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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 81 – Can’t last over a minute 1/2 Ye Hua said faintly, “What does it have to do with me.” Qing Ya was too lazy to argue with Ye Hua, “What do you two want to eat?” “Lanzhou fried rice, add egg.” Ye Hua said faintly. I have not eaten Lanzhou fried rice for quite a long time. Qing Ya let out a breath of relief, luckily he did not order crayfishes. “We will eat crayfishes tonight.” Ye Hua added, and Qing Ya’s face immediately turned black… Qing Yutong thought for a bit, “Big sister, help me order a strawberry McFlurry and two chicken wings.” “Are you not going to control your weight?” Qing Ya sized up Qing Yutong’s body and asked. Qing Yutong stood up and spun one round, “With this kind of figure, do I even need to control it? Brother-in-law, am I right?” “Right.” Ye Hua has to give the sister-in-law a like. Asides from the point that there is a bit of ‘defect’ in her personality, all the other aspects of this sister-in-law of mine are very perfect. “Right your head. Ye Hua, where are your eyes looking at?” “Oh, looking at the sister-in-law.” Ye Hua said faintly. “Brother-in-law~ Don’t be like this~ Big sister is still here~” “Let’s wait for when she’s not here then.” Qing Ya knew that the two were teasing her, but she just couldn’t stand it, “Alright, I will make space for two of you then!” And just like this, the daily quarrel began. Ye Hua shook his head helplessly, Qing Ya’s mental state still requires some training, to actually get angry so easily like this. With her current mental state, if enemies were to provoke her for even just a bit, she wouldn’t be able to hold that temper of hers. “The temper of this big sister of mine.” Even Qing Yutong also sighed. Seeing that brother-in-law did not have the intention to go and chase after her big sister, Qing Yutong asked softly, “Brother-in-law, why aren’t you chasing after big sister?” “Only after your big sister leave, then would I be able to look at you.” “Wow~ Brother-in-law, you are so perverted, to actually like your own sister-in-law~ Authentic and genuine beautiful legs, do you want to come and study them?” Qing Yutong could be seen boldly stretching out one of her snow-white long legs towards Ye Hua, while thinking to herself, "Brother-in-law, quickly come and touch it, then I would be able to get one mission point." “You are also very perverted.” Ye Hua said after taking a look at the long leg. Qing Yutong, “……” Half an hour later, the food delivery arrived. Unfortunately, Qing Ya was still angry and didn’t bother coming into the room to eat, thus Ye Hua had no choice but to go and coax Qing Ya. It is fine if the adult is hungry, but it will be bad if my child becomes hungry because of that adult. Opening the bedroom door, Ye Hua discovered that Qing Ya was sitting on the bed. With her back faced towards Ye Hua, she seemed just like a married woman that was filled with grievance. “Qing Ya, come over and eat lunch.” Ye Hua shouted out, and in actuality, this action could be counted as very face-giving already. When has Ye Hua ever personally go and call someone to come over and eat lunch? He would only know how to tell others to go to hell or die. “What are you even calling me for, weren’t you having fun with your sister-in-law? I wouldn’t dare to disturb the master’s mood!” Qing Ya’s jealously was very huge. Ye Hua pulled onto Qing Ya and said faintly, “Alright, don’t make me angry.” “You!!!” Qing Ya snorted. If not for looking at the fact that you won 50 billion, I wouldn’t let you off that easily today! When Qing Yutong saw her brother-in-law entered into the room while pulling onto her big sister, she clicked her tongue and said, “Big sister, can you be a bit more reserved? At the least, you have to endure for more than 2 minutes. Every time when brother-in-law goes to you, you would surrender in less than a minute. As a woman, I have to despise you.” “Eat your food and keep quiet!” Qing Ya took a glare at Qing Yutong, it is all because that his strength is big and I am not able to resist against his strength! “Bleh, bleh, bleh.” “That’s right, the company gave me a call just now, Qing Yutong, you have to go to High Ocean City tomorrow to take some promotional photos.” Qing Ya said while holding onto her rice bowl. Upon hearing that, Qing Yutong immediately became gloomy, “Tomorrow? Brother-in-law, accompany me~” “Not free, I have to bring your big sister to go out for a walk tomorrow.” “Alright, the two of you! You two are purposely driving me away so that you two can properly live your world of two people right! Humph, I have finally seen through the two of you!” Qing Yutong became angry as she crossed her arms and raised her chin up high. Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, when have I promised to go out with you, anyhow deciding it own your own~ “Since you want to be a streamer, go and do it properly and not screw it up, if not, you can prepare to go back and work as an actress again!” Qing Yutong turned her head to the window, and her small mouth was pouted out to the point that a bottle could be hung on her mouth. If I throw a bad temper and not come back, I will see how urgent the two of you will become~

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