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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 83 – It is that husband and wife again! 1/2 The one who was most astonished was Qing Ya. I understand this man pretty well right now. If you were to go against him for a bit, he would be able to go on about it forever. But who would have thought that he would actually change today, and even take the initiative to say that he wants to accompany me to go to the funeral, is he trying to express his goodwill towards me? I will count that he has a bit of conscience, to know how to curry favor with his great wife. Qing Ya thought too much, Ye Hua merely felt that what Qing Ya said made sense. To want to understand humanity, Ye Hua has to get along with his wife. Cartoon was just merely cartoon after all. On the other hand, Ye Hua currently has the thought to learn humanity from Qing Ya. Right now, the situation became clear. Ye Hua was teaching Qing Ya about dark thoughts, while Qing Ya was teaching Ye Hua on how to be a human. This was a bit interesting. After dinner, Qing Ya asked her sister, “Do you want to go out and take a walk?” “Forget about it, I don’t want someone to say that I am a lightbulb later on. Moreover, I’m still alive right now… and have yet to expire.” Qing Yutong snorted, expressing that her fame still has not died down yet, and thus she might as well just stay at home and play computer game. At this moment, Ye Hua finished changing his clothes as he said faintly, “Let’s go.” “Let me go change my clothes first.” “Your current outfit will do.” Ye Hua pulled onto Qing Ya and walked out of the room. “Hey, this isn’t good right?” Qing Ya shouted out anxiously. My hair is not tied up, and I’m currently wearing a big t-shirt, and the important point is that, the t-shirt is long enough for me to wear it as a dress, and people who don’t know about the specifics would think that I wasn’t wearing any shorts at all. “I feel that it’s good, you look like a primary school student like this.” “You!” Qing Ya finally understood, this fellow is precisely wanting me to make a fool of myself. “I will go take the car key first then.” How would Ye Hua not know what Qing Ya was thinking of, “To say that this Long’an City is big, it’s not big, say that it’s small, it’s not small too, just walking by feet will do. Furthermore, you need to walk more right now.” “But I am wearing slippers right now!” “I will carry you.” Immediately, Qing Ya was left speechless as she petulantly punched onto Ye Hua. However, this action was just like a girlfriend who was acting coquettishly towards her boyfriend, and the workers who were on the first floor saw it. We truly have to respect the boss, at the start, this beautiful woman was still ice-cold, and yet, within just a few days, the ice was shattered, and the beautiful woman is even acting coquettishly by punching onto the boss’s chest now. Qing Ya was startled, and she immediately switched back to her cold demeanor. My character cannot collapse. Ye Hua shook his head, this woman just likes to act like this. In actuality, her heart is very fragile, and she is just using the cold demeanor to disguise the softness and fragileness of her heart. When the two walked out of Leisure Bar, they just so happened to saw Wei Chang and Tang Wei walking over hand in hand. This caused Ye Hua to be shocked, whereas Qing Ya was curiously sizing them up. “Boss.” “Boss.” Wei Chang and Tang Wei shouted out, and Ye Hua slightly wrinkled his brows and asked, “You two?” “Boss, Xiao Tang is my girlfriend right now.” Wei Chang was a bit nervous, however, thinking about Lie Gu, even Lie Gu himself already has 3, and I only have 1, thus, the boss wouldn’t prevent me and Xiao Tang from being together right? Ye Hua of course wouldn’t prevent the two from being together, he was just merely very curious about how the two got together. Wei Chang had followed me for a few hundred years already, and I have never seen him being intimate with a woman before. Instead of being intimate with women, he was more fond of eating them. Seeing Wei Chang today, he has completely changed my view towards him. Ye Hua nodded his head, “En, not bad.” Wei Chang let out a breath of relief, “Thank you boss for the praise.” “Thank you boss.” Tang Wei followed along and thanked Ye Hua. Although she did not know why she was thanking the boss, she felt that it was right for her to do that. “You two carry on.” “Yes!” Qing Ya took a look at them confusedly, then followed after Ye Hua. Discovering that Ye Hua brows were tightly wrinkled, Qing Ya asked, “What expression is this on your face, are you not happy that they are together?” “No, I’m just feeling very curious about just how they got together.” Ye Hua said lightly. “What is there to be curious about, their age gap problem? In my view, that is not a big deal at all.” Qing Ya was very open-minded about it and didn’t felt that there was any problem with Wei Chang and Tang Wei dating together. Speaking of age, the age gap between Ye Hua and Qing Ya was a few hundred years old.

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