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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 69 – I am the king of hitmen 2/2 Qing Ya lied down on the bed and continued listening to the ticking sound of the clock. Not sure how long had passed, Qing Ya turned on the bed lamp once again and took a look at the time. It is actually already 1 am! I cannot endure it anymore! Angrily rushing into Qing Yutong’s bedroom, Qing Ya saw that the two were still currently fervently playing. “Brother-in-law, we can finally become small overlords of the school.” Ye Hua let out a deep sigh. The feeling of being able to survive and come out of the school feels truly great. However, before he was even able to walk out of the school gate, his screen went black. However, he wasn’t killed by a player, and instead, it was because that Qing Ya pulled out the power cord. “Ye Hua! Do you want to play the game or do you want your wife! You better make it clear to me today!” Qing Ya placed both her hands onto her waist and pretty much had the feeling of turning into a middle-aged woman. Upon seeing her big sister flip out, Qing Yutong planned to secretly leave the crime scene to prevent herself from being shot. “Qing Yutong, stand right there!” Qing Yutong revealed out a foolish smile, “Big sister, I’m tired already, if you two have anything, you two can go back to your room and settle it.” “Brother-in-law, if you were to get beaten up to a pulp by big sister later on, remember to call me over to help you up.” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong jumped onto her bed and covered herself up with the quilt, displaying out a look that everything has nothing to do with her. Ye Hua stood up and said lightly, “Let’s go back and sleep.” “You still know that you have to sleep?!” Qing Ya said coquettishly, and couldn’t help but pinch onto Ye Hua. However, towards the pinch, just this bit of pain was not able to make Ye Hua feel anything. “Quickly go and take a shower, your entire body smells of cigarette.” Ye Hua sniffed onto his shirt, the cigarette smell is indeed very strong. Taking off his clothes, he walked into the bathroom. However, he did not immediately went ahead and shower and instead called out, “Lie Gu, come over for a bit.” Half a second later, Lie Gu appeared in the bathroom while yawning. “There is someone outside, go and settle him.” In actuality, very earlier on, Ye Hua had already sensed that there was a person moving around Leisure Bar’s surroundings. If it was just an ordinary person, he wouldn’t mind it, however, the person obviously came with a motive. “Your Honor~ Your subordinate wants a corporeal body.” Lie Gu crawled on the floor and requested. Ye Hua asked curiously, “Isn’t being a dog quite good? Why did you suddenly want to have a corporeal body?” Lie Gu suddenly stood up and stretched both of his paws forward, “Your Honor, look at these paws, I can’t feel anything with these paws.” Ye Hua, “……” I finally know why Lie Gu wants to be a human now. From the looks of it, it is because his women are too beautiful, and yet he couldn’t truly experience the hand feel with those paws of his. This is a kind of realm ascension. At the least, to Lie Gu, it could indeed be counted as his realm raising to a higher level. “Your Honor, the corporeal body that I want has to be handsome, tall, muscular, and big. In any case, everything has to be big.” Ye Hua lightly waved his hand and said lightly, “You can casually change between your dog body and human body. Conceal your identity well. If those women of yours were to come to know of your identity, kill them.” “Your Honor, Lie Gu understands.” Lie Gu happily waited for his body to transform. However, when he saw the junior high student that was reflected in the mirror, he didn’t feel good anymore. “Your Honor~” Lie Gu pleaded. At least give me a body that is bigger. “Go and scout out on just how many super-power users there are in Long’an City, and also those whatever cultivators too. With this appearance of yours, others won’t suspect a thing.” Ye Hua said faintly. In the past, it was fine since I have never come into contact with those super-power users and cultivators. But now that I have come into contact with them, I have to at least understand what is going on with them. I can’t be like in the past and not take anything to heart. “I will solemnly obey master’s order.” Lie Gu said dispiritedly, and once again transformed into a dog, then disappeared from the bathroom, and Ye Hua himself also began to shower. “Ye Hua, do you have to take up to half an hour just to shower! Could it be that you do not want to sleep with me!” A few black lines immediately appeared on Ye Hua’s forehead. This woman, have I been treating her too nicely? To actually dare to keep on making a big fuss and shouting at me. At a roof that was beside Leisure Bar, a man in a black outfit was currently observing the situation in Ye Hua’s bedroom. Through Kaiser’s several days of investigation, he had discovered that Qing Ya had came to this Leisure Bar a month ago, and during a few days ago, she had straightforwardly moved into the bar. This is very strange. Through my investigation, even if Qing Ya got pregnant, it was unlikely of her to go so far as to living together with an unfamiliar man. Furthermore, this Leisure Bar gives me a weird feeling. The six sense of a man is currently telling me that the organization’s destruction definitely had something to do with that man. As for how he was able to do it, I really don’t have any proof about it. Originally, I wanted to wash my hand clean and stop being a hitman. Then return back to my hometown, marry a woman, have a child, and live the rest of my life in peace. But, who would have expected that such a thing like the organization being destroyed would have happened. Seems like this dream of mine is temporarily out of the question. Placing down the night vision device in his hand, Kaiser looked at the starry sky. In any case, I am after all the king of hitmen, it would truly be too low-profile of me if I don’t at least marry up to 7 or 8 wives. But, before doing that, I have to take revenge for my brothers. After I captured either this man or the woman and questioned them via torture, I would be able to know what happened to the organization. In this world, there is no one that is able to endure the torture of the king of hitmen!

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