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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 74 – Within a thought 1/2 “Lose means lose, whether if they are going to pay up or not, that’s their problem. As for that Long Aotian, who even knows just where he went to.” Qing Huaxuan was angered greatly, “Let me tell you, regarding the matter about the gamble, just let it go, and don’t go and think about the money anymore. As for Long Aotian’s side, you quickly go and apologize to him. Also, tell your sister to go and work at the company and not idle about every day all day long!” “Apologize? Dad, if you want to apologize, you can go ahead and apologize your head, I’m hanging up!” Qing Ya straightforwardly hang up the phone. Dad has truly changed, he wasn’t like this in the past. Qing Yutong pulled onto her big sister’s delicate hand and consoled, “Big sister, don’t be afraid.” Qing Ya sighed deeply, then took a look at the Ye Hua who was sitting calmly at one side. This guy doesn’t even try to at least console me for a bit. Suddenly, the phone rang again. Qing Ya thought that her dad called her again, but after taking a look, she discovered that it was actually the company finance department’s section head who was calling her. An agitated sounding voice rang out from the phone, “CEO Qing, an additional 50 billion rmb appeared in the company’s bank account, this????” “50 billion! Who is the person that transferred the money?” Qing Ya was startled and became dazed for a bit. 50 billion! “A… a person who is called Wang Dabao transferred it.” Qing Ya truly didn’t expect that this Wang Dabao would transfer the money over to her right on the next day after the bet. This Wang Dabao’s speed of paying up money sure is fast! “Alright, I got it.” “CEO Qing, there is no problem with this sum of money right?” The finance department's section head was a bit nervous as this sum of money was practically equivalent to the price of the entire company. “No problem.” After hanging up the phone, Qing Ya still sort of did not dare to believe it. With Wang Family’s strength, they could totally not bother about paying up at all, but I didn’t expect that this Wang Dabao would actually be this forthright and pay up the money so quickly. As expected of a prodigal. Wang Daobao’s prodigal was always able to obtain a benefit, and this time was no different. In a way, he was hugging onto Ye Hua’s big thigh. “Qing Ya, who paid up?” Ye Hua asked curiously. And I was still thinking a while ago about just what kind of way to collect the money would be interesting. “Wang Dabao.” “Him? Not bad.” Ye Hua said faintly. Towards that Wang Dabao, I’m looking at him a little bit in a different light. 50 billion is not a small sum. To be able to gather 50 billion in such a short time, he has a bit of capability. Furthermore, he keeps his words. He can be counted as a pretty good human.” Qing Yutong asked dazedly, “Big sister, 50 billion has been transferred to your account?” “En.” Qing Yutong immediately hugged onto her big sister’s thigh, “Big sister, isn’t Yutong very obedient?” “You? I will still have to continue on and observe first.” Qing Ya snorted. “Big sister~ In the future, Yutong can only depend on you and brother-in-law, I won’t leave even if you beat me to death~” This is a secure rice bowl, I must hug onto it. That way, I won’t have to worry about not having food to eat and not having clothes to wear anymore in the future, and I can live my days however I want, I’m so happy~ Ye Hua remained silent for a bit, then said, “Qing Ya, give that Xiao Yi a call, tell him to pay up the money within three days, if not, be prepared to suffer the consequences!” “Ye Hua, forget about it.” Qing Ya was a bit worried. Right now, I have already gotten half of the money, and this can be counted as the best outcome. And according to reason, it would be better for me to return the 50 billion that Wang Dabao has transferred over to me. Ye Hua precisely didn’t like Qing Ya’s habit of being afraid of this, and afraid of that. This point of hers is not comparable compared to Qing Yutong. “Yutong, you call instead, I will only be giving them three days to pay up!” “Alright, I will call~” Qing Yutong did not have that much misgivings. Owe money, pay money, owe life, pay life~

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