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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 78 – Forgive me for being straightforward, but all of you here are all garbage 1/2 I regarded you as my true love, and yet you are lying in someone else’s embrace, all the women in this world are all the same! Qi Xuewen remained silent and did not have any slightest intention of getting involved. Shen Miaomiao who was at the side was feeling very afraid right now, however, she did not know what to do. If I had known that things would become like this, I wouldn’t have come. Wei Chang held Tang Wei in his embrace and softly consoled her, not having the intention of leaving this place. After a while, five tall and sturdy men walked into the room. Qin Jin turned his head around and took a look. I of course recognize these five faces, back then, it was these five men who stamped me to the point that I was at my last breath, and it was Jia Jiaojie these people who added in the last few stamps at the back! And Shen Miaomiao was the last person who stamped onto me! You Wenyan shouted out in a deep voice, “Kill him!” “Yes! Boss!” The five men cracked their fists and looked towards Qin Jin. How could an ordinary person be a match for the five of them, the five of them were cultivators, and their fists were deadly. Qin Jin of course knew that they were cultivators. However, I am no longer the Qin Jin that I was back then, and right now, I am a god-transforming realm cultivator, I can take kill all these five men easily! “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” Asides from Wei Chang, everyone else wasn’t able to clearly see Qin Jin’s movements. The five men flew, and after landing on the floor, all five of them were dead. Qi Xuewen’s expression changed greatly, this guy is much stronger compared to me! Jia JIaojie, You Wenyan, and Shen Miaomiao were all stupefied. All three of them knew the strength of these five bodyguards, up to today, they had yet to even suffer a defeat, and yet, who would have thought that, all five of them would die so quickly within Qin Jin this garbage’s hands! Qin Jin suddenly stood up and shouted, “Forgive me for being straightforward, I am not targeting anyone, but all of you here are all garbage!” Wei Chang slightly wrinkled his brows, is he scolding me garbage? Isn’t he indirectly scolding His Honor garbage then! That won’t do, anyone who insults His Honor are fit to only have one outcome, death! As for how I should kill him, let me think about it for a bit. Jia Jiaojie was a smart woman, she immediately kneeled on the floor and shouted out lovably, “Qin Jin, it was all my fault in the past, let’s get back together alright, I will treat you like how I have treated you back in the past.” “Are you going to kneel down and fawn upon me?” Qin Jin mocked. Jia Jiaojie went into a daze, then smiled, “En.” “My shoes are a bit dirty, help me out.” Qin Jin laughed. Jia Jiaojie looked at the small piece of black stain on one of Qin Jin’s shoes and resisted the feeling of disgust that she felt and stretched out her tongue. Bang! Jia Jiaojie’s body flew out once again and firmly landed onto the wall. Her eyes were opened wide, and her four limbs were trembling, her vertebra having evidently broke from the impact, and gradually, her breathing came to a stop. “Slut, you are not fit to lick my shoes!” Qin Jin pat on one of his white sneakers and said coldly. You Wenyan’s expression was filled with fear right now, he actually killed his own fiancée! This Qin Jin is savage to the extremity! Qin Jin tapped on the table and said faintly, “At this time, two people will walk into this room.” Sure enough, right after Qin Jin finished speaking, two people walked into room, one old and one young. The young man was very classy, and the old man wore a Chinese tunic suit, giving others a feeling that he was an expert. The two walked into the room and swept over the entire room with their eyes, their expression did not reveal out any bit of astonishment at all. Qin Jin stood up, “Young Master Bai.” “You know me?” Bai Qi asked curiously. “Of course.” Qin Jin laughed. Back then, it was these two people who stood at the side and not do anything as they watched me get stamped to death. The old man at the side lowered his head and said, “Young Master Bai, this guy is not ordinary, I suggest to just watch first and not do anything.” Bai Qi slightly wrinkled his brows, however, he trusted the old man’s decision. With a faint smile, Bai Qi said, “I hope everyone have a good time.” After finish speaking, he and the old man walked out of the room. Qin Jin laughed lightly, back then, it was like this too, however, I am the one with the upper hand this time.

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