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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 69 – I am the king of hitmen 1/2 “Brother-in-law, where are we landing at?” “School.” Ye Hua lighted up a stick of cigarette and said faintly. “What? Let’s not land there, we have never walked out of the school alive before.” “To want to become strong, being sneaky won’t help! Only through countless confrontations, then would one be able to learn true skills!” Qing Yutong seemed to have been astonished by her brother-in-law as she said feeble-mindedly, “Brother-in-law, your acting cool after smoking syndrome is acting up again, I have to go out and breathe in a mouth of fresh air.” “Sit properly, let’s jump off now!” Qing Yutong pressed onto the F key with a look of having nothing to live for on her face. Don’t need to think much, a few minutes later on, they returned back to the plane, and the cycle continues on endlessly. Qing Ya returned to her room and nicely washed herself up, then lied down on the bed. She was currently still feeling very excited, and she was excited to the point that she couldn’t fall asleep. Will they acknowledge the bet and pay up? I reckon that they most likely would not, after all, it wasn’t like the bet was just a mere sum of 500 rmb. However, to speak the truth, Ye Hua’s luck today is indeed very good. And I even thought that I would have to start eating clay after tonight. Unhurriedly closing her beautiful eyes, the sound of the ticking of the clock transmitted to her ears. Tick tock… Tick tock… Tick tock… Qing Ya toss and turned around on the big bed, and no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t fall asleep. I am used to hugging onto something when I sleep, and right now, without anything to hug on, it is hard for me to fall asleep. I tried hugging onto the pillow, but the pillow is no good. Helplessly, with her brows deeply wrinkled, Qing Ya switched on the bed lamp. It is already 12 am and Ye Hua still haven’t come to the bed and sleep! Wearing onto her hairy slippers, Qing Ya was prepared to go and call over Ye Hua. After opening Qing Yutong’s bedroom door, she immediately heard the voices of the two. “Brother-in-law, give me a gun, I will rush them!” “With that marksmanship of yours, you aren’t going to land any bullets on them!” “Didn’t you say it just now, that I have to get my aura right?” Ye Hua couldn’t help but gave Qing Yutong a knock on her head, “I told you to get your aura right, but I didn’t tell you to rush recklessly!” Qing Yutong pouted her small mouth and pitifully rubbed onto her head. “Ye Hua! Are you intending on going to sleep or not!” Qing Ya couldn’t help but shout out. While concentrating and playing the game seriously, Ye Hua said unhurriedly, “After I finish this round. You can go and sleep first.” Qing Ya who was wearing a thin natural silk pajamas was particularly alluring. To be able to hug onto a woman like this and sleep, Ye Hua was simply extremely fortunate! Not sure how many men wished that they could do that too, but some men would rather choose to play game over a beautiful woman, take an example, the Ye Hua right now. “Come back to the room and sleep after you finish with this round then.” Qing Ya who couldn’t do anything about it reminded. “En.” However, right after Qing Ya closed the door, both Ye Hua and Qing Yutong was shot to death. “Brother-in-law~” Qing Yutong pouted her small mouth and looked at Ye Hua with a pitiful look on her face. “Let’s play one last round.” “Alright~”

Translator: Wigglegui



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