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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 72 – The doggy even ‘vomited blood’ 2/2 Jian Yuan was having a headache right now, why is this young lady so obstinate on protecting this fierce beast. What do I do if this young lady gets attacked by this fierce beast right after I leave? On the other hand, if I were to uncover this dog’s true colors, I would be able to get this young lady’s infatuation, it is practically killing two birds with one stone. “Young lady, what do I have to do for you to believe me?” “I only believe the truth that is right before my eyes. To actually bully a doggy, you are definitely a bad guy!” Lie Gu felt that what His Honor’s sister-in-law said was correct, this guy is definitely a bad guy! Jian Yuan had never seen before a girl like this. “Young lady, I am a cultivator, upon spotting this fierce beast, I have no choice but to step forth and subdue it. If there is anything that I did that offended you, please forgive me.” Jain Yuan said in a deep voice. It is certain that I will have to subdue this fierce beast. I will just make her pass out first, I hope that this young lady won’t blame me for it. Qing Yutong stretched her neck and shrugged her shoulders, “Come!” “Young lady, my apologies.” Jian Yuan said lightly and his body gradually dissipated. This speed!!! When Jian Yuan appeared, he had already came to Qing Yutong’s back, and with a karate chop, he wanted to make Qing Yutong pass out. However, when he was chopping down the karate chop onto Qing Yutong, he chopped onto the air instead, or to be more precise, he chopped onto Qing Yutong’s afterimage. This made Jian Yuan’s gaze to congeal, and he was prepared to dodge. However, it was already too late. After feeling a pain on the back of his head, he fainted… Qing Yutong clapped her hands, “To actually compete with speed against me, you are truly looking for feces in a toilet.” Lie Gu opened his mouth wide, His Honor’s sister-in-law actually has this kind of strength, this is simply 666. However, wasn’t she at Leisure Bar? Why did she suddenly appear here? “Little doggy, do you need big sister to bring you to the animal clinic?” Not sure where Qing Ya got a rope from, she tied Jian Yuan up with the rope and hang him up on the tree, then walked to the front of Lie Gu. Lie Gu did not want to go to the animal clinic. Unhurriedly standing up, he displayed out a look that seemed to be seemingly saying that he didn’t want to get treated even if he were to die. Qing Yutong could be seen grabbing onto Lie Gu’s tail, “You cannot leave, if you leave, you will die.” While dragging onto Lie Gu, Qing Yutong walked towards the animal clinic. Lie Gu’s heart was in despair. Your Honor, please quickly come and look after this sister-in-law of yours, she is simply too savage, to actually dragged me all the way to the animal clinic. And she even dared to say that she is a dog lover, it is practically nonsense… When Lie Gu walked out from the animal clinic, an iron chain could be seen placed on his neck, and the iron chain was the kind that was super thick. “Da Huang, since I saved your life, you will follow me from now on, big sister will let you live a happy life.” Qing Yutong said happily. If I remembered correctly, big sister feared dogs the most, hehehe~ Lie Gu’s eyes were filled with despair, but he didn’t dare to be disrespectful towards Qing Yutong. “Da Huang, why is there nail polish painted onto your nails, and the nail polish is red in color too, it looks so sissy, your previous master sure is sickening.” Qing Yutong pulled onto Lie Gu and walked on the empty street. The two of them seemed very uncoordinated. Lie Gu was very tired, they are all but just my maids only. Your Honor, please save me, your sister-in-law is about to strangle me to death… If this scene was to be seen by His Honor, where would my face be at? No, this won’t do, this definitely won’t do, I have to run away! It could be see that, with a dash, Lie Gu struggled free from Qing Yutong’s pull. And afterward, he ran away with all his might. Qing Yutong snorted, “Another one who wants to compete with me in speed!” “Da Huang, you won’t be able to escape from my five finger mountains! Be obedient and accept your fate!” Lie Gu felt that the madam was much better compared to this sister-in-law. The madam is so gentle, while this sister-in-law is simply savage to the extremity. “Eh, this Da Huang has some capabilities, I actually lost him.” Qing Yutong stood at the intersection of a road and looked around her surroundings. “Master, perhaps that person from before was speaking the truth, this dog may really be a fierce beast.” Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, “If this dog was truly a fierce beast, why didn’t it attack me just now? And it even had a full face of despair on its face just now, the dog is just too adorable.” “Master, you better quickly return back home and rest instead, your current mission right now is to think of a way to push over your brother-in-law.”

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