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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 73 – Brother-in-law, provide for me~ 1/2 “Aiyo, I know, I know, but this is a long-lasting battle, it’s not like I will be able to push over brother-in-law any time soon.” Qing Yutong said. “Therefore, you have to complete missions and obtain mission points, so that you will be able to exchange for prizes that will be useful to you.” Qing Yutong said petulantly, “You want me to hug onto the thigh, and yet don’t want to pay me in advance. How would I, a klutz, be able to eat chicken.” “Master, please be patient, wasn’t your brother-in-law also very noob at the beginning? And yet right now, look at how good your brother-in-law has become at the game.” “Forget it, forget it, I’m going to go back home and sleep now, I’m tired to death. Not sure where that black-clothed person ran to too.” Qing Yutong said puzzledly while yawning. No matter what, she wouldn’t have thought that the black-clothed person had already entered into Lie Gu’s stomach. “Who told you to be gluttonous.” “Humph, it’s McDonald’s fault for not closing when it is already so late into the night, causing me to suddenly want to eat something sweet. Hmmm, how about I go and buy another McFlurry to eat?” “…….” The next morning, Ye Hua woke up from his sleep, and the first thing he did was look at his chest. Lucky, Qing Ya didn’t drool. Seems like this bad habit of Qing Ya’s has changed, however, another bad habit has appeared, she is currently hugging onto me like an octopus, making herself seem like a female gangster. “Ye Hua, what time is it now?” The beautiful woman who was within Ye Hua’s embrace asked. “7 am.” Ye Hua took a look at the clock. “Oh, let me sleep for a while more.” Rubbing onto Ye Hua’s chest, Qing Ya pursed her lips. Ye Hua asked faintly, “What’s the matter? You don’t need to go to work today?” “Didn’t you said that you won’t allow it? I have already settled everything yesterday. Alright, don’t talk anymore, I’m very tired~” Last night, Qing Ya fell asleep at 1 am+, and right now, she wants to express that she does not want to get out of the bed. This Qing Ya, is she treating me as her bolster… However, to be able to sleep while resting on my chest, the Supreme Overlord’s chest, in this world, only this woman is able to do it! Of course, there is also another woman who had rested on my chest for one night. One hour went by very quickly, Ye Hua slapped onto Qing Ya’s sexy perky butt, “Enough already, time to wake up.” “Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmm~” Qing Ya let out a very heavy nasal sound, she was actually acting coquettishly. Ye Hua didn’t care that much as he straightforwardly carried up Qing Ya and walked into the bathroom. The half-asleep, half-awake Qing Ya was like a Koala, hanging onto Ye Hua’s body. “Stand up straight!” Ye Hua said lightly. Qing Ya let go of Ye Hua petulantly and feigned anger coquettishly, “Why are you like this!” “Brush your teeth and wash your face, then go and buy breakfast.” “Humph! Hurry up and leave, I want to use the toilet!” Qing Ya pushed Ye Hua out of the bathroom, then ferociously closed the door. This woman, pushing onto me again. Qing Ya looked at her reflection within the mirror, and couldn’t help but gently caressed herself for a bit, so beautiful~ After brushing her teeth and washing her face, Qing Ya regained back her usual appearance. “How many Chinese crepe do you want?” Qing Ya asked faintly. Ye Hua walked into the bathroom, “Just one will do.” “Oh.” Qing Ya wore a normal sports outfit and walked out of the bedroom. Coming to her sister’s bedroom, Qing Ya knocked onto the door. “Yutong! Yutong!’ “Big sister, just what is it, it’s still early in the morning…” “Do you want to eat Chinese crepe?” Qing Ya asked. “No…” Yesterday, Qing Yutong bought a spicy chicken burger and fried chicken wings from McDonald to eat while she was heading back home and over-stuffed her stomach. Qing Ya shook her head helplessly, then walked out of Leisure Bar by herself. These two scoundrels, saying that they will take care of me, the pregnant woman, but in the end, I became the one who has to take care of them!

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