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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 77 – No, this is a banquet killing spree 2/2 After drinking a mouth of red wine, Qin jin looked towards Han Kaijie and said, “This woman is quite ill, be careful not to get infected by her, she is rather proficient in being unhonest.” Han Kaijie’s expression changed greatly as he quickly looked towards Fang Qian. Qin Jin laughed, “Do you all still not understand? This Fang Qian is Jia Jiaojie’s underling, and is used by Jia JIaojie to swindle over resources.” Tang Wei didn’t expect that Fang Qian was this kind of person. When Fang Qian treated me well in the past, it was all fake! Her motive was to want to harm me… My god, I am really foolish… Han Kaijie’s gaze was sinister as he stood up, walked to the front of Fang Qian and asked, “Is he speaking the truth!” “Young Master Han, don’t believe him, Qian Qian’s feelings towards you is true, did you forgot about the happy time that we had last night? Young Master Han, didn’t you yourself also felt very pleasurable last night?” Qin Jin laughed, “Young Master Han, her illness is already beyond cure, you have to remember to wear protection.” “Young Master Han, I’m not ill, he is bluffing you!” Fang Qian hugged onto Han Kaijie’s leg and wailed. Han Kaijie said dazedly, “Why did you not want me to wear protection last night? Were you planning on passing your illness to me!” “Young Master Han, you misunderstood me, I didn’t want you to wear protection because I wanted you to feel even more pleasurable.” “Young Master Han, does the feeling of being infected with a disease feel good?” Qin Jin sneered. Han Kaijie couldn’t stand it anymore. With his eyes red, Han Kaijie raised his leg and stamped onto Fang Qian while shouting out, “Slut! Go to hell! You f**king slut!” Being stamped on by a foot with all its strength for a hundred times, it wasn’t anything that an ordinary woman would be able to endure. With her eyes opened, and blood dripping out from the corner of her mouth, Fang Qian was stamped to death by Han Kaijie. Upon seeing this scene, Qin Jin recalled to back when he died. I seemed to have also been stamped to death like this, and this Fang Qian had also stamped on me too back then. Today is the day where they will all get their retribution. “Enough! She has already been stamped to death by you!” You Wenyan shouted out. “F**king slut, do you think that I will let you off just because you died! I will even stamp on your corpse too, f**king slut, f**king slut!” Not sure why, the more he stamped, the more excited he felt, especially when he saw the eyes that were filled with grievance and didn’t close even after dying. This feels even more good compared to last night! At this time, Jia Jiaojie who fainted a while ago slowly opened her eyes. After opening her eyes, what entered her eyes was Fang Qian who had died unpeacefully, and Han Kaijie who was still continuously stamping onto Fang Qian’s stomach. “Han Kaijie, have you gone mad!” Jia Jiaojie shouted. Han Kaijie’s eyes were completely red as he turned around and looked towards Jia Jiaojie, “This is the woman that you introduced to me, a woman that is ill!” “Fang Qian does not have any illness at all, you are the one that is ill!” “You still dare to say that Fang Qian is not ill? Even Qin Jin himself said that she is ill!” Han Kaijie pointed towards Qin Jin who was currently drinking red wine leisurely and shouted out. Jia Jiaojie slowly stood herself up, “Han Kaijie, has your brain been eaten by a dog! To even believe Qin Jin’s words!” Qin Jin took out his phone and swayed it around, “Han Kaijie, just a while ago, he ruthlessly killed a girl who was in the prime of her youth, his ruthlessness is enough to make one’s hair stand on its end.” Han Kaijie was as if he had woken up from a dream, after turning his body around, he ran towards Qin Jin. However, how was Han Kaijie a match for Qin Jin? With a kick, Han Kaijie was sent flying away by Qin Jin, and Han Kaijie landed right on Fang Qian’s body. “Fiancée, what are you standing still for, come over and take a seat. You Wenyan, what are you still being in a daze for, quickly use your phone and call people over, I guarantee that I won’t run away.” You Wenyan took out his phone and said towards Qin Jin, “Good, you have guts, you can forget about walking out of this room alive today!” “Alright, let us see just who will be able to walk out of this room alive today.” Qin Jin laughed lightly. However, seeing that his beloved woman was lying in someone else’s embrace, Qin Jin was very unhappy about it. In my previous life, she did not have a boyfriend at all, why did it change today? She is my woman! No one can snatch her away from me! I will deal with her after I have finished dealing with those people. To actually dare to cuckold me, Jia Jiaojie was like this, and you are like this too!

Translator: Wigglegui



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