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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 79 – The outcome of failing in acting cool 2/2 “Huh? Snatched your lines? Uncle, have you been terrified to the point that you turned stupid?” Wei Chang laughed out lightly as he unhurriedly stretched out his hand and raised his palm up, then formed his fingers into a claw, “Human, you have acted cool pretty well today, but what you did wrong was that, you actually dared to act cool in front of me!” “You!!!” Qin Jin sensed a dangerous aura and immediately wanted to retaliate, but, his body was totally unable to move! A black color whirlpool congealed in front of Wei Chang’s palm, and the black whirlpool seemed as if it was sucking out something. When the black whirlpool appeared, Qin Jin felt that something was about to separate from his body, which made him felt very uncomfortable. Wei Chang kept his smile and declared with a very solemn expression on his face, “To actually dare to insult that His Honor is garbage, your fate has thus been be decided! Killing people is not your fault, your fault is to not have control that mouth of yours properly and spoke words that you shouldn't have spoken. When you act cool, you have to know your limits, when you fail in acting cool, you will make a fool of yourself. Within the endless darkness, repent for your failure in acting cool!" After finish speaking, Wei Chang grasped his five fingers! It could be seen, Qin Jin’s primal spirit was forcibly pulled out of his own body. This was what being frighteningly powerful was truly like! Qin Jin’s corporeal body could be seen becoming sluggish, while his primal spirit was shouting out crazily, “Just who are you, why are you confining my primal spirit!” “I am one of the Seven Sins that is under His Honor’s command, Gluttonous Monster, or you can also call me, Wei Chang. As for why I am confining your primal spirit, it is of course because I am intending to refine your primal spirit. Xiao Tang’s body is weak, this primal spirit of yours can be treated as a small snack for her to eat. And I was even still worrying about where to find something to strengthen her body.” “No! No! No! I am Qin Jin! I am the man that came back from the cultivation world, the man that is going to make this world tremble under his feet!” Qin Jin shouted out crazily, not willing to believe the reality before his eyes, however, the reality was indeed truly a reality. “I know my mistake already, I don’t want this woman anymore, as long as you don’t refine my primal spirit, I will do whatever things that you ask me to do! I will even lick your shoes! Please!” Qin Jin knew the aftermath of getting one’s primal spirit refined. If my primal spirit was to get refined, I will disappear forever, and all my efforts will go to waste! Why didn’t I leave after I had taken my revenge just now! Why! If I had left, this wouldn’t have happened! Why didn’t I leave! Why did I lust over beauty! What master said was right, beauty is poison! Wei Chang laughed, “Lick my shoes? Do you know how to lick coins?” “Ah?” “Seems like you do not know how to…” The black fog that was within the whirlpool immediately became denser! And upon taking a closer look, it was not a black fog at all, it was hellfire! “No! No! I can learn! Please spare my life… I don’t want to die! I am the one who is the main lead…” Qin Jin’s voice disappeared from within the hellfire, and in only a minute, Qin Jin’s primal spirit was refined by the hellfire, and a black color pearl could be seen floating on Wei Chang’s palm. After swallowing the pearl, Tang Wei would be able to obtain Qin Jin’s cultivation strength. Wei Chang waved his hand, and the fainted Tang Wei swallowed the black pearl. After that, Wei Chang carried up Tang Wei and was prepared to leave. Taking a look at the soulless Qin Jin, and the floor that was filled with corpses, Wei Chang took out his phone. “Hello, is this 110? A mass homicide happened at first-rate clubhouse.” After hanging up the phone, Wei Chang let out a breath. As a lawful citizen, upon seeing this kind of thing happened, one cannot just stand at one side and watch without doing anything, they have to immediately take out their phone and dial 110… Carrying Tang Wei, Wei Chang left the first-rate clubhouse. Within the boss office of first-rate clubhouse, with his brows wrinkled tightly, Bai Qi looked at the surveillance camera. “Young Master Bai, it seems like this person sucked out something from Qin Jin’s body.” Bai Qi remained silent, and after thinking for a while, “What did my big sister and brother-in-law say?” “Young miss’s meaning was to not do anything for now and watch silently!” Bai Qi sighed and said, “This small bar is actually able to make big sister be afraid, and even make brother-in-law pay up such a huge sum of money, just who exactly are those people!”

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