Thank you for letting us win, thank you for letting us win.” At this time, it was Qing Ya’s turn to take the stage. Qing Ya was currently flushed from winning the bet. Good job Ye Hua! And the expression of the rest of the people were gloomy and they totally wasn’t able to speak out anything. Ye Hua held onto Qing Ya’s delicate hand, “Let’s go, I still have to go back home to play the computer game.” “En~” Play computer game!!! Play computer game!!! This man was actually thinking about going back home to play computer game!!! Did he even ever care about the bet!!! Before Ye Hua walked out of the side room, he slowly turned his head around and said to the people inside the side room, “Both of you owes me 50 billion each. Don’t try to deny about the bet and not pay up. If not… Haha.”

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