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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 87 – Mister, spare my life 1/2 Qing Ya’s mind wasn’t able to operate normally, and it was currently under server crash state. Don’t say Qing Ya, even Jiu Ye himself was also stupefied. And even Jian Yuan was also stupefied too, to be able to create a soul that possesses life so easily, how is this possible! The youngster that was behind Jian Yuan had a face of disbelief on his face, how could this guy be a cultivator, this must definitely be fake! “Evil sorcery, watch my sword!” The youngster drew out his sword and thrusted towards the Calabash Brother. The youngster’s thrust was quick, ruthless and accurate, not intending to leave any trace of leeway at all. I will expose his lie and let everyone here know that he is a gigolo, and even more, I will let that beautiful woman know that, this guy is a swindler! The purple color Calabash Brother stood still and looked curiously at the long sword that was thrusting towards it. The long sword that had a white light on its tip easily pierced through the Calabash Brother’s body, and everyone couldn’t help but let out a breath of relief. Complacent appeared within the youngster’s eyes as he looked towards Ye Hua, seemingly saying, this little thing of yours is nothing much at all, it was killed by me without any effort. Ye Hua poked onto Qing Ya’s forehead, “Turned foolish?” Qing Ya regained back her consciousness as she said lovably, “You are the one that is foolish.” “How do you want to deal with them, I will listen to you.” Ye Hua said faintly. In any case, I am not the one that will be dealing with them, thus it doesn’t count as breaking the rule. Qing Ya petulantly gave Ye Hua a punch, “What do you even mean by how I want to deal with them, that Calabash Brother of yours has already been stabbed to death.” “Stabbed to death?” Ye Hua said with a smile. The purple color Calabash Brother touched the long sword, seemingly like it was very curious about it, but this small action of the Calabash Brother caused everyone to be unable to help but gasped and have their hairs stand on its end, the fire thing didn’t die! The youngster also turned pale from fright as he exerted strength into his right hand, wanting to pull his sword out from the Calabash Brother’s body. However, the Calabash Brother grabbed onto the sword’s blade and seemed to be not very happy, this thing is my toy, why are you trying to take it away. “Step back!” Jian Yuan shouted lightly. “Executor, I… I can’t pull out the sword.” The youngster was feeling very helpless, just what the hell is this thing. Suddenly, a purple light appeared out from the Calabash Brother’s hands, and the sword was immediately covered by the purple light. Shock appeared from the youngster’s eyes, and without thinking much, he immediately let go of the sword. The Calabash Brother swung its small hands, and the purple color long sword floated on the air, appearing extremely dazzling. “Qing Ya, do you want them to die or live?” Ye Hua held onto Qing Ya’s chin and asked Qing Ya who was currently absent-minded. Qing Ya looked towards Ye Hua with a dazed look, I feel like I can’t clearly see through Ye Hua anymore, just what kind of person is he. Knocking onto this foolish woman’s head, “This endearingly silly dazed look of yours looks rather nice.” “You, why did you knock on my head for!” Qing Ya said petulantly as she rubbed onto her head. “You still haven’t answered my question.” “Answer what?” “Those people offended you just now.” “It’s not like they did it on purpose, forget about it, forget about it.” Qing Ya said with a low voice. In the end, she was just a delicate woman. Upon hearing that, Ye Hua sighed, “Qing Ya, you have to know that, when they offended you, it means that they have offended me, have you thought of that before?” Upon hearing that, Qing Ya remained silent. “Forget about it this time, don’t make the same mistake next time.” Ye Hua said faintly, as the Supreme Overlord’s wife, not only does she have to consider for herself, she also has to consider for her husband’s face. Qing Ya bit onto her lips, not sure just what she was thinking about right now. However, when everyone heard the married couple’s conversation, they felt that Ye Hua was acting cool to the extremity, what do you mean by us having offended your wife, and thus also offended you, do you think that you are an emperor! However, those words, they would also only dare to just think about it to themselves and wouldn’t dare to say it out. If anyone of them spoke, that purple sword that was floating in the air would most likely stab through their heart. During the afternoon, those bunch of youngsters were wiped out completely, the people here weren't interested in being the next bunch of people to die right after those bunch of youngsters. Jiu Ye finally understood the words of advice that his big brother gave to him right before dying, the boss is actually a cultivator, and his strength is even stronger compared to Jian Yuan, the boss is truly formidable.


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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