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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 71 – Story ended before it even began 1/2 “You!!! Why are you only howling and not barking!” Kaiser questioned, seemingly thinking as if only a husky would be able to howl. Actually, what time was it right now already, and this Kaiser was still being bothered about this kind of thing. Lie Gu pointed to his head. What a foolish human, if I always bark, wouldn’t I truly become a dog? I am a dragon! His Honor’s mount! Kaiser didn’t dare to be careless right now. This dog’s strength is formidable, I have to deal with it carefully. Slightly bending his body downward, he pulled out the dagger that was placed on his leg and sneered, “I don’t care what motive you have today, you won’t be able to change your destiny of becoming the food that I will be cooking tonight!” “Do you know the origin of my dagger! The material that was used to forge this dagger was an outer world meteorite! This dagger is able to cut steel as easily as cutting clay, I call this dagger ‘Kiss of Death’, everyone who has seen this dagger are all currently in hell!” Lie Gu simply crawled onto the floor and listened to Kaiser speak ruthless words. It feels like I have returned back to the past. When His Honor brought me along to go on expeditions, we would often meet with situations like this, and during the prelude of the fights, we would have to listen to those people speak for an hour. “And by harmonizing with my martial technique, I am able to become just like a phantom! Go to hell, little dog…” As a hitman, Kaiser would of course not fight in the open. He was able to merge into the night very well. After merging with the night, and adding on with the dagger within his hand, he would turn into the king of the night. Unfortunately, he met Lie Gu today. If he had met Tang Wushuang instead of Lie Gu tonight, there would at least still be a fight. While crawling on the floor, Lie Gu extended out his paw again, just that, this time, his nail became a little bit longer. “Bang!” The collision sound of two metal clashing onto each other rang out, and a white light flickered, while bringing along a bunch of sparks. Kaiser who was hidden within the darkness was currently dazed. Looking at that dog’s big butt, he had a face of disbelief! After the initial clash, he attacked once again! “Bang!” The sound of two metal clashing onto each other rang out again, and Kaiser looked numbly at the dagger that was within his hand. Right now, two deep grooves could be seen on the dagger. How is this possible! ‘Kiss of Death’ is something that I risked my life to get it, its strength is definitely up in the top three within the world of daggers, however, right now! This dagger was actually damaged by that dog’s nail! Lie Gu unhurriedly stood up. And I thought that His Honor gave me a big mission, but in the end, it was still the same as usual. This person is so much more inferior compared to those great desolate beasts. It would be great if I have the summoning ability that that Gluttonous Monster possesses, then I wouldn’t have the need to have to personally deal with easy missions like this. Being in the embrace of a woman is so much more comfortable. Three delicate beautiful women, and all of them ate the meat of gold delicate crane, they are practically invincible. “Impossible!’ Kaiser’s eyes were completely red, the veins on his temples were swelling greatly, and the muscles of his entire body instantly began to grow rapidly, causing his black outfit to look it was about to explode. “Fatal eighteen blades!” Kaiser’s last trump card, sacrificing his speed and increasing his strength. The increase of the strength was not just a tiny bit and was extremely huge! Lie Gu looked at the Kaiser that disappeared and shook his head. As a weak and puny human, why do you even struggle, can’t you just kneel down and wait for your death? Opening his mouth, Lie Gu bit towards the air. Lie Gu chewed, and fresh blood dripped out from the corner of his mouth, dripping onto the grass. Spit~ A dagger was spat out by Lie Gu. Human meat doesn’t taste that good at all, I don’t know why that Gluttonous Monster even likes to eat it that much. Fatal eighteen blades! Kaiser dumbfoundedly looked at his half remaining right arm. That was my strongest martial technique, and yet, before I was even able to execute the first blade, this dog actually straightforwardly bit off half of my arm! Looking at the blood that is currently flowing out from the dog’s mouth, my hand is most likely already eaten by the dog, and is currently within its stomach, damn it! Right now, Kaiser finally knew why the dog revealed out such a disdainful expression towards him! Just where did this dog came from! Could it be that, my enemies from the past have come to take their revenge! Seems like I cannot drag this on anymore, within the thirty-six stratagems, retreat is the best stratagem! Lie Gu licked onto the corner of his mouth, and immediately disappeared afterward. This fellow is actually thinking of running? Do you really think that you will be able to run away from me? Naïve human! In a moment, a black figure appeared out from the air and flew towards the ground like a bullet, causing a huge hole to appear. Within the huge hole, the legendary king of hitmen, Kaiser, could be seen lying down in it. However, the Kaiser right now had lost all the brilliance and vitality that he usually possessed, and was currently at his last gasp. Within the split second just a while ago, Kaiser himself did not know just what he was hit by. The thing that he was hit by felt hairy, seemingly just like a whip. Right now, his entire body felt like it was falling apart, and he did not have the strength to lift even a single finger.

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