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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 84 – Please be the judge for us 1/2 F**k! Why did I choose to pass through this road, my god… I better get off the car and greet them instead of pretending that I didn’t saw them. Ye Hua and Qing Ya totally did not pay any attention to the cars that passed by them and were only silently taking a walk on the street together. If it was not for the two holding each other’s hand, from their expression alone, one would think that the two were strangers. A Rolls-Royce Phantom suddenly came to a stop at the roadside and Jiu Ye could be seen hurriedly running over to the front of Ye Hua and Qing Ya and greeting them with a smile, “Boss, lady boss, it sure is a coincidence.” Ye Hua really did not like it when others disturbed his peace, “Are you following me!” Boss, where would I even have the free time to follow you. “Ye Hua, it’s just a coincidence only.” Qing Ya said with a light smile on her face. People got off their car to come over and greet you and yet you show such an unhappy expression towards the person, you are really not giving the person any face at all. “Lady boss is truly magnanimous.” Jiu Ye’s impression towards Qing Ya was very favorable, not only is this woman beautiful, she has a nice personality too. Qing Ya asked with a smile, “Where is CEO Gong heading to?” “Lady boss, please do not call me CEO Gong, just call me Xiao Jiu will do.” “Ah…” Qing Ya was a bit dazed, this is the first time that I have met such a modest person. Ye Hua said faintly, “Since he is requesting you to call him Xiao Jiu, just call him Xiao Jiu.” Jiu Ye let out a forced laugh, “Lady boss, I am currently intending to head to Qinghe Garden, and the reason I'm heading to Qinghe Garden is basically to handle some matters which arose from that incident that happened in the afternoon.” “Homicide?” Qing Ya asked. “Lady boss also knows about it too? The relatives of the people who died in the homicide are causing a scene right now and I have to show up and have a chat with them.” “Just nice, I was also intending to go to the funeral too.” Qing Ya said as she conveniently poked onto Ye Hua’s waist, complacent was written all over her face right now. Ye Hua wished that he could send this Jiu Ye flying with a slap. If you saw us while you were in your car, just drive past us will do, why did you even bother getting off your car, are you actually that bored! Didn’t you saw that I am currently having a walk with my wife right now! “Boss, lady boss, please get on the car.” Jiu Ye shouted in his heart, I sure am lucky! If the boss was to stick out for me, everything would be much simpler. Just that, will the boss stick out for me? That is the problem… Wait, incorrect! So long as the lady boss sticks out for me, wouldn’t that represent that the boss will also stick out for me?” Ye Hua was helplessly dragged into the car by Qing Ya. To speak the truth, Ye Hua really didn’t want to go to the funeral. Instead of going to the funeral, I might as well go back home and play computer game with my sister-in-law. Qinghe Garden was Long’an City’s cemetery. The people who were able to be buried here were mostly rich people. The price of buying a spot to be buried at Qinghe Garden was more or less the same price as buying a house, and the amount of space you get when you buy a spot at Qinghe Garden was not even as big as the amount of space you would get from buying a house. The atmosphere at Qinghe Garden today seemed particularly oppressive, and there was even a stern aura floating around Qinghe Garden. Qing Ya looked at the black-clothed people, the black-clothed people had a white cloth tied onto their sleeve, totally having a look like they were preparing to fight at any moment, and Qing Ya couldn’t help but tightened her hand that was holding onto Ye Hua’s hand. The entrance was filled with black-clothed people, and those cars which did not obtain permission to enter into Qinghe Garden were obstructed by the black-clothed people. Of course, they wouldn’t dare to obstruct Jiu Ye’s car. Most of the people that the black-clothed people obstructed were reporters. And when the reporters saw Jiu Ye’s car arrived, the reporters seemed as if they were injected with adrenaline. Driving the car all the way up the mountain, the car came to a stop at a car park that was filled with various kinds of expensive cars. Within Qinghe Garden, five areas were divided out, and there was even a sign placed on each of the five areas. “Shen Family!” “Jia Family!” “You Family!” “Han Family!” “Li Family!” These five families were perhaps the most famous families within Long’an City. Of course, there was still another famous family, which was the Qing Family. It was unfortunate, a younger generation member of each of the families was murdered brutally, and although the murderer was captured, that wasn’t enough to dissipate the five families’ anger. This matter also wouldn’t be let off that easily by them, because, as the clubhouse’s boss, up until now, Bai Family has still yet to make any statement.

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