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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 75 – Another banquet 1/2 “Uncle Wei, I have come to pick you up~” Tang Wei’s gentle soft voice rang out from the phone, and Wei Chang felt very comfortable listening to her voice. “Xiao Tang arrived? Come up and take a sit first.” “En~” However, when Tang Wei saw that Wei Chang was currently using a face mask, she was astonished. However, even though she was astonished, she felt very touched too. Uncle Wei must be wanting to appear younger a bit so he would be able to seem matching with me. Actually, he doesn’t need to do that at all. Tang Wei took off the face mask and said lovably, “Uncle Wei, you are already handsome enough, if you get any more handsome, how would others live?” “Xiao Tang, you are very beautiful too today.” Wei Chang said with a smile. The Wei Chang right now knows how to speak very well. Recently, Wei Chang had been reading some relationship advice, and after reading, he summed it all up into one simple rule, which was to praise. By praising, the girl would become happy. Just take a look at Xiao Tang and you would know how effective it was. However, it must be said that, Xiao Tang is really pretty today, jet-black hair which wasn’t tied into a ponytail, and instead, draped on her shoulders. Blue color t-shirt, cropped jeans, white color sneakers, Xiao Tang looks incomparably fresh and pure today. “Uncle Wei, why does your mouth seemed like it has been smeared with honey today.” Tang Wei said shyly, then casually pinched onto the corner of Wei Chang’s mouth. Seven Sins’ Gluttonous Monster’s mouth was pinched by a female human, god… Tsk, this was nothing at all, the Supreme Overlord was even pushed by a female human. Indeed, whatever kind of boss would have whatever kind of subordinates, behavior was contagious. Towards his girlfriend pinching onto the corner of his mouth, Wei Chang only slightly went into a daze for a while, then afterward, he stretched out his hand and stroke onto Tang Wei’s head for a bit, and the latter squinted her eyes, seemingly just like a little kitten who was enjoying it very much. “Xiao Tang, you wait a while, let me go change my clothes first.” “En~” Tang Wei responded obediently. Is this what love is like? It feels so sweet~ Uncle Wei is really a good man. Tang Wei’s evaluation was truly spot-on, Wei Chang was good to the point that he doesn’t blink when killing people. No, incorrect, it should be that he doesn’t blink when eating people. Corpses piling up to thousands of miles was a small matter to Wei Chang. Just like what Lie Gu said, Wei Chang was precisely a Gluttonous Monster, the more he ate, the stronger he becomes. Going out on a date for the first time with his girlfriend, Wei Chang took off his daily security guard uniform and wore a black leisure western suit. This outfit could be counted as imitating His Honor. The western suit was bought by Wei Chang three years ago, and up till today, he had never worn it, and it was all because that Wei Chang’s life was very simple, going to the bar, and coming back to his home. When Wei Chang appeared in front of Tang Wei, Tang Wei was dumbstruck. Uncle Wei is simply unbeatable when he dresses up formally. Wei Chang’s mature aura struck straight towards Tang Wei, causing Tang Wei to enter into a starry-eyed state. “Xiao Tang, let’s go.” Wei Chang held onto his dumbstruck girlfriend’s hand and said with a slight smile. Tang Wei discovered that Uncle Wei was particularly different today, especially his smile, it seemed so charming to her. Uncle Wei is much handsome compared to the boss, and he seems so warm when he smiles. This was the so-called, Xishi appears in the eyes of a lover, Tang Wei’s current state was just like this. “Uncle Wei, I will pedal, you can just sit.” “Xiao Tang, I will pedal instead.” “Uncle Wei, are you sure?” “Of course, Uncle Wei’s endurance can be counted as quite good.” Tang Wei’s face immediately turned red, Uncle Wei actually knows how to titillate people~ It could be seen that, Wei Chang sat at the front and pedaled on the bicycle, while Tang Wei sat at the back and held onto Wei Chang’s waist with both of her hands while lightly leaning onto Wei Chang’s back. To me, a simple bicycle is enough for me, I would rather smile whiling sitting on a bicycle, and not cry while sitting in a BMW. With Tang Wei’s beauty, don’t’ say BMW, she could even cry while sitting in a Bentley. On the road, the two became a beautiful scenery. Wei Chang was mature and handsome, while Tang Wei was pure and beautiful, the two of them were a perfect match.

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