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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 89 – The feeling of heartbeat 1/2 “Come up!” After quite a while, Ye Hua suppressed the urge within his heart and shouted out coldly. A trace of smile appeared on the corner of Qing Ya’s mouth as she turned around and said, “Really? You won’t throw me into the river, right?” “Come up! I won’t repeat again!” Ye Hua really wanted time to reverse back, this woman is really much smarter than I imagined. Qing Ya immediately came to Ye Hua’s back and pat onto Ye Hua’s back, “Squat down a bit.” As the mighty Supreme Overlord, Ye Hua felt exhausted and helpless as he slowly lowered his body, this is the first woman who dares to be so arrogant towards me! Qing Ya suddenly jumped onto Ye Hua’s back, and her spotless white arms embraced onto Ye Hua’s neck. Afterward, Ye Hua began to walk forward, and the image immediately became comical. Because Ye Hua did not hold onto Qing Ya’s legs, it made Ye Hua seemed like he was carrying a corpse. Qing Ya who was on Ye Hua’s back immediately shouted out, “Ye Hua, if you don’t want to carry me, just tell me!” “What do you want again this time!” This can’t be blamed on Ye Hua, after all, he had never carried a person on his back before. “Do you not know how to hold onto my legs? Are you intending on dragging me back home instead?” Ye Hua took in a deep breath, “You are the first woman who dares to demand so many things from me!” “What’s the matter, did I hurt the cultivator’s pride?” “Don’t mention cultivator with me!” Ye Hua hated cultivators to death right now, I really want to kill all cultivators now, because of cultivators, it caused me to continuously get teased by this woman! Qing Ya pouted her mouth and did not continue on provoking Ye Hua anymore, because she discovered that Ye Hua was currently walking towards the river… Unknowingly, Ye Hua arrived at the main street, and Qing Ya became the target of every woman’s envy. “Look at other people, he know how to carry his girlfriend, why do you not know to carry me too!” “Can’t you take a look at the person’s girlfriend’s figure? If I were to carry you, you would have to give me artificial respiration.” “Annoying, you are thinking of taking advantage of me again~” “……” The thin man was in despair, you say that I am thinking of taking advantage of you? I am saying that you are heavy alright! My god, I feel so despair! Qing Ya leaned onto Ye Hua’s wide and sturdy back and felt a great sense of security. Towards the envy gazes that were directed towards her, she accepted all of it happily. If you all have the capability, you all can go ahead and find yourself a cultivator husband too~ “Ye Hua.” Qing Ya called out lightly. “En.” Ye Hua responded, while in his own heart, he was thinking, “I hope that Lie Gu and Wei Chang doesn’t see this scene." “Will you really beat me?” Ye Hua’s footsteps came to a stop, then he immediately slapped towards Qing Ya’s butt, “What do you think!” Qing Ya was stupefied, this fellow actually slapped my butt in public, he is shameless~ Without waiting for Qing Ya to begin scolding him, Ye Hua took the initiative and spoke, “I have your sound recording as proof, you better be a bit more obedient in the future, if not I will beat your butt till it swell!” Qing Ya pouted her small mouth, “Humph, you are a cultivator, of course you would only know how to rely on your martial strength.” Ye Hua remained silent, I swear! I have to properly give Qing Ya a lesson tonight and let her know the consequences of going back on her vow. Without long, Ye Hua carried Qing Ya and arrived at Leisure Bar. Under everyone’s astonished gaze, Ye Hua carried Qing Ya and walked upstairs. Upon seeing that, Wei Chang swore, “I definitely have to tell Lie Gu what I just saw.”

Translator: Wigglegui



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