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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 79 – The outcome of failing in acting cool 1/2 You Wenyan seemed to have lost his rationality from killing. Han Kaijie’s blood was still on You Wenyan’s face, and Han Kaijie’s gaze was filled with craziness. You Wenyan walked towards Shen Miaomiao, and the latter was very afraid, but she knew that there was no use in being afraid and all she could do right now was to give it her all. Lifting up her leg, Shen Miaomiao kicked towards You Wenyan’s crotch, and the fork that was in her right hand quickly stabbed towards You Wenyan’s neck. You Wenyan’s main artery was immediately pierced by the fork, and when Shen Miaomiao pulled out the fork, blood spewed out from You Wenyan's neck like a fountain. You Wenyan held onto his neck in disbelief and stretched out his hand, wanting to grab onto Shen Miaomiao, but it was of no use at all now. He looked down on woman too much, the strength that a person could emit out when they were faced with death was unimaginable, even if the person was a woman who lacked the strength to even truss a chicken, when faced with death, the woman could even turn into death god. “Shen Miaomiao, who would have thought huh?” Qin Jin expressed that he felt very unexpected about the outcome and applauded while laughing. Shen Miaomiao took in huge breaths as she placed the bloody fork down and said in a deep voice, “Can I leave now!” “There is still another fainted person here.” Qin Jin stepped onto Li Ba’s back. Shen Miaomiao’s breathing became rapid as she picked up the fork again. After taking a look at Qin Jin, she walked over to Li Ba and with the same method, she stabbed the fork into Li Ba’s main artillery. “This should do already right!” Shen Miaomiao actually really wanted to cry out loudly, but she knew that this guy was very savage. I cannot cry, even if I want to cry, I have to at least step out of this door first. “Of course.” Qin Jin smiled tenderly. Shen Miaomiao let out a breath of relief. I will never come to this first-rate clubhouse anymore, to not even care when this kind of thing is happening in their clubhouse. Opening the door, Shen Miaomiao took in a breath of fresh air and it felt like she had come to live. Suddenly! Shen Miaomiao opened her eyes wide as she turned her head around with a face of disbelief and looked towards Qin Jin who was grinning. “Sorry, I bluffed you.” Qin Jin destroyed Shen Miaomiao’s heart with his palm. This could be the most painless way to die. After throwing the corpse to one side, Qin Jin closed the door. Everyone who was related to my death have all died. No, incorrect! There is still that Young Master Bai and old man. For now, I will let them live for a bit longer. Right now, I have to first settle the matter that is in front of me. Wei Chang liked this kind of scene very much. However, in Qin JIn’s eyes, Wei Chang was totally like an old uncle who was terrified to death. However, the woman that he is hugging onto is my woman!!! For this, this old man cannot be unforgiven!! “She is mine!” Qin Jin said in a deep voice. While embracing onto the fainted Tang Wei, Wei Chang lightly caressed Tang Wei’s gentle and smooth hair and said with light a smile, “She now belongs to me.” “Haha, after you become just like them, she will belong to me.” “Human, who gave you your confidence?” Wei Chang sometimes really admires the confidence that some humans had. Does he feel that he is very formidable after killing those insects? Qin Jin suddenly laughed his head off, “Who gave me my confidence? I have confidence because I am called Qin Jin! My return will bring forth storms and heavy rains, and this world will tremble because of me! My enemies are only fit to hide in the corner and tremble in fear, my women will cater to me under my body, and you will become just like them, turning into a corpse!” “You snatched the lines that I was going to say.” Wei Chang was very angry. I have never seen such an arrogant human before. Thinking back to the past, when His Honor and I were eliminated by that group of humans and resurrected on this planet, we totally had the capability to return and kill those humans! However, we did not do that, and we did not think of conquering those humans just because of our rise in strength, and we also did not say out words like wanting to conquer or take revenge to anyone, because if we were to say out those kind of words, it would make us seem very low and bring down our class. And yet, this human actually keeps on saying that he wants to seek revenge this and seek revenge that, he is totally not able to achieve His Honor’s mental state, and thus it is destined that he won’t be able to become a strong expert!

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