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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 86 – Qing Ya, do you want them to live or die 2/2 Ye Hua could be seen taking out his phone and opened the sound recording app, “Considering that you would sometimes talk big, I have to record what you say to keep as proof.” “You are the one who would talk big~” Qing Ya couldn’t help but raised the volume of her voice, causing the others who were within the room to have a headache. Jian Yuan laughed lightly, “Madam, can you be softer a bit, we are currently discussing about some matters.” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Qing Ya hurriedly nodded her head and apologized. Ye Hua said indifferently, “All of you better quiet down a bit, don’t cause trouble for me!” Ye Hua was finally able to dupe Qing Ya into taking a bet with him, he could not let this bet of his get screwed up. After finish adjusting the sound recording app, Ye Hua said, “You can speak now.” Towards Ye Hua’s child-like action, Qing Ya couldn’t do anything about it as she said lovably, “If Ye Hua is really a cultivator, I, Qing Ya, guarantee that I will be obedient in the future, and Ye Hua will be my heaven. Will that do?” Ye Hua was very satisfied as he kept his phone. “You are also a cultivator?” Jian Yuan asked curiously, I wasn’t able to actually see the depth of this man’s martial strength. Ye Hua nodded his head. “Loose cultivator?” “Self-cultivator.” What Ye Hua said wasn’t wrong, Ye Hua learned everything by himself. If not, would an undead race even have the thought of thinking of entering into the human world to learn? If that was so, that undead race must have thought too much. Undead race was like the target of scorn, detested by all. Other races, including the human race, all look down upon the undead race. “Sir, since you said you are a cultivator, how about showing off a few moves to us?” The youngster who followed along with Jian Yuan spoke, I could not bear seeing this guy since the start, forget it that he looks so handsome, even his wife also look that beautiful. Ye Hua suddenly said coldly, “Considering that you all were rude towards my wife, I will properly give all of you a lesson today.” “Ye Hua, don’t mess around already.” Qing Ya shook onto Ye Hua’s arm, it’s fine when you are acting cool in front of your wife since we are a family after all, but right now… you are even trying to act cooll when you are outside… Ye Hua pat onto the back of Qing Ya’s hand, “Qing Ya, remember what you said a while ago!” Suddenly, Ye Hua stretched out his index finger and a purple flame appeared out from thin air. That enchanting color caused others to not be able to take their eyes off of it, and the light from the flame that shined onto Ye Hua’s face cause the others to exclaim. Flinging out his finger, the purple flame landed onto the floor. The purple flame did not extinguish, and also did not melt the floor, seemingly as if it was just an illusion only. Qing Ya who was at the side was already completely in a daze, Ye Hua couldn’t be doing magic now right… But this is also too strange already right! A stranger thing could be seen happening, that purple flame actually started to slowly distort, and formed a head and four limbs. Just that, why was there a calabash on its head… That’s right, what Ye Hua formed out from the flame was a Calabash Brother, the incarnation of justice, the embodiment of what it means to root out the strong and support the weak. The purple color Calabash Brother seemed as if it has its own life as it looked towards its left, then looked towards it right, sizing up its surroundings, it seemed just like a super adorable small house pet. However, it was much smaller compared to a rabbit. “Qing Ya?” Ye Hua looked towards Qing Ya, seemingly saying, do you admit your defeat? Qing Ya was dumbstruck while looking at Ye Hua. Beat her to death and she also wouldn’t believe that her own man was actually a cultivator. How is this possible! Thinking back to the things during these past few days, so he wasn’t acting cool, what he was saying was true…

Translator: Wigglegui



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