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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 81 – Can’t last over a minute 2/2 After eating lunch, the three of them were not in a hurry to play the computer game. Qing Ya has the habit of taking a nap in the afternoon, and Ye Hua has to cultivate his humanity for a bit by watching Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. As for Qing Yutong, she joined Ye Hua to watch Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. In the office, Ye Hua and Qing Yutong could be seen sitting on the sofa and watching Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. Qing Yutong would laugh from time to time, and Ye Hua wished that he could zip up his sister-in-law’s mouth. Is the show even that funny? While taking a nap, Qing Ya overslept, and if it wasn’t for her phone ringing, it was reckoned that she would have slept until nighttime. “CEO Qing.” It was Liu Hang who called. Qing Ya sat her body up and leaned onto the behead. The indolent charm that Qing Ya was emitting out right now was enough to make one’s heart feel itchy. “What’s the matter?” Liu Hang said in a deep voice, “It’s like this, Longhu Estate can be counted as our cooperative partner, and their boss’s daughter was murdered today. So, should we attend the funeral and express our grief?” “Boss’s daughter? What’s the situation?” Qing Ya wore her slippers, walked to the window and watched the sunset. Liu Hang swallowed his saliva, “I’m also not very clear about the specifics, I only knew about this matter when my subordinate reported it to me a while ago. You can watch the news channel if you want to know more about it, they are going to report about this matter in a while.” “Alright, I understand.” Qing Ya hang up the phone. It’s fine if I was not at Long’an City, but since I’m here right now, I should go and attend the funeral, after all, Longhu Estate’s boss is one of my company's cooperative partners.” Walking out of the bedroom and arriving at Ye Hua’s office, after opening the office door, Qing Ya immediately heard the sound that was able to give her a headache. “I will still come back!!!!” They actually watched Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf for an entire afternoon. Qing Ya wished she could kick these two people until they wake up, how big are they already and they are still watching Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf! “Big sister, come over quickly, come over quickly, the show is about to start again.” Qing Ya picked up the controller petulantly and changed the channel to Long’an City’s news channel, and sure enough, the news channel was currently reporting about the matter that Liu Hang spoke about just now. “Hello fellow audiences who are in front of your television, the place that I am at right now is the crime scene where the homicide happened. We can still clearly see the bloodstain that is on the floor, and from this, we can see how frightening the scene must have been back then. The identity of the culprit is shocking, the culprit is Qin Jin, the successor of Qin Corporation, and within the list of people who died in the homicide, his fiancée is amongst them!” “According to what we have found out, after Qin Corporation went bankrupt, Qin Jin became very silent. We believe that this homicide was planned out meticulously by Qin Jin, and his methods were unprecedently brutal, the deceases are all the sons and daughters of Long’an City famous rich merchants. From this, we can see how strong his desire for revenge was. The following scene is a bit extreme, if there are any child that is currently watching, we advise to please stop watching now.” The scene changed, and a man could be seen trampling onto a woman with his foot. Although mosaic was used, the sound of begging for mercy that was coming out from the television was shocking, especially when that sound of begging for mercy gradually became softer and softer, all the way until the sound stopped! However, even after the sound stopped, that man was still continuously trampling onto the body, causing the audiences who were watching to have goosebumps. “Big sister, I discovered that your taste is really heavy. Me and brother-in-law were obviously watching Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, a very warm show, and yet you suddenly want us to watch a news report of such a ruthless homicide. Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Qing Yutong had a look that seemed like she was very afraid as she hugged onto Ye Hua’s arm. Eating brother-in-law’s tofu openly, and especially right in front of my big sister, it feels so exciting~

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