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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 84 – Please be the judge for us 2/2 When the big shots that were in front of the funeral hall saw Jiu Ye’s car arrived, they quickly hurried over to the car. Jiu Ye really wants to cry right now. If these two were not here, look at just how much face I would have gotten now, but with these two here, I am just like their humble attendant. Originally, Jiu Ye sat at the back seats, but currently, he was sitting at the front passenger seat. When the car came to a stop, he got off the car first, and the reason that he got off the car first was no other than to open the door for Ye Hua and Qing Ya. When everyone saw Jiu Ye got off from the front passenger seat, they were confused for a bit, but didn’t think too much about it. “Jiu Ye, you have finally arrived.” “Jiu Ye, you have to be the judge for us.” “Jiu Ye, Bai Family is being too much!” “Those northern people are riding on top of us southern people’s head already, Jiu Ye, you have to help us out.” Jiu Ye fluttered his hand, what are you all being in a hurry for, do you all not see that I still have to open the car door for the boss and lady boss? Under everyone’s astonished gaze, Jiu Ye personally went and opened the car's rear door. A woman could be seen coming out of the car first, and everyone’s breath was taken away by the woman’s beauty. Although the woman’s outfit was not fitting to the occasion, the outfit wasn’t able to conceal the woman’s beauty, and that long t-shirt even added a particular temptation towards the woman. All the younger generations were stunned by the woman, why is this woman so beautiful, she is just too perfect already! Li Qianyi was Li Family’s family head and his body build was very fat. “Why does this woman look so familiar?” Li Qianyi felt that he had seen this woman somewhere before. Han Wei was Han Family’s family head and his body build was slightly fat, “I feel the same as you." You Family’s family head, You Yusi’s expression was not looking very good, “Why did Jiu Ye opened a door for a woman!” Jia Gaoao wore a gold-framed glasses, “The woman is perhaps some big shot.” And Shen Tao recognized Qing Ya with just a look. Upon seeing Qing Ya, he seemed as if he had saw his savior as he immediately ran over and kneeled down in front of Qing Ya, “CEO Qing, you have to be the judge for me, I only have just this one daughter. This daughter of mine had always been very obedient, and yet, within just a few hours, she is no longer in this world anymore.” Everyone was startled. No wonder this woman seemed so familiar, she is actually Qing Family’s Qing Ya. When did she become so beautiful! Actually, Shen Tao was the most tragic out of everyone here, he finally gotten a daughter at such an old age, and thus he had always doted on his daughter very much. And yet, right now, he has to attend his own daughter's funeral. “Big brother, Miaomiao is so tragic.” Shen Shuai that damned fatty kneeled down beside Shen Tao and tried to cry sincerely with all his might. Big brother only have just this one child, now that she is dead, it is most likely impossible for him to be able to have another child, therefore, in the future, his properties will have no choice but to be given to my own son, this is truly unexpected. Qing Ya didn’t expect that Shen Tao would have such a huge reaction and wanted to walk forward and carry Shen Tao up from the ground. However, just nice, Ye Hua got off the car and prevented Qing Ya from doing that. That’s right, Ye Hua did it on purpose. Kneeling down in front of us is you guys’ honor, and disregarding us is you guys' privilege. Everyone placed their gaze onto Ye Hua. Some people recognized Ye Hua, after all, those people who recognized him attended last night’s banquet, and they have heard of last night’s bet. To them, that bet was truly insane, to actually bet family property! I heard that, in the end, Xiao Family and Tang Family both left the clubhouse with an ugly expression on their faces. “Boss, lady boss, we have arrived.” Jiu Ye’s heart was bleeding. In the future, when I see them, I will definitely take a detour. For Jiu Ye to actually call them boss and lady boss, just what is the situation? Could it be that this man has an extraordinary identity? If not, why would Jiu Ye be so respectful towards them? “CEO Shen, the dead cannot be revived, my condolences to you.” Qing Ya said in a deep voice, for a man to cry out so pitifully, it can be seen just how much pain he is feeling in his heart. Ye Hua did not say anything. As a man, what is the use of crying? If this guy is my subordinate, I would give him a slap with the palm of my hand. “CEO Qing, Jiu Ye, my daughter died a tragic death! And yet, the culprit that was captured was actually an idiot. Everything was definitely orchestrated by first-rate clubhouse!” Shen Tao beat onto the cement floor with his fist. He felt that everything that happened today was orchestrated by Bai Family. Li Qianyi said towards Jiu Ye, “Jiu Ye, your identity is sublime, I believe that you will definitely be able to get Bai Family give us an explanation.”

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