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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 86 – Qing Ya, do you want them to live or die 1/2 The scene’s atmosphere was awkward to the extremity. Qing Ya wished that she could bite Ye Hua to death, the way I worded my words just now seemed like I was demeaning him, I really didn’t know that he is a cultivator. Qing Ya could be heard apologizing, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to demean you.” Jian Yuan, “……” Everyone, “……” Qing Ya opened her eyes wide, I felt like I spoke wrongly again, one truly become foolish for three years after they become pregnant. Wait, incorrect! I must have definitely been infected by Ye Hua, Ye Hua has to carry this blame on his back~ How could Jian Yuan possibly argue with an ordinary person, the cultivation world has its own rules, cultivators cannot harm ordinary people, if not they would definitely be met with punishment. “Young lady, it’s no matter.” Jian Yuan did not know just what he was exactly feeling right now., it could possibly be the same as last night, feeling helpless and sullen. Ye Hua reminded, “She’s not a young lady anymore.” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, does this fellow really want to anger me to death then would he finally stop! Jian Yuan laughed awkwardly, then said towards everyone, “Everyone, please calm down and not be hasty, I have already reported this matter towards my sect, I believe that my sect would be able to give everyone a satisfying answer, after all, we southern are also not that easy to bully!” “Executor Jian Yuan is indeed brilliant, you have my respect.” Li Qianyi cupped his hands and laughed. Jia Gaoao was unrestrained and generous as he said, “Executor Jian Yuan, I won’t mention other things, but I will donate ten million to your sect to help replenish your sect’s food!” “Me too.” You Yusi followed along and shouted out. “Me too.” Shen Tao too a look at Qing Ya, then followed along and shouted. “Jian Yuan gives his thanks to all of you. As for the money, let’s forget about it, I have another favor to ask of all of you instead.” Jian Yuan placed his hands on his back and laughed, having the demeanor of an expert, and his temperament also became mysterious, there was no trace of him being the person that was hang onto the tree anymore. Han Wei spoke, “Jian Yuan, you are being too courteous, if you have anything that you want to request from me, just say it, as long as I can do it, I will definitely give all my effort to help.” “Actually, it is not any big matter too, I heard that all of you bought a mountain and was prepared to open up the mountain for development, my sect also has the same intention as all of you. Of course, we won’t take advantage of you all, we will pay a sum of money to each of you, and our sect will also provide magical pills for each of you.” When everyone heard that, their expression immediately froze for a moment, however, as a bunch of wily old foxes, they immediately regained back their consciousness. Ye Hua finally knew what Jian Yuan was planning, seems like the reason that those few people dare to be so arrogant is because of that mountain, and this Jian Yuan is intending of getting a part of the profits. Jiu Ye was a bit confused, those people indeed formed a partnership together and were prepared to open a mountain for development, or to be more exact, it is a few mountain peaks. Back then I wasn’t really optimistic about this decision of theirs, because those few mountain peaks were too far away. But, after hearing what this Jian Yuan said, I immediately understood those few people’s thoughts. No wonder they dared to be so arrogant, they must have gotten some kind of treasures I suppose. Or perhaps, they want to create a diversion and create confusion, this way, they would be able to smoothly enjoy fishing up the benefits while sitting at one side. However, how did this Jian Yuan come to know how this matter? Also, just what kind of treasures are within that mountain? Thinking back to Xiao Yi coming to Long’an City to invest, could it be that the reason he came to Long’an City was also for this mountain? Immediately, Jiu Ye’s curiosity was piqued. Qing Ya sneakily sized up the two cultivators, in the past, I only saw before cultivators within shows and novels, and right now, a real cultivator is standing right in front of me. Why do I feel that everything seems so illusory? My world outlook has changed. Are they able to fly by using the sword that is on their back? If they could, wouldn’t it be too formidable? “What are you thinking about?” Ye Hua asked. “Are they really cultivators?” Qing Ya still couldn’t believe the fact that was in front of her eyes. Ye Hua said faintly, “Actually, I am also a cultivator.” Qing Ya immediately rolled her eyes at Ye Hua. “Qing Ya, your capability of rolling your eyes has improved by a bit.” “Ye Hua, your capability of talking big has improved too.” Ye Hua laughed lightly, “What if I am a cultivator?” “You? I will start writing my name backward.” “You won’t have to do that, you just have to guarantee that you will listen to me obediently, when I ask you to go west, you cannot head east.” Ye Hua revealed out an ineffable smile, causing Qing Ya to feel flustered. Qing Ya’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, what is this fellow planning again this time? “Alright! But if you are not, you will have to listen to me, in the future, you have to peel crayfishes for me.” “Alright.” Ye Hua agreed very straightforwardly, this woman actually dares to bet with me like this, she is truly adorably foolish.

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