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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 77 – No, this is a banquet killing spree 1/2 After finish speaking, Qin Jin looked towards You Wenyan, “As for you, if you want to be the take-over warrior, I won’t stop you, after all, this woman’s standard is very low, and it is very easy to enter and exit out of her." “Qin Jin, do you want to die!” Jia Jiaojie immediately became angry as she ruthlessly threw the wine glass within her hand towards Qin Jin. Qin Jin dodged to the side and sneered, “Jia Jiaojie, back then when my family was doing well, did you forget just how you fawn onto me!” Thinking back to the past, Qin Jin felt that he must have been blind to have actually fallen for a woman like this. Today is my death date! I was beaten to death right in this room, and the culprits were this You Wenyan’s bodyguards! And when I was beaten to death, all of the others that were in the room remained silent and watched me get beaten to death. However, something is strange… Why are there two more people here? That uncle and male youngster, I don’t remember seeing these two people in my previous life. “I am going to beat you this bastard to death today!” Jia Jiaojie who was flustered and exasperated raised that weak fist of hers. Qin Jin laughed in disdain and ruthlessly struck out his right fist onto Jia Jiaojie’s stomach. Upon being hit by the fist, the latter’s eyes almost burst out from her eye sockets. After landing the fist, Qin Jin grabbed onto his fiancée’s hair, then slapped onto his fiancée’s face, slapping from right to left, and left to right continuously. Slap, slap, slap… After finish slapping, Qin Jin still didn’t feel satisfied, and he swung his arm and threw Jia Jiaojie to one side. His methods were extremely ruthless, and Tang Wei couldn't bear to look at it anymore and covered her eyes. Even if this Jia Jiaojie is very malicious, but to be beaten up like that, she is so tragic… Qin jin did not even take a look at the fainted Jia Jiaojie. Speaking frankly, in the end, she was just an accomplice, or to be more precise, they were all accomplices and this You Wenyan was this main culprit! Back then after I died, I went to another world and cultivated for a total of 500 years and reached the god-transforming realm. But who would have thought that, I would actually transmigrate back to this world? It is heaven’s will for me to take my revenge and wipe out my grudge. The things that I lost back then, I will take it back one by one, and of course, that includes the true love that I lost. Speaking of true love, Qin Jin took a look at Tang Wei. His gaze was complicated when he looked at Tang Wei. Back then, I was indeed secretly in love with this commoner school belle. Qin Jin sat down and tapped onto the table, “Everyone, let us settle our debts!” You Wenyan turned his head around and took a look at Jia Jiaojie, then said faintly, “Qin Jin, kneel down and kowtow to me three times, and perhaps, you will only suffer the pain of your hand being broken!” Qin Jin let out a breath and asked, “Where are your bodyguards?” “Qin Jin, kneel down!” Li Ba stood up and shouted. Qin Jin immediately gave Li Ba a slap, “Who are you asking to kneel down!” “You dare to hit me!” Li Ba held onto his face and said with a face full of disbelief. Towards these accomplices, Qin Jin did not have even the slightest trace of pity towards them at all. Kicking onto Li Ba’s kneecaps, Qin Jin straightforwardly broke both of Li Ba’s legs. “Kneel down and repent well-behavedly!” Qin Jin said indifferently, and Li Ba was in pain to the point that he was rolling around on the floor. Li Ba’s anguished wailings filled the entire room, and after a short while, Li Ba fainted from pain. Tang Wei was evidently terrified, and her entire body was leaning in Wei Chang’s embrace. Today’s situation was much terrifying compared to back then at the restaurant. Qi Xuewen wrinkled his brows. This Qin Jin was very grandeur in school back in the past, but after his family went bankrupt, he began to change. However, I didn’t expect that he would become this ruthless and brutal. Fang Qian finally could not withstand the fear in her heart and tried to run out of the room. However, how would Fang Qian be able to escape from Qin Jin’s sight? After grabbing onto Fang Qian’s arm, Qin Jin raised his hand and gave her a slap, causing Fang Qian to fall onto the floor, “Slut, stay where you are! All of you better don’t think about trying to run away!” Fang Qian held onto her swollen cheek, “Qin Jin, have you gone mad!” “Humph, Fang Qian oh Fang Qian, do you think that I don’t know about the things that you have done? Showing one face in front of others and showing another face behind their backs!” Qin Jin said faintly, then poured a glass of red wine for himself and drank it leisurely. “You!!!”

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