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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 70 – King of hitmen’s pain 1/2 Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Kaiser went into a daze, what is that sound? Turning his head around, he saw a big sized pit bull that was currently scratching onto its ear. When did it come to my side, I actually didn’t sense it at all! Kaiser couldn’t help but took in a deep breath. Luckily it was only just a dog. If it was my enemy, I would have definitely suffered an injury right now. “Shoo, shoo, shoo, go play somewhere else.” Kaiser pretended that he was going to give the dog a few hits, wanting to just quickly chase this dog away. “Woo~” Lie Gu raised its head up and howled and Kaiser’s expression changed. This damned dog, the people in the bar will most likely be alerted now! I will just have to come back another day! At this time, Ye Hua walked out of the bathroom while wiping his hair with the towel, whereas the beautiful woman who was on the bed was still waiting for Ye Hua. Qing Ya just wasn’t able to sleep if she didn’t hug onto him. “Where did that dog of yours went to? It has been a few days seen I last saw it.” Hearing the howling sound of a dog that was coming from the outside, Qing Ya asked curiously. Ye Hua took off his slippers and lied down on the bed. Qing Ya conveniently leaned over and Ye Hua very naturally held onto Qing Ya’s shoulder, all of it was so natural and smooth. The two seemed to have forgotten their previous agreement. “It found a partner outside.” Ye Hua said faintly and closed the bed lamp. Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, then said tenderly, “What do you want to eat tomorrow morning?” “Just go to the street and buy a Chinese crepe will do, the street is closer.” Ye Hua said lightly. “Are you being concern about me right now?” “You are thinking too much, I’m just concern about the child.” “Humph! I don’t want to talk to you anymore, I’m going to sleep now!” Ye Hua laughed lightly and looked towards the night sky that was outside of the window. I hope that Lie Gu won’t be as mischievous as he is in the past and make too much of a scene. Great Emperor Kaiser was extremely famous in the hitman world, any target that was being targeted by him wouldn’t be able to run away. However, my plan was actually spoiled by a mere dog today, this is simply spoiling my reputation. Borrowing the darkness, Great Emperor Kaiser jumped from one high building to another high building. I better go back and cook a packet of instant noodle to eat, then take a shower and go to sleep. I will take my time to make another plan tomorrow. On the other hand, CEO Qing sure is truly beautiful, it would be great if she was still a virgin. Unfortunately, she had already bear the child of another man. Forget about it, forget about it, it’s not like I have never done a thing like being ruthless and destroying beautiful flowers like CEO Qing. After being a hitman for 8 years, I have comprehended one truth. As long as I act cool well, all the beautiful women would naturally come to me. “Woo, woo, woo~” Kaiser’s body came to a pause, and he almost tripped and fell. At the corner of the street, the figure of that dog from before could be seen. My god, how did it do it, to actually be able to run all the way ahead of me. Furthermore, its gaze is revealing out disdain, how is a dog able to have an expression like this, and also, what rights does it have to even disdain me! Not right, why am I minding about what a dog thinks. Perhaps, it just has the appearance of that which seems like it is always giving out a disdain look. Sigh, just what is going on with me tonight, my state of mind is in a complete mess. Entering into the small alley, Kaiser quickened his pace as he secretly turned his head around. At the distant, the head of a dog could be seen extending out, seemingly as if it was spying onto Kaiser. Kaiser became startled, are all the dogs so intelligent nowadays?! However, being followed by a dog is truly a big joke. Kaiser snorted coldly, and his body immediately disappeared from the spot, and his whereabouts were unknown. On the other hand, Lie Gu walked over unhurriedly to the spot where Kaiser disappeared from, then sniffed around. However, after sniffing around for a bit, he immediately felt that something wasn’t right. What am I even sniffing for…

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