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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 92 – I have a lot of essence in my body 1/2 Sitting on the public transport bus, Qing Ya fell asleep very quickly while lying on Ye Hua’s shoulder. And only during this time, Ye Hua would feel that Qing Ya was very obedient. However, after she wakes up, in Ye Hua’s eyes, she would turn into a little demon. After half an hour of travel time, the two got off the bus and got on another bus, and who knows just where this bus was even headed to… “Driver, please stop the bus.” While looking at the scenery outside, Qing Ya couldn’t help but shout out. After getting off the bus, Qing Ya took a stretch and said comfortably, “The air here sure is fresh.” Ye Hua lighted a cigarette and expressed that he was very bored. A truck that was transporting a bunch of pigs passed by them and brought along a strange smell. Immediately, Qing Ya’s face which was filled with comfort turned black, and Ye Hua was the same too. “This is the good place that you picked!” Ye Hua said petulantly. Qing Ya was a bit embarrassed, “How would I know that we would arrive here, can’t you be a bit gentler toward me!” “Hold onto my hand and close your eyes.” “What for? Are you thinking of sneakily kiss me again?” Qing Ya’s heart was somewhat pounding. “Who would want to kiss you? I’m just intending on changing another location only!” Ye Hua sighed lightly, I really do not know just what is going on in her head all day long. “Tsk~ I will see what kind of tricks you are going to pull again.” Qing Ya snorted lightly as she held onto Ye Hua’s hand. 0.1 second later, Ye Hua said, “We are here.” Qing Ya slowly opened her eyes, and everything before her eyes changed. From her eyes, a huge clear lake could be seen, and around her surroundings, there were a bunch of big and extremely tall trees. This was what that could be truly counted as an outer paradise world. Ye Hua… Have we transmigrated?” Ye Hua poked onto Qing Ya’s forehead, “What is this little brain of yours thinking all day long!” Qing Ya stuck out her tongue, then ran to the lakeside and opened her arms. Meanwhile, Ye Hua unhurriedly followed behind her. While walking, Ye Hua waved his hand, and immediately, two chairs and one small table appeared out of thin air. On the small table, there was the dragon blood wine and the meat of star clean sparrow and gold delicate crane. “Don’t keep standing, come over and take a seat.” Qing Ya turned her head over and took a look. Towards those things that suddenly appeared, she was startled at first, then soon after, she mumbled, “It sure is good to have a husband who is a cultivator, to be able to bring along so many things.” Cultivator again, Ye Hua wished he could throw Qing Ya into the lake to let her cool down for a bit. Sitting on the chair, Qing Ya took a sip of the dragon blood wine, “We can save a lot of transport fee in the future.” Ye Hua doesn’t want to converse with Qing Ya anymore. “Ye Hua, are you able to teleport to another world?” Qing Ya asked curiously. “Simple.” Hearing that Ye Hua could teleport to another world, Qing Ya immediately became interested, “When are you going to bring me to another world to have fun.” “We will talk about it after you gave birth to the child.” “Hmm, you are right, we will talk about it after I gave birth to the child.” Upon mentioning the child, Qing Ya caressed her flat stomach and asked curiously, “Ye Hua, will our child become like a superhero when he comes into this world?” “Qing Ya, don’t compare our child with those inferior races.” Ye Hua said displeasedly. Qing Ya mumbled. “I was just asking only, what is there to get angry about.”

Translator: Wigglegui



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