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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 80 – A person can change depending on who the person stays near to 1/2 “Last night, young miss ordered me to investigate the bar. This man’s name is Wei Chang, he is Leisure Bar’s security guard captain, and the woman that is within his embrace is just a waitress that works at Leisure Bar. Leisure Bar’s boss is a man that is called Ye Hua, which is also the man who won 50 billion from your brother-in-law.” “The first time that they appeared was 5 years ago. and at that time, they have gotten in contact with Wu Ye before. However, afterward, they had only been operating their bar peacefully, all the way until Qing Family’s Qing Ya appeared at the bar a month ago!” Bai Qu was confused, “Qing Ya? What do you mean?” “The investigation is still ongoing, but the initial conclusion we have is that, Qing Ya and the bar’s boss got into a relationship together, and during a few days ago, Qing Ya moved into Leisure Bar to stay. Of course, her little sister, Qing Yutong, also moved in together with her.” “Qing Yutong? Are you speaking of that best actress?” Bai Qi asked curiously. “Yes.” Seems like Bai Qi was also interested in the famous Qing Yutong. After all, Bai Qi was a young man, how would he be able to endure Qing Yutong’s enticement? “Do you have any other information about them? Like for example, what power is backing them up?” Bai Qi asked. In actuality, after speaking so much, there wasn’t really anything useful at all. “Eh… At the moment, we still have no idea about that. However, we do know that, currently, the friendship between Leisure Bar’s boss, Ye Hua, and Jiu Ye is pretty good.” Bai Qi rubbed onto his forehead and looked at yesterday’s surveillance monitor, “Jiu Ye is indeed a formidable character, he is the embodiment of what it means to be a willy old fox. Don’t see that he is just staying at a small city like Long’an City, in reality, his hands had long covered through the entire country.” The old man laughed lightly, “No matter how formidable Jiu Ye is, he also wouldn’t be able to amount to anything to young miss.” “Of course, who is my big sister, she is the woman that has the title of north’s beautiful woman. Although that brother-in-law of mine is a bit sloppy, but overall, he can still be counted as able to fit my big sister. After all, that brother-in-law of mine is unlike other men who have a number of wives and a number of concubines to themselves.” Bai Qi mumbled while the old man laughed lightly and remained silent. “However, I reckon that this brother-in-law of mine also wouldn’t have the guts to find other women.” Bai Qi added. “What young master said is true.” The old man laughed casually. Bai Qi dusted his pants, “Old Ou, let’s go to Zijin City, I still want to ask my big sister face to face about that bar.” “Alright, I will go and prepare the plane now.” Bai Qi who was just about to walk out of the door suddenly stopped and turned his head over and asked, “Old Ou, say, do you think that Xiao Family will pay up the money?” “I can’t say for sure about Xiao Yi, but I reckon that his women would definitely all choose to not pay up.” “Then, do you think that Leisure Bar’s boss will go and collect the money if Xiao Family choose to not pay up?” “About that, I truly do not know.” “Old Ou, you sure know how to beat around the bush. Let’s go to Zijin City and wait and see just what will happen, I have a feeling that there will be a good show for us to watch soon. I have disliked that Xiao Yi for a long time already. In the past, this Xiao Yi even tried to chase after my big sister when he already had a few wives. Also, this Xiao Yi always likes to act cool, pretty much everyone within the social circle calls him Act Cool King Xiao Yi.” Bai Qi said in disdain. The old man followed behind and remained silent while listening to his young master's complaining. “I really hope that Leisure Bar’s boss would be able to step onto this act cool king, and let this act cool king know that there are even higher mountains within the high mountains.” “Young master, Xiao Yi’s strength is not ordinary, his strength is evenly matched with the other family heads. If Xiao Yi doesn’t get meet with a surprise attack, it would be very hard for Xiao Yi to be placed in a bad spot.” Bai Qi sighed. How would I not know about that, if not for Xiao Yi’s strength, my big sister would have long destroyed Xiao Family. At the other side, while carrying the fainted Tang Wei, Wei Chang came to a coffee shop. Wei Chang caught a lot of people’s attention, and even some guys were prepared to act as a hero and save the beauty. Wei Chang ordered a cup of ice coffee and quietly waited for Tang Wei to wake up. I heard that Lie Gu killed three great desolate beasts a while ago, and he even secretly took a piece of the Gold Delicate Crane’s meat. I will have to find Lie Gu someday and ask him to help me steal a piece of meat too. “Uncle Wei…” Tang Wei could be seen slightly opening her beautiful eyes. However, during a split second when Tang Wei opened her eyes, it could be seen that her pupils were completely black in color, just like that black whirlpool that Wei Chang congealed. Wei Chang saw it and felt that it was not bad. “Woke up?” “Uncle Wei, weren’t we attending the banquet? Why are we suddenly here?” Tang Wei rubbed her forehead, seemingly having already forgotten about what happened just now, selective amnesia. Wei Chang smiled, “Oh, you got drunk, so I carried you and left the banquet.” “Is that so, I must have looked very ugly right?” Wei Chang lightly stroke onto Tang Wei’s chin, “Of course not.” Tang Wei felt incredibly shy, Uncle Wei sure knows how to titillate. The shy Tang Wei lowered her head and fixed her hair, not daring to look face to face with Wei Chang. However, her legs that were trembling due to being nervous caused a crack to appear on the floor, and currently, the crack was still expanding.

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