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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 72 – The doggy even ‘vomited blood’ 1/2 “Evil creature, take this!” Jian Yuan shouted out lightly as he stretched out both of his arms. The long sword that was on his back immediately unsheathed and transformed into a silvery light and attacked towards Lie Gu’s head. I really cannot eat anymore, that Gluttonous Monster is truly an eating champion, burp~ Lie Gu couldn’t help but burp. And this caused Jian Yuan to wrinkle his brows. Why is this dog’s expression so human-like! Looking at the surroundings, a battle seemed to have happened here just a while ago. Just when Lie Gu was about to kill this Jian Yuan in one hit, another figure appeared from the sky again. The figure landed onto the ground with a loud bang, stepping out a huge hole with her feet, and that flying sword was actually stepped onto by that feet too, and furthermore, the flying sword was stepped onto by a high-heeled shoe! Lie Gu slightly lifted his head up. I will give this entrance 90 points, the entrance was very imposing, and adding on with this back that is filled with both mysteriousness and enticement, I will add an additional 5 points. As for the remaining 5 points, I will just have to see how her face looks like. However, why does this woman smell so familiar? It feels like I have smelled before this smell. “Young lady, what are you doing?” Jian Yuan asked in a deep voice. The outfit of this woman in front of me… eh… is a bit exaggerating. This lady could be seen wearing a gold color mask, her long hair tied into a ponytail, and that outfit of hers… No matter how one looked at it, the outfit seemed like a senior high school student school uniform, and the blue skirt was rather short. Lastly, the red color boots add a queen-like look to the lady. “How could you bully a doggy? And even beat it to the point that it vomited out blood!” Lie Gu: “……” Jian Yuan: “……” “Young lady, you are mistaken, I did not…” Before Jian Yuan even finish speaking, Lie Gu whimpered and straightforwardly lied down onto the floor, showing off a look as if he was about to die anytime. However, when Lie Gu turned his head around and took a look at the lady, Lie Gu was startled. This… isn’t this His Honor’s sister-in-law! Although Qing Yutong was currently wearing a mask, she was not able to hide from Lie Gu’s ‘dog eyes’. That’s right! The person that just arrived was Qing Yutong! In actuality, she had also long discovered Kaiser’s existence and she waited until her brother-in-law and big sister turned off their room light before heading out. And right when she was heading out, just by chance, she saw the black figure secretly running away, and thus followed after the black figure. While following the black figure, she saw that McDonald was still opened, and thus went to the McDonald to buy a McFlurry to eat. However, after she came out from the McDonald, she discovered that she had lost the black figure. And after searching for quite a while, she finally sensed the black figure’s aura and arrived at this place. But who would have thought, I actually saw a dog abuser when I arrived! This man is truly vile! To actually beat the dog into such a state! Blood is actually endlessly spilling out from this dog’s mouth, this dog is so pitiful. “Young lady, I still have not enquire, what is your name?” Qing Yutong stroked onto Lie Gu’s head, and the latter had a comfortable look on its face. His Honor’s sister-in-law is indeed out of the ordinary, her hands are so soft. Qing Yutong snorted and said in a deep voice, “You can call me sailor moon! Upholding virtue and condemning evil is what I do best!” This is most likely a chuunibyou young lady who had been deeply harmed by cartoon isn’t it? Upholding virtue and condemning evil? The evil is right behind you young lady! Jian Yuan was a bit dazed, “Sailor moon? Alright, listen to me, this is really a misunderstanding, this dog is not an ordinary dog at all, and it is definitely a fierce beast! I was intending to put it in its place just a while ago.” Lie Gu lied on the floor and whimpered ‘powerlessly’, seemingly saying, would a dog like this even have the capability to do harmful things, this guy is bluffing. Seeing that Lie Gu looked so miserable, Qing Yutong snorted, “I hate you dog abusers the most, all of you are but a bunch of hypocrites. Draw your sword!” “Young lady, this dog was lively as a dragon just a while ago, do not be deceived by it! What’s more, my sword is still underneath your feet.” Jian Yuan said embarrassedly. Qing Yutong kicked the sword that was underneath her feet to Jian Yuan, “If you want the dog’s life, you will have to get over me first!”

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