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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 82 – Husband and wife giving lecture to each other 2/2 “As a boss, not everything has to be personally handled by you!” Ye Hua had indeed began his lecture. I have to properly teach Qing Ya regarding this aspect. Qing Ya snorted, “If I don’t handle it, who is going to handle it? Are you going to go handle it for me?” “If your subordinates are not used for handling matters, what do you even need them for then! As the corporation’s boss, you only have to care about giving out orders. Personally doing everything by yourself is nonsensical. Take the emperors in the past for example, they only have to care about sitting on the throne and controlling the overall situation of their empire.” Qing Yutong nodded her head, “What brother-in-law said does make a bit of sense.” “Shut up!” Qing Ya took a glare at her sister, just whose side are you standing on! “Take a look, take a look, even Yutong also understand that, and yet, as the big sister, you still don’t understand that.” Ye Hua placed his chopsticks down neatly on the table, then slightly leaned on the chair and drank the dragon blood wine. Qing Ya pursed her mouth and unprecedently did not retort back. After a while, Qing Ya said, “Speaking so much, in the end, what you want is for me to not go and attend the funeral right?” “Of course. You think about it, just how much higher is your social class level when compared to that cooperative partner's social class level? Even if your company wants to express their grief towards the death of the cooperative partner's daughter, it should also be that chauffeur back then who should go and attend the funeral and not you.” Ye Hua said. Qing Ya pouted her mouth and mumbled softly, “No humanity…” “What did you say!” Ye Hua asked in a deep voice. Qing Ya’s heart trembled, she felt that Ye Hua’s tone was very heavy. Is there a need for your tone to be that heavy? It is merely just a small matter of going to the funeral of my cooperative partner’s daughter, and it's not like there is any other meaning in it. However, towards Ye Hua, within that matter, there was a large disparity between Qing Ya's status and her cooperative partner's status. Why is there a need for my wife to have to leave the house for a mere human? If words of it were to spread out, how faceless would it be for me. “Brother-in-law, come, come, come, sister-in-law will peel crayfishes for you to eat. Cool your temper, be obedient okay~” Ye Hua took a glare at the sister-in-law, and the latter stuck out of tongue. “Qing Ya, you only have to remember one point, which is that, if you are the boss, you are the heaven!” Ye Hua added another sentence and finally ended his lecture. “Big sister, did you hear it, you are the heaven. That means that brother-in-law is the earth~” Qing Ya petulantly stretched out her hand and slapped onto Qing Yutong’s head, and the latter rubbed onto her head pitifully. “Right! I agree that what you said is right, but do you know about respecting the old and cherishing the young? Do you know about China’s traditions? Leaving my position aside and not speak of it, when my cooperative partner’s daughter passed away, what is wrong with me going to attend the daughter's funeral?” Qing Ya questioned, and immediately began her lecturing session. Ye Hua remained silent. According to China’s traditions, Qing Ya does indeed require to go and attend the funeral. Seeing that Ye Hua remained silent, Qing Ya snorted. You have your own reasonings, I myself also have my own reasonings~ “So what if I’m the boss? Can’t a boss care about her own subordinates? Human’s heart is made of flesh and not made of iron. If you treat others nicely, others will treat you back nicely too. Take you for example, when have you treated me nicely before? Touch your own conscience and tell me, have you care about me before!” “And me on the other hand! Buying breakfast for you in the morning, and yet I still have to be lectured by you and peel crayfishes for you. When my fingers were hurting, have I complained about it before? I endured and accommodated in all aspects for you! Do you know that I also have a temper too! Don’t think that I am afraid of you, when I become angry, even I would be afraid of myself!” Ye Hua was a bit startled by Qing Ya, and Qing Yutong was also shocked by her big sister’s aura. Big sister is truly a hero amongst women, I have to raise my thumb and give her a like. The more Qing Ya spoke, the angrier she felt, and she began to complain about the grievances she felt during those past few days. “Also! You only know how to watch cartoons all day long! And right now, you are even addicted to playing computer game and do not even bother to go out and find a job! That’s right! I am able to provide for you for your entire life, but you also have to have a little bit of ambition right? If our child saw that his father only knows how to watch cartoons and play computer games, how disappointed would he be?” “Also! Don’t think that just because I’m nice to you, you can anyhow bully me! I, Qing Ya, also has my own dignity! I request that you respect me!” After finish speaking, Qing Ya swallowed her saliva as she looked at the dazed expression that was on Ye Hua’s face. Is he going to become angry? After a good while, Ye Hua said towards Qing Yutong, “Yutong, how about we order another 2.5 kg of crayfishes?” “Eh…” Qing Yutong did not know how to respond to that and chose to remain silent. Qing Ya was angered to the point that she was biting on her lip. This person, not scolding me with his mouth and is instead actually trying to punish me in a roundabout way, he is shameless to the extremity! “I’m wrong…” Qing Ya lowered her head and admitted defeat. Even she herself also did not know why she did that. If it was placed in the past, she would feel that it would be very faceless for her, but right now, she did not have that kind of feeling at all. Both corners of Ye Hua’s mouth slightly raised up, “You are not wrong, I will accompany you to go to the funeral later on.” For me, the Supreme Overlord to get lectured by my own wife and not being able to retort back, it is truly embarrassing. This matter has to be kept a secret, anyone else who comes to know of this matter will have to be exterminated. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were stupefied. What’s going on… Where is the storm that we were expecting? Why did it suddenly become a clear sky?

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