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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 71 – Story ended before it even began 2/2 Unhurriedly walking into the hole, Lie Gu looked at Kaiser, seemingly like he was waiting for Kaiser to beg for mercy. However, after waiting for a while, he didn’t hear Kaiser begging for mercy. This doesn’t make sense, why isn’t he begging for mercy? Perhaps if I bite off his other arm, he will start begging for mercy. Without any hesitation, Lie Gu immediately bit off Kaiser’s left arm. This time, he didn’t eat the arm, and was preparing to roast the arm later on. Not sure how the arm would taste like after I roasted it. As a hitman, Kaiser did not utter a word, even when both of his arms were bit off. This man is not bad, not begging for mercy up until now. Base on his courage which deserves praise, I will bestow him a quick death. Of course, I still have to let him know just who was it that wanted him dead. This time, Lie Gu spoke out human words. With a deep tone, Lie Gu spoke, “Weak and puny human, for you to be able to die under His Honor’s command, it is heaven's grace to you. Properly carry on the grace with you and repent!” Kaiser who was suffering from excessive blood loss suddenly seemed to have a bit of the trace of regaining back his last bit of vitality right before his death as he opened his eyes wide. This dog is actually just an underling! And there is still someone else that is above him! How is this possible, I have never met with a situation like this before! “What is your honor’s name?” Kaiser asked powerlessly. “Weak and puny humans aren’t fit to know His Honor’s name. However, you should feel honored, that you will be able to enter into my stomach!” “Enter! Into your stomach!” Kaiser’s gaze finally revealed out fear. Because he didn’t have hands anymore, he was only able to use both of his feet to retreat backward. Lie Gu smiled, “That’s right, I intend to roast you before eating you. I heard that roasting tastes delicious. It is a pity that the supermarkets are closed at this timing, if not, I would go and buy some cumin powder first before roasting you.” Kaiser’s state of mind collapsed. He tried all his effort to try to crawl out of this huge hole, but it was to no avail. When he turned his head around, it wasn’t a dog head anymore, and instead, what appeared was a huge dragon head, and furthermore, it was a dragon head that didn’t have any flesh. Along with the dragon head opening its mouth, Kaiser saw a black color light was congealing, and afterward, the black light shot towards him. When the black light shot towards him, he felt that his entire body felt warm, and gradually, his consciousness disappeared… When I returned back to Flower City, all I wanted to do was just act cool, be a CEO’s bodyguard, then step onto those rich second generations. Why did my story ended before it even began, why!!! Lie Gu licked onto his mouth. I will just treat this as supper I suppose, I am actually really feeling a little bit hungry right now… Swallowing it in one gulp, Lie Gu felt that human meat tasted much better after being roasted. If I add some seasoning, human meat would definitely be a delicacy too. I will go back home and sleep now. Now that I have a corporeal body, I can finally experience how it feels when using hands. The paws before were indeed a bit too small. This time, those three women will definitely have nothing else to complain about, with a corporeal body, I have immediately unlocked 8231 kinds of positions. “Evil creature!” When Lie Gu was savoring the aftertaste of human meat, a man who wore a green robe landed onto the ground from the sky with a graceful posture. This entrance can definitely be given 60 points. As for why only 60 points, it was because Lie Gu had seen entrances that were even more exaggerated compared to this. However, in the end, all of those people were beaten up to the point that they kneeled down on the floor. Towards this man who appeared out of nowhere, Lie Gu did not have the mood to bother with him. I still have to quickly go back home and try out the result of this human body. Jian Yuan was a member of the cultivation world. Just a while ago, he had just finished watching the World Cup with his colleague, and on his way home, he sensed the aura of a demon beast, and thus immediately hurried over to check on it. And as expected! This dog definitely just finished doing an outrageous and evil act, just take a look at the bloodstain on the corner of its mouth and you would know it!

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