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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 70 – King of hitmen’s pain 2/2 At the park, Kaiser sat on a bench and looked around his surroundings. After confirming that there was no one else, he took out a packet of low-quality cigarettes, then took out a stick of cigarette and lighted it up. The flame of the lighter seemed particularly strange within the dark park. After ferociously taking a puff, Kaiser let out a sigh. I was actually scared by a dog, this is truly unfathomable. “Pssssssss~” Kaiser went into a daze as he numbly turned his head around and looked towards where the sound was coming from. It could be seen that, that dog from before was currently raising up one of its back legs and taking a piss. How did this dog chased up to me again! Just how was it able to do it! Could it be that this dog is a demon beast! But, even if it is a demon beast, it should have run away when it saw me, but this dog actually took a piss right in front of me! And furthermore, this urine smell is too strong, look at that tree, that tree turned black because of the urine. Lie Gu shook its body and deeply let out a breath. I have forgotten how I even take a piss in the past… Eh… I don’t think I even had the need to take a piss in the past right? What is there even for a skeleton dragon to piss out? Piss out bone marrow? Lie Gu came to a stop at a spot that was 10 meters away from Kaiser and sat down on the floor, then stuck out its tongue, giving others a feeling that it was very endearingly silly and totally harmless. Looking at Lie Gu revealing out an expression like that, Kaiser let out a breath of relief as he flicked the cigarette bud, “What are you following me for?” Lie Gu crooked its head, appearing endearing silly. Kaiser was currently heavily suspecting that he had just met 3 dogs that looked completely similar. As a big sized pit bull, it actually has such an endearing silly look on it face, seems like it is a hybrid breed, and its breed should be husky… “Don’t follow me again!” Kaiser gave his final warning to the dog, he didn’t mind being a dog butcherer if the dog didn't heed his warning. Lie Gu blocked Kaiser’s path. Lie Gu’s front legs were rubbing onto the grass, giving others a feeling as if there was a treasure under the grass. Actually, the fact was that, Lie Gu was thinking to himself, “How should I fight while I am in dog form? From the looks of it, asides from biting, there is nothing else. The dogs that appear on the television would always only bite too. Could it be that I have to copy Wei Chang, that Gluttonous Monster? However, I can try and see how it goes. Every time when I watch Wei Chang eat those humans, he always seemed very happy.” “Damned dog! If you don’t move aside, don’t blame me for killing you and making you into a stew!” Kaiser shouted out in a deep voice. A mere dog also dares to act cool in front of me, this dog really doesn’t want to live anymore. Lie Gu was currently recalled of His Honor. His Honor would always think about stewing me. Unknowingly, Lie Gu actually grinned. However, when Lie Gu's grin fell into Kaiser’s eyes, he felt that the dog was precisely ridiculing him! There has never been anyone who dares to ridicule me, let alone a mere dog. I have decided that I will be eating dog meat today. Although eating dog meat during the summer would cause one to sweat, worse comes to worst, I will just take a shower! Kaiser shouted out deeply, and a gust of wind appeared out of nowhere. After placing his fist by his waist for a short moment, he suddenly launched out his fist! Immediately, the tree leaves that were on the ground spiraled around his fist. How could this even be counted as wanting to stew dog meat, he was simply intending on making minced dog meat! Lie Gu looked indifferently at the fist that was attacking towards him and lifted up his front right paw, and furthermore, he only stretched out one of the small piece of nail. Why was it one small piece of nail? It was because my women said that my nails were too sharp, and it would hurt them when I grabbed onto them~ Thus, I fixed my nails. It has to be known that Lie Gu dotes on his women very much. Not only did they trimmed his nails, they even painted nail polish onto his nails, and furthermore, the nail polish was red in color too. Sissy dog… “Bang!” An air ripple scattered out towards all directions, the tree leaves rustled continuously, and some small and thin trees even snapped because of the air ripple. Kaiser’s gaze was grave, why does it feel like my fist landed onto a small and thin thing? Lifting up his head and taking a look, why is this dog still in front of me, shouldn’t this dog have exploded from that fist of mine! Not right! My fist! Slowly retracting back his fist, and looking at the dog nail that was painted with red color nail polish, Kaiser’s expression immediately changed. Without thinking much, he immediately pulled apart their distance. How is it possible! This dog actually blocked my fist with its nail! Although I didn’t use all my strength, that fist of mine still wasn’t something that a dog should be able to block! “Who sent you here!” “Woo~” Imperial translation: “Fool.” “If you have the guts, speak!” “Woo, woo, woo~” Imperial translation: “Have you ever seen before a dog that could speak? Fool.”


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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