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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 68 – My master is very formidable 1/2 After finish speaking, Ye Hua brought along Qing Ya and left the clubhouse. Soon after, Jiu Ye said his goodbye with a smile and left too. There was nothing to do here anymore. Everyone in the side room remained silent for quite a while. Nangong Xinyi was starting to somewhat regret having invite Qing Ya to the banquet. If I didn’t invite her, she wouldn't have appeared, and this matter wouldn’t have happened. “Qing Family still has to show Xiao Family some face, I would reckon that they wouldn’t dare to do anything about it!” Nangong Xinyi said in a deep voice, very evidently having the intention of going back on the bet. Tang Wushuang laughed, “That’s true, Qing Family is indeed insignificant in Zijin City.” Wang Dabao let out a breath, a lost is a lost, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, the winners just left and all of you are already prepared to go back on the bet. What I have is money, I am not going to go back on the bet.” “Young Master Wang is indeed rich and imposing, to be willing to be the fool. If you are willing to be the fool, we won’t stop you.” Quan Anrong mocked. Whoever pay up would be the fool. However, this decision that Wang Dabao made could be counted as the most brilliant decision he had made in his entire life. This Wang Dabao’s luck was indeed formidable. In a way, he had eliminated a crisis for Wang Family. As for Xiao Family and Tang Family, they didn’t approve of paying up. “Bye-bye, everybody. All of you can be prepared to be met with being chased after to pay up for the money.” Wang Dabao waved his hand. As long as I didn’t lose to them, it is fine. However, I am confused about this luck of mine, this is the first time that I have met with a situation like this, this is really strange. If Xiao Yi cheated, he would definitely not have allowed himself to lose. Could that handsome brother be the one that secretly cheated? It shouldn’t be the handsome brother though. Then, who could it be? Death Mage was currently happily looking at the 200 rmb that he had won. This feels so good… I won’t bet on soccer anymore in the future, and furthermore, I am never going to bet such a big amount of money ever again. I hate betting money the most. If they were to know that, the Death Mage caused them to lose billions of dollars because of 200 rmb, they would definitely get so angry to the point that they went into qi deviation. Sitting in the Audi R8, Qing Ya was currently still feeling very excited. However, carefully thinking about it, although I won, I reckon that they wouldn’t pay up too. What to do when I don’t have any backing? “Start the car, let’s head back home already, Yutong is still waiting for me to duo-queue with her.” Ye Hua urged. “Humph~ If not for considering the fact that you helped me to win money, I wouldn’t allow you to go and play your computer game~” Qing Ya pouted her sexy red lips as she started the car. “Qing Ya, how about you sell the company and just concentrate on staying at home to bring up the child.” Ye Hua said faintly. Actually, my true motive today was to want to lose the bet. That way, Qing Ya won’t have to think about the company anymore and can just stay at home and concentrate on bringing up the child. Qing Ya chuckled, “You are going to support me?” “I can support ten of you.” “Your ambition is not small, are you thinking of learning from Tang Wushuang and choosing which card to flip at night?” “This idea is not bad.” Ye Hua said faintly, expressing that he could consider it. “You dare~” “Why would I not dare.” “Do you believe that I will drive the car into the river now?” “Don’t believe.” “You!!!” It was just a daily quarrel only. After a few minutes, they would become reconciled again.

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