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You Cannot Afford My Woman: Chapter 76 – Banquet acting cool flow 1/2 Jia Jiaojie could be counted as having quite a bit of face in this Long’an City, or to be more precise, it should be that Jia Family could be counted as having quite a bit of face in this Long’an City. Jia Jiaojie managed to reserve this room 10 after great difficulty. To be able to hold her birthday banquet at first-rate clubhouse, when words spread out, others would feel envy of her. The four walked past the long hallway and found room 10 at the back of the first-rate clubhouse. Qi Xuewen was even very gentleman-like, taking the initiative to push open the door. Taking a look, the room was roughly 120 square meters big. Although the interior decoration was expensive, when compared to the room that Ye Hua went to yesterday, there was still a huge gap. At the side of the room, there was a small bedroom, specially prepared for those women and men who can’t hold themselves back. There were a few youngsters sat within room 10, and Jia Jiaojie this main lead was within the few youngsters. Jia Jiaojie was beautiful, but compared to Tang Wei, she was still lacking by a bit, especially the air of arrogance between Jia Jiaojie’s brows, truly not sure just who gave her her confidence. At Jia Jiaojie’s side, there were three males and one female. The four wore expensive clothing, and just like Jia Jiaojie, an air of arrogance was leaking out from them. On the other hand, taking a look at Wei Chang, he seemed especially natural. As the Supreme Overlord, Ye Hua was still not able to seem as natural as Wei Chang was able to be, Ye Hua would always faintly emit out the aura of a person that was in a high position. “Our Beauty Tang has arrived.” Jia Jiaojie stood up with a smile on her face, however, her gaze was harboring malicious intentions. The three males looked towards Tang Wei and couldn’t help but nod their heads. This Tang Wei is indeed a beautiful woman that is hard to come by, that pure temperament of hers is really hard to find nowadays. Tang Wei smiled courteously, “Jia Jiaojie, happy birthday.” “What are you being courteous for? Everbody, come over and take a seat. This person is?” Jia JIaojie asked curiously. Actually, she already knew what kind of relationship this handsome uncle has with Tang Wei, and it was all thanks to Fang Qian. “His name is Wei Chang, he is my boyfriend.” Tang Wei introduced with a gentle smile. Wei Chang was refined and courteous, “Hello everyone.” If this scene was to be seen by the other six sins, they would definitely think that Wei Chang had eaten the wrong medicine, if not, why would this Wei Chang who eats humans actually be this courteous towards those humans. The three males did not react much to it, evidently having already known about Wei Chang’s identity at an earlier time. On the other hand, Qi Xuewen was stupefied. Isn’t this person supposed to be Tang Wei’s uncle! How did he suddenly turn into her boyfriend? Isn’t this too ridiculous? It looks old enough to even be Tang Wei’s father! “So it is Tang Wei’s boyfriend, don't mind me asking, where do you currently work at?” Jia Jiaojie picked up the red wine that was on the table and swayed it around as she asked with a mocking tone. Tang Wei slightly wrinkled her brows. I didn’t expect that this Jia Jiaojie is still the same as back then, she totally did not change at all! Wei Chang did not take it to mind at all, “I’m currently maintaining security at a bar.” At this moment, one of the male youngsters laughed, “Maintaining security? That means you are working as a security guard?’ “Haha.” The male youngster’s words caused the three others to laugh out loudly. Tang Wei’s expression was already very ugly, while Wei Chang seemed especially normally, and was still even able to maintain his smile. Qi Xuewen did not say anything and silently stood at one side. Fang Qian secretly stood to Qi Xuewen’s back, seemingly wanting to show that she has nothing to do with them. “Alright, alright, he is just joking around, don’t mind him.” Jia Jiaojie changed her expression and helped to mediate. The show has only just begun, I cannot let it end so quickly. Right now, Tang Wei loathe Jia JIaojie very much. I shouldn’t have brought Uncle Wei here, I reckon that Uncle Wei must be feeling very uncomfortable in his heart right now, it is all my fault. “Uncle Wei, let’s leave.” Wei Chang smiled, “It’s fine, if we leave like this, it would make us seem very ill-mannered.” “Tang Wei, even this old boyfriend of yours knows manners, why do you not know it?” Jia Jiaojie lightly caressed her beautiful hair and said mockingly. Wei Chang remained silent with a smile, I want to see just what this group of insects are able to play out. “You!!!” “Xiao Tang, calm down.” Wei Chang lightly stroke onto Tang Wei’s head, sort of like when a person was petting their pet. “Uncle Wei!” “It’s fine, sit down.” Wei Chang said faintly. Jia Jiaojie looked towards her few good friends. This is just the first show, there is still another show later on.

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