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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 75 – Another banquet 2/2 Coincidentally, the birthday banquet’s location was at first-rate clubhouse. After parking the bicycle, the two walked towards the first-rate clubhouse. Tang Wei’s hands held onto Wei Chang’s arm, and her pretty face that was filled with a smile was brimming with happiness. “Wei Wei, here.” Far away, Fang Qian waved her hand and shouted. “Qian Qian~” Tang Wei responded happily. Bringing my boyfriend along today, it was precisely because I want to tell everyone that I have a boyfriend now. Although I’m not a famous flower, but I am indeed taken now. When Fang Qian saw that Tang Wei brought Uncle Wei along, she was astonished, however, she also adjusted over very quickly and shouted out, “Uncle Wei.” “Xiao Fang is here too.” Wei Chang smiled. Different from Ye Hua, Wei Chang’s smile would appear frequently. From this, it could be seen that, compared to Ye Hua, Wei Chang was much more proficient in conversing with humans. “Uncle Wei, you sure are handsome today.” Fang Qian sized up Wei Chang for a bit and said. In the past, Wei Chang would pretty much always wear a security guard uniform, and today, when he wore a western suit, if one did not know him, they would think that he was a rich young master. Tang Wei was very proud, my Uncle Wei is of course handsome. “Let’s go in.” Tang Wei said. “Qi Xuewen will be coming later too, Jia Jiaojie seemed to have also invited him.” Fang Qian shrugged her shoulders. Tang Wei nodded, “Classmate Qi is coming too? Let’s wait for him then.” Towards this Qi Xuewen who had helped her before, Tang Wei felt that he was quite a nice person and that he was also quite interesting sometimes. Vroom, vroom, vroom! Far away, a burst of sound suddenly rang out, and a BMW motorcycle drove over in lightning speed, and steadily came to a stop at the side of the ride. Qi Xuewen took off his helmet and smiled, “My apologies, I have arrived late.” “It’s fine, we only arrived just a while ago too.” Tang Wei smiled tenderly, and her smile sure was able to make one's heart feel warm. Qi Xuewen smiled, then, he suddenly saw the handsome uncle that Tang Wei was holding onto. Why does this uncle look so familiar? I remember! He is the guy that helped Tang Wei during that day. Seeing Tang Wei’s intimate manner with him, in all likelihood, this person should be her uncle, I should properly display myself today. “Hello uncle.” Qi Xuewen stretched out his hand and smiled. If it was Ye Hua, he would definitely not stretched out his hand, but Wei Chang was different, after being a security guard for 5 years, he was already proficient in interacting with humans. “Hello.” The two shook each other’s hand friendlily. “Uncle, you look just like a 20 years old young man, truly handsome.” Qi Xuewen conveniently boot-licked Wei Chang. Tang Wei was very happy when she heard that, “Of course, my Uncle Wei is the best.” Eh… Qi Xuewen felt that something was wrong. This shouldn’t be the bearing that a niece should have towards her uncle right? However, Qi Xuewen didn’t ask much about it. The four of them walked into first-rate clubhouse together and arrived at the hall. Wei Chang did not have any reaction as he had seen places that were much better than this first-rate clubhouse. It was Qi Xuewen’s first time coming here, after being slightly astonished for a short while, he became relaxed again. As for Tang Wei and Fang Qian, when have the two of them ever came to such a high-class place like this before. Currently, they were stunned by the luxurious aura of this place and immediately felt that they were completely inharmonious with this place. Last night, the entire place was reserved by Xiao Yi, therefore that was not that many people yesterday. However, the first-rate clubhouse was packed with people today. Some people were the same as Tang Wei, coming to such a high-class place for the first time, and were currently looking around curiously. As for those impeccably attired people, their eyes revealed out disdain and felt that the first-rate clubhouse should change its rules, and not just any cats and dogs should be able to come to the clubhouse. “What room is Jia Jiaojie at?” Qi Xuewen asked. Fang Qian opened her phone and took a look at her WeChat, “Room 10.” Within first-rate clubhouse, room 10 was the last room, and room 1 was the best room within all ten rooms. The room that Ye Hua went to yesterday was the VIP room, which was even more high-grade compared to room 1. The VIP room was usually not available for anyone, and would only be available when a big shot came to the clubhouse. Furthermore, the VIP room did not require money, and what was required, was just identity.

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