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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 83 – It is that husband and wife again! 2/2 Ye Hua also didn’t want to discuss too in-depth about Wei Chang’s matters with Qing Ya, holding onto that two delicate hands, Ye Hua asked, “Does it really hurt that much?” “Humph~ What do you think!” Although Qing Ya was venting out her discontentment with her mouth, she was feeling very sweet in her heart. “It will be fine once you get used to it.” “……” “Ye Hua! If I ever peel crayfishes for you again, I will change my surname to your surname!” Just a while ago, Qing Ya thought that Ye Hua had changed, but in the end, Ye Hua was still the same as usual, and Qing Ya almost exploded from anger. Ye Hua held onto his wife’s willow waist and said faintly, “Just now, you said that I didn’t care about you?” “Was I wrong about that!” “Some care and concern can’t be seen with the eyes or be touched by the hands and can only be felt by using the heart.” Ye Hua said lightly, this woman only knows how to see what is on the surface, I really do not know how she was able to run her company so well. “Tsk~ You are beginning to babble nonsense again.” Qing Ya was evidently not confident with her words anymore. Thinking back to these past few days, he has indeed care about me for a bit. In any case, during those past few days, he was indeed much better compared to before. Walking out of the alley and arriving at the street, the two were destined to attract other’s attention, especially when Qing Ya’s outfit was too alike of that of a child, and she was even wearing a pair of adorable slippers. If she tied her hair into two ponytails, she would more or less be able to become a lolita. Qing Ya was very embarrassed as it was the first time she wore like this and went outside, this outfit of hers made it seemed as if she was trying to act young. “Where does that person live at?” Not sure from when, Qing Ya’s hand was holding onto Ye Hua’s hand, “I don’t know.” “You don’t know!” Ye Hua asked in a deep voice. From the looks of it, she does not have any idea where the funeral is held at. “Let me call and ask.” Qing Ya said hurriedly, and when she placed her hand into her shirt pocket, she thought to herself, "Oh sh*t." Looking at the embarrassed Qing Ya, Ye Hua asked, “Did you also forgot to bring your handphone?” “Who told you to pull onto me and immediately dragged me out of the house!” Qing Ya said coldly as she pinched onto Ye Hua’s arm. “Your speed when shifting the blame is rather fast.” “In any case, it is all your fault!” “Forget it, we will just treat it as coming outside to take a walk, you can forget about going to the funeral already.” Qing Ya sighed deeply. Right now, it can only be like this. Wait, something is not right, this fellow definitely brought his handphone along with him! “Lend me your handphone for a while.” “Do you even remember the phone number?” Ye Hua asked, this woman, only knows how to be obstinate. Qing Ya was very melancholy, I’m firmly grasped within Ye Hua’s hand, and do not even have any bit of leeway to strike back at him. It would be great if this man was a bit more obedient. Although Qing Ya was feeling very gloomy, she felt that this kind of days were not bad too, going for a stroll with Ye Hua after finishing a meal, walking on the flourishing street, there are no hypocritical flatterings, no deceptions that happens within business, and furthermore, there is no pressure at all, it’s as if all those heavy pressure of mine was carried on by this man who is by my side, but at the same time, it seems like he also didn’t do anything much at all. Jiu Ye was very stressed today, a matter like this actually happened in Long’an City, and although the matter didn’t have anything to do with me, but some people still pointed the spear towards me, this is truly vexing. Look at me now, I even have to go and give those rich merchants an explanation. What is there to even explain! If you want to find problem, go and find Bai Family’s problem instead! And that Bai Qi, immediately running away when something happened, he is simply shameless to the extremity! Jiu Ye who was sitting in the Rolls-Royce Phantom looked at the pedestrians that were on the street and thought to himself, I met that wife and husband at the banquet yesterday, there is no way that I will run into them again right? Please do not appear, when the two of you appear, I would always be put on a bad spot… While looking outside the car window, Jiu Ye’s body suddenly froze. Why! How is this possible! Did I not take a look at the calendar when I left the house! For me to actually run into them right after I just thought about them a moment ago! Why did this happen! Forget it! I will pretend that I didn’t saw them. But, if the two of them saw my car drove past them and didn’t stop to greet them, will they have some special ideas towards me?

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