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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 91 – The Supreme Overlord’s helplessness 1/2 Ye Hua’s breathing was a bit fast, are those random fishes even worthy of speaking to me! However, I have to learn to fit in with the humans, fit in… If I were to not be able to control my emotions later on, Qing Ya will have to carry the blame for it. “Come over!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. The female employees were startled, and one of the female employees walked to the front of Ye Hua while trembling with fear, her face was a bit pale. Qing Ya held onto her forehead, “Can you be gentler a bit, what are you being that fierce for, are you looking for a fight!” “Shut up!” Ye Hua said petulantly. Qing Ya snorted and walked to one side, intending to not care about Ye Hua. Ye Hua rubbed onto his temple, I am going to get angered to death by this Qing Ya sooner or later. “Qing Ya, come over.” Qing Ya who was currently pretending to be picking clothes snorted. However, she still walked over. “I’m sorry, my husband has a disability, he has a problem with communicating with people.” Qing Ya smiled lightly. To actually shout at me just now, see if I will give you a lesson or not, don’t think that just because you are a cultivator, it means that you can bully me. “Oh, so that is the case.” The female employee was at ease now. Ye Hua’s mood right now was the same as the Jian Yuan from yesterday, seemingly like he was constipated. “Beautiful lady, is there a couple outfit for this clothing?” Qing Ya asked curiously. The employee smiled, “Miss, there is.” Qing Ya poked angrily onto Ye Hua. “What is it.” “Go on and haggle.” Qing Ya shook her head, this husband of mine is like a child, not knowing anything at all. Ye Hua’s brows were deeply wrinkled, have you ever seen before a Supreme Overlord haggling over price! This is not called haggling over price, this is called devaluing my status, if words of it were to be spread out, where would my face be! “You have to converse more.” Qing Ya said in a low voice. Ye Hua took in a deep breath, then asked, “How much!” The female employee was rather shy as she looked at the price tag, “489 rmb.” I heard that humans like to give the lowest price possible when bargaining, Ye Hua had the answer in his mind as he said gravely, “It’s too expensive, 1 rmb!” The female employee immediately became stupefied, and even Qing Ya was also dazed. Is this fellow messing around with me? But, looking at that serious expression on his face, it doesn’t seem like he is joking. “Mister, although you are handsome, you can’t bargain like this…” The female employee was about to cry, even if you are a handsome guy, you can’t bully people like this! Qing Ya was disappointed towards Ye Hua’s performance, how can you bargain like this! “I will bargain instead, you watch and learn!” Qing Ya sighed. In the end, I am the one who has to lead again, it seems like Ye Hua has cultivated to the point that he became foolish. Qing Ya could be seen picking up the clothes and feeling the clothes with her hand, then said faintly while wrinkling her brows, “489 rmb is too expensive. How about this, 488 rmb! 488 is such an auspicious number too!” This time, it was Ye Hua’s turn to become dazed, can this even be counted as bargaining? Seems like this woman doesn’t know much about bargaining compared to me, and yet she kept trying to act as if she knows how to bargain in front of me. Look, even that employee is laughing now. The female employee felt that the two were very strange. “Of course, 488 rmb is fine.” The female employee replied. Upon hearing that, Qing Ya raised her chin complacently, then looked towards Ye Hua and said, “Did you see that? This is what bargaining means!” “It is truly a miracle that your company still hasn’t gone bankrupt.” Ye Hua shook his head helplessly, this woman is too stupid already. “What do you even know, these two cannot be compared equally. Quickly go and imitate how I bargained just now and go and try bargain.” “I can’t do it.” Ye Hua rejected. “Why are you like this? You said that you were going to properly interact with other people.” Ye Hua said faintly, “Just interacting with you is enough already.” Qing Ya went into a daze, then pulled onto Ye Hua’s sleeve, “Where did you learn how to sweet talk like that, those words of yours are rather titillating.” Ye Hua took a look at Qing Ya, “Interacting with you is vexing enough already, I don’t want to feel even more vexed.” “……” Qing Ya knew it would be like this, this fellow doesn’t know how to sweet talk at all!

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