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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 87 – Mister, spare my life 2/2 The purple color Calabash Brother lightly jumped and landed on top of the purple sword, then began flying around in the air. The posture of that Calabash Brother seemed as if it was skiing, and it wants to express that it was feeling very happy. “Mister’s strength sure is formidable.” Jian Yuan cupped his hands and said. Ye Hua said, “Didn’t you want me to show off a few moves, why not step up and come exchange a few blows with this Calabash Brother of mine?” Jian Yuan’s heart sunk, although this Calabash Brother looks very childish, its strength is definitely on a complete other level, I would be courting death if I were to step up and try to exchange blows with this Calabash Brother! “Mister’s strength is out of the ordinary, we are not a match for mister at all, if we have offended mister in any way just now, please forgive us.” Jian Yuan let out a breath, a man knows when to advance and when to retreat, when to bow and submit, and when to stand tall, what use is there in trying to show off for a moment of grandeur. Ye Hua felt that Jian Yuan’s words were pretty good, if it was based on my temper in the past, I would definitely disregard his begging for forgiveness, but looking at it from a human’s perspective, it would definitely be better for me to let him off and seek to achieve a much bigger benefit from him. “Since you lowered your head and begged me for forgiveness earnestly and sincerely, I will spare this life of yours.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Jian Yuan seemed as if he had just eaten a fly, where was I even begging, I was only praising you only. Alright, fine, I was indeed begging for your forgiveness in a roundabout way, but can't you at least give me a bit of face? Right now, everyone did not even dare to gasp, even Executor Jian Yuan himself also lowered his head and apologized, what do we even count as in that guy’s eyes then? The purple sword that was floating in the air was like a death talisman, if anyone dared to anyhow speak, they would immediately be pierced through the heart by the sword. “Executor Jian Yuan, since the boss has already spared your life, you should laugh and smile, don’t keep having such a miserable look on your face.” Jiu Ye suddenly stood up and laughed, totally having the intention of hugging onto Ye Hua’s thigh. How could I possibly have the mood to even laugh now, I won’t beg for forgiveness anymore in this life of mine, this will be the last time that I begged for forgiveness, there will definitely not be a next time! Definitely! There won’t be a next time! “Why did you all want to take part in opening up the mountain for development?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Jian Yuan went into a daze, then began to act stupid, “What do you mean?” Whoosh! The tip of the purple sword appeared right in front of Jian Yuan’s forehead, and the Calabash Brother was lying down on the sword and looking at Jian Yuan while propping its head with its right hand. If not for there being something wrong with the situation, Qing Ya would have definitely laughed out. Not sure why, Jian Yuan felt that he was no longer able to control his body anymore, this sword might is too enormous, and yet, this sword might is only something that was released out from the Calabash Brother that is lying down on the sword, and furthermore, this Calabash Brother was only something that the man flung out with his finger. “You can slowly think about just what I mean.” Ye Hua said unhurriedly as he played around with Qing Ya’s fingers, her fingers are quite tender and smooth. “Mister, this…” “I don’t care what reason you have, when I ask questions, you just bother with answering my questions. Moreover, there are many more people here who are smarter compared to you!” Ye Hua said coldly, if not for Qing Ya having a soft heart, I would have long pierced through this guy's forehead. In any case, it also wouldn’t be me who personally did it, thus it doesn’t count as me having killed a person. Jian Yuan started sweating cold sweat, why am I so unlucky during these two days, sailor moon and Calabash Brother, I was actually f**king bullied by two cartoon characters, can’t we all just play together nicely? Why are there such powerful beings within Long’an City? After I return back to the sect, I must report it to the sect. Even if I get beaten to death, I also won’t want to continue staying at Long’an City anymore. “Mister, below the mountain that they bought, there is a dragon vein!” “Dragon vein!” Ye Hua slightly went into a daze, and I thought that it would be something great, for all of you to actually fight with each other for it. For a mere dragon vein, is there even a need to make such a big fuss over it? “Under the dragon vein, there are a lot of treasures, pills, and martial techniques.” Jian Yuan felt like crying right now, I have spoken out everything that I know of. Ye Hua waved his hand and the Calabash Brother immediately dissipated. Also, the purple sword recovered back to its original look and fell onto the floor. And those rich merchants had their eyes open up wide, there are pills and martial techniques under the dragon vein, no wonder his Cloud Peak Sect would want to take part in opening the mountain for development! We handed so much money to your sect every year, and yet your sect still wants to come and share a portion of our profits, you all are simply shameless!

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