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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 74 – Within a thought 2/2 In any case, Qing Yutong was a best actress within the entertainment industry, thus, it was normal for her to have the phone numbers of some big shots, and of course, including Xiao Family’s. Thinking back to the past, this Xiao Yi even had some thoughts towards me. Qing Yutong directly dialed Xiao Yi’s phone. And Xiao Yi himself was very curious as to why this best actress would suddenly give him a call him out of nowhere. Could it be that she had thought things out, and is finally prepared to dedicate her body to me? “Yutong, what’s the matter?” Xiao Yi asked. “Pay up!” Xiao Yi, “……” “Yutong, when did I owe you money? You must have remembered wrongly.” “50 billion, give you three days to pay up!” Qing Yutong totally did not give any face at all, and straightforwardly went to the main topic. After hearing 50 billion, Xiao Yi immediately knew what was going on. “Yutong, what things can’t be properly talked over?” “What is there even to talk over with you about. Quickly pay up, if not, you can wait for me to show up at your place to collect the money!” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong hang up the phone, then raised her eyebrows towards Ye Hua, seemingly saying, how was my performance? Qing Ya held onto her forehead. These two people are truly not afraid of anything, to even dare to intend to show up at Xiao Family’s house to collect money. “Brother-in-law, if he doesn’t pay up, at that time, let’s go and collect the money together~” Qing Yutong was already eager to get into action. Yesterday was not satisfying at all, the opponent was too weak. Actually, that person yesterday was not weak at all, and that person was even a famous cultivator within the cultivation world. Just that, that person was unlucky and met with this sailor moon… This chuunibyou young lady who had been harm by the cartoons. “This kind of thing doesn’t require us to personally go and deal with it.” Ye Hua said deeply. If everything requires me to personally go and deal with it, what do I even need my subordinates for? All those experts and powerful beings who always personally deal with things themselves, are they truly experts and powerful beings? Or perhaps, they are trying to find a sense of existence by doing that. “Big sister~ Look at brother-in-law~ He didn’t even smoke and yet he is starting to act cool again.” Qing Yutong said lovably. What brother-in-law just said sounds super handsome. Qing Ya laughed bitterly and said tenderly, “Alright Ye Hua, don’t mind it too much, we can’t do anything too if they don’t want to pay up.” Ye Hua remained silent. Some things don’t need to be explained, because there isn’t a need to explain. On the other hand, I want to see just what choice this Xiao Yi would make, his entire family’s lives are all within a thought of his. At this moment, Xiao Yi was currently on the plane that was returning back to Zijin City, totally oblivious to the severity of the matter. And the Nangong Xinyi who was by his side was totally oblivious too. The two of them did not really take the gamble to heart. After eating breakfast, Ye Hua and his sister-in-law began playing computer game again. Meanwhile, Qing Ya cut some fruits, then sat at one side and watched the two play. Sitting at the side, Qing Ya felt that she was just like their maid, and in the end, she herself also bought a computer and joined the two of them. Indeed, High Ocean City’s famous cold and elegant female CEO was led astray by the two. After Qing Ya gave birth, they would just nice be able to queue as a group of four. The addition of the lovable wife had undoubtedly increased the game difficulty for Ye Hua. Qing Ya herself was a woman who wasn’t willing to admit to defeat, that serious look on her face was just like when she was holding a meeting, and even more, she was even giving out orders in the game, transforming into a female tactician in a blink of an eye. Seeing that, Ye Hua was very gratified, Qing Ya actually has capabilities in this aspect, not bad. At the other side, Wei Chang was met with the first date in his life and was currently pondering about how he should dress up. After all, I am going on a date with Xiao Tang. The date seems to be participating in her classmate’s birthday banquet. However, that is the secondary point, the main point is, how should I dress when I leave for the date later on? I don’t want to mess up and throw His Honor’s face. I remember that the idol drama that I watched yesterday, that male lead would dress up first before he goes out. Hmm, I can learn from him. Wei Chang could be seen taking out a facial mask and placing it onto his face, then opened the computer to search and learn about how he should dress up. Moisturizing water? I have to use this? Foundation? Apply makeup to the eyebrows? Isn’t this too sissy? I don’t want to be like Lie Gu and paint nail polish on my nails. Lie Gu, “F**k, the nail polish wasn’t painted by me, it was painted by my women!” At this time, Wei Chang’s phone rang. I don’t even need to think and I know the person who is calling is Xiao Tang. After all, His Honor wouldn’t call my phone, and the others would be even more unlikely. My phone is just a decoration, however, recently, it isn’t a decoration anymore, because, Xiao Tang would call my phone from time to time and considerately inquire about my well-being and what I was doing. No wonder His Honor and Lie Gu found themselves a woman, so this is how it feels to have a woman, this is the feeling of being concerned by someone, it is rather not bad. However, forget about Lie Gu, the reason he found himself a woman was completely due to his natural instincts.

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