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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 90 – Don’t call me a cultivator!!! 1/2 Carrying along this uneasy feeling, Qing Ya gradually fell asleep. Sleeping while hugging onto Ye Hua really feels very comfortable, if suddenly the day comes where I can no longer hug onto him while I sleep, I would most probably suffer from insomnia. Currently, Ye Hua was also blindly thinking about things, however, he was not that emotional and sentimental like Qing Ya, and right now, he was thinking about how to recover back the face that he lost. Could it be that, I have to show off my might as a man in front of her? I don’t know if killing a million people would be enough or not. If I killed a million people, she would be willing to acknowledge allegiance to me, right? However, something feels wrong… Just where is it that is wrong… This is truly vexing! Just like this, while carrying along their own respective thoughts, the two gradually fell asleep. All the way until the sound of knockings on the door rang out in the morning, then did Ye Hua and Qing Ya woke up. “Brother-in-law~ Big sister~” Qing Yutong stood outside the door and shouted out lovably. Listening to her tone, one would immediately know that she was going to ask for a favor. Ye Hua pat onto Qing Ya’s shoulder, “Go and open the door.” Qing Ya scratched her hair, what does this sister of mine wants during this early in the morning! “What is it?” Qing Ya opened the door and asked angrily. Qing Yutong could be seen to have already changed her clothes, and she also wore a big round hat and a pair of sunglasses. This could be counted as being fully equipped. “Big sister, didn’t you told to me to go to High Ocean City today? It would be dangerous for me to go to the airport alone, are you and brother-in-law not going to see me off to the airport~” Qing Yutong blinked with her beautiful eyes while she pulled onto Qing Ya’s arms and act coquettishly. Qing Ya wrinkled her brows, “You are such a big person already, is there even a need to see you off? Can’t you just drive yourself to the airport?” “Big sister~ You don’t even care about your sister anymore, my heart feels so pain~” “……” Ye Hua was not sleepy anymore as he got off the bed and said, “We will see her off then, and while we are at it, let’s eat breakfast.” The corner of Qing Yutong’s mouth twitched, it seems like I will have to give my thanks to breakfast… Since the man had spoken, what else could Qing Ya say, time to go and wash up my face and rinse my mouth. 15 minutes later, the two were prepared to leave. Qing Ya was very happy right now because she did not need to put on make-up now. This face of mine is truly breathtaking. Thinking back to the meat during that day, Qing Ya was extremely curious, could that meat really be dragon meat? “Yutong, drive the car.” Qing Ya tossed the car key to her sister. Qing Yutong knew it would be like this. These two are straight up big bosses, especially brother-in-law, that bearing of his is as if he is an emperor that is currently leaving from his palace.” Sitting in the Audi A8, Qing Yutong successfully received the identity of being a driver, while Qing Ya and Ye Hua sat at the back leisurely like big bosses. Qing Yutong who was driving the car thought to herself, “They evidently had a big quarrel with each other last night, and yet, when I pushed open the bedroom door to take a look, they were actually kissing with each other on the bed. The two of them truly changed the definition of having a ‘quarrel’.” “Yutong, properly cooperate during the next few days you understand, don’t create any problems.” Qing Ya reminded, I understand the temperament of this sister of mine very well. Qing Yutong said puzzledly, “Didn’t you said that it was only a day?” “Don’t bother if it is one day or two days, in any case, you have to settle your task well.” “Alright, in any case, the two of you are determined on chasing me out of the house. When will my little nephew come out? When that time comes, I can leave home together with my nephew…” “Qing Yutong! Can you set a good example!” Qing Ya was melancholy, seemingly as if she had already saw her own child left home together with her sister. On the other hand, Ye Hua didn’t think like that, as my child, he should be independent and have his own thinking and judgment, he can’t just live under my wings forever, and there will come a time where he will have to grow up and be independent. “Both of you, quiet down a bit, what is there to even quarrel about.” Ye Hua said with a deep voice, this Qing Ya, quarreling every day, my head really hurts. The two fairy-like women pouted their mouths and quieten down. Half an hour later, Qing Yutong finally reached the airport, “Aren’t you two going to see me off?” Ye Hua and Qing Ya straightforwardly disregarded Qing Yutong, and Qing Ya even went ahead and sat in the driver seat, then stepped onto the pedal, leaving behind the Qing Yutong who had an endearingly silly look on her face. “Ah… These two are simply angering me to death, they don’t have even the slightest bit of sympathy! Humph, let me tell you two, I am going to leave home for half a month! Eh… Half a month seems a bit too long, I will leave home for a week then! I will see if you two will be anxious or not!” Qing Yutong who was having a temper walked into the airport, and when she walked into the airport, she immediately attracted gazes. Although she was fully equipped, that temperament of hers was unable to be changed. Don’t see that Qing Yutong was always carefree and casual when she was in front of Ye Hua and Qing Ya, when she runs into strangers, her demeanor would change. After all, Qing Ya and Ye Hua were her kin, and the strangers were not.

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