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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 7 – The smell of blood vessels That face was still cold as usual, even if her clothes changed, the aura that she had on her was still there. Right now, she was drinking one glass of wine after another glass, not caring in the slightest as to what would happen after she became drunk. Ye Hua walked into the bar counter and looked at Qing Ya quietly. He also did not stop her from continue drinking. When she is drunk, I will just throw her outside and let her perish on her own. “Don’t you have anything to say!” Qing Ya heavily placed the wine glass on the bar counter and looked coldly at the man that was in front of her. Ye Hua said indifferently, “I have said before, I do not have any interest in a woman that I have touched.” “I am not that lowly, I came here to ask for your help!” Qing Ya rubbed her head which was in pain. Her head felt as if it was going to split apart. Why are there so many vexing things recently! I really want to just die and forget about everything. Ye Hua took out a cigarette and lighted it up, “I think you looked for the wrong person.” Hearing Ye Hua’s answer, Qing Ya became a bit crazy and shouted, “Why are you all a bunch of cold-hearted creatures! What did I do wrong? Letting me marry a man that I do not like!” Ye Hua looked at Qing Ya calmly, not having a bit of billow at all. Even more, looking at this state of Qing Ya’s, he wondered if there was something wrong with his eyes, for him to actually bring Qing Ya upstairs a month ago. “Do you know why I came to look for you?! Because of this!” Qing Ya took out an examination result from her bag and suddenly threw it on the bar counter. Ye Hua was originally tranquil and calm, but when he saw that examination result, his entire person froze, and the expressions on his face were abundant, there was astonishment, there was nervousness, there was surprise, there was joy, all kind of emotions intertwined together. At this time, Ye Hua finally seemed like a human! Ye Hua’s black eyes stared at Qing Ya’s abdomen as he said silently in his heart, “Eye of truth!” This is the smell of blood vessel! She did not bluff me, I really have a child! I never would have thought that there would be this day. As an undead, my entire body is but a skeleton, how could I possibly have a child? By injecting my bone marrow into someone else? I never would have thought that this corporeal body that I constructed out would actually have this kind of capability! In the past, I was quite envious of those humans being able to have a child. After killing the old one, a small one would come, and after killing the small one, a much smaller would come. But what about myself? After I die, there won’t be anyone else. However, it is different now, there is a small life within this woman’s stomach, haha! The heaven has not let me down! “If you are even indifferent about this, your child will recognize someone else as their father in the future. Or perhaps, I will die together with your child!” Qing Ya’s mood became more and more agitated, seems like the marriage had already forced her to be at her wit’s end. To Qing Ya, this week was the darkest moment in her life. Grandpa, grandma, father, and mother are all urging me to marry, seemingly wishing to immediately throw me out. Just because that man treated the illness that you all had, you all are pushing your daughter outside. Are you all still the people that I once knew?! Adding on with during those few days, because I began retching and my period didn’t come as normal, I went to the hospital to check. Who knew, after checking, it was discovered that I was pregnant! Qing Ya’s first thought was to abort the baby, but she couldn’t bear to do it, and thus immediately came to find this strange man. Her woman’s institution tells her that, only this man would be able to help her! “You dare!” When Ye Hua who was feeling happy heard that Qing Ya wanted to destroy his child, his ruthless aura immediately emitted out, wanting to kill this woman right now. If it was placed in normal times, Qing Ya would definitely be scared by this ruthless aura, but right now she was drunk and downhearted at the same time, whatever threats towards her were useless. “Why do I not dare? If you don’t help me, I dare to do it!” Qing Ya did not fear the man that was in front of her in the slightest bit. Rage burned within Ye Hua’s chest. How many years has it been! I have never been this angry before. This woman actually dares to use my child to threaten me. Qing Ya sneered, “What? Want to kill me? Come on then, kill me along with the child!” Ye Hua went into a daze. He covered his forehead with his right hand and gradually started laughing. The more he started laughing, the crazier he became. And Qing Ya who was drunk also followed along and laughed crazily. This scene was just as if two crazy people were comparing their laughter. After a good while, Ye Hua kept his smile and said coldly, “I can help you! But you must give birth to the child!” “I can give birth to the child, but during this period of time, you must listen to my arrangments, and help me get rid of this damned engagement!” Right now, Qing Ya also became calm. She can give birth to the child, but she would definitely not marry that opinionated man! “Deal!” Ye Hua didn’t think about it at all and accepted the deal. As long as she gives birth to the child, I can do whatever, even if it is to burn the entire planet! “Deal!” Qing Ya suddenly laughed, and tears of grievance slowly flowed down from her eyes. Following which, she couldn’t bear the pain in her heart anymore and lay on the bar counter and cried out loudly, seemingly wanting to cry out all the grievance in her heart. Ye Hua did not do anything, there was only one word that was filled in his brain right now, “Child!” Perhaps Qing Ya was too tired already, as she cried and cried, she gradually fell asleep. On the exquisite pretty face, there were still tear stains on it, making her seemed very pitiful. “Congratulations your honor for getting an heir!” Wei Chang kneeled on the floor with one leg with a face full of happiness. Wei Cheng’s congratulation was heartfelt. Even Lie Gu was also prostrating on the floor and barking incessantly. Ye Hua took a deep breath and said solemnly, “Both of you, stand up.” “Everything will be shifted to this woman next, guarantee that the child will be able to be born without mishap!” Ye Hua shouted solemnly, there was nothing more important than the child. “I will solemnly obey your honor’s order!” “Bark, bark, bark~” Imperial translation: “I will solemnly obey your honor’s order!” Looking at Qing Ya who had already fallen asleep, Ye Hua fluttered his hand, and Qing Ya actually gradually floated and followed along Ye Hua to upstairs. After placing Qing Ya on the bed, Ye Hua spread out both of his hands and mumbled, “High-level cure!” A gold light sprayed on Qing Ya’s body, and with the naked eye, it could be seen that Qing Ya’s skin was slowly becoming better, it was becoming more and more white, and more and more tender. After the light scattered, Qing Ya’s entire looks underwent a change. If Qing Ya was a fairy who came to the mundane world previously, right now, even a fairy who came to the mundane world would also feel inferior when compared to Qing Ya. After finishing those, Ye Hua sat on the chair that was at the side and looked at the woman on the bed. It was as if that he was already able to hear the sound of his child playing around. So this is how the happiness that humans speak of feels like…it is a bit interesting. When morning approached, Ye Hua was still sitting on the chair. At this time, he seemed a lot calmer, and was not that excited like during the beginning. However, his gaze was still staring at Qing Ya’s abdomen. “Hmmm~” Qing Ya turned her body over and let out an alluring faint breath. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw the familiar ceiling, and her thoughts immediately returned to yesterday. It seemed that I was drunk…Immediately, she lifted over the quilt. After discovering that her clothes were neat and tidy, she immediately let out a breath of relief. When she saw Ye Hua who was sitting at the side, Qing Ya covered her body again with the quilt and her eyes gradually turned cold, “Why was I lying here?” “I have said in the past that, I will not touch a woman that I had touched once for the second time. You should be glad that you were not thrown out on the streets by me, because your stomach has my child.” Ye Hua said calmly, seemingly to not have been aroused by this beautiful woman in the slightest. He was seemingly at the state where the freshness period had already expired.

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