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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 93 – I beg you all to let me off 1/2 All of a sudden, a person could be heard crying for help from the woods, and in a short while, a man who was filled with blood from head to foot rushed out from the woods. The flustered expression on his face seemed as if there were fierce beasts chasing after him. “Save me… Save me…” The man ran towards Qing Ya who was currently absent-minded. But to the man’s surprise, his feet suddenly slipped, and his left foot was tripped by his right foot. After sliding on the floor for no less than 3 meters far, the man came to a stop in front of Qing Ya’s feet, and the man’s chin almost tore from rubbing on the ground. Ye Hua snorted, my woman is not someone that a person like you is able to touch. “Ye Hua, quickly come over and save the guy!!!” Qing Ya finally regained back her consciousness and shouted out loudly. Ye Hua walked over unhurriedly and sized up the man. Upon sizing up the man, Ye Hua discovered that the man was indeed injured, but the man’s injuries were not as grave as what the man was currently displaying out, and even more, the man was pretending to have lost his consciousness. Jian Yuan felt that he was very unlucky today. Hearing that the mountain range here is unordinary, I specially came here to have a look around the mountain range. In the end, I ran into Cloud Sect’s disciples while looking around the mountain range. Luckily, I ran away fast enough. But because I ran into Cloud Sect's disciples, I discovered a secret that is not known to anyone. If I was to leak this secret out, it will definitely give the entire cultivation world a jolt, Cloud Sect was actually secretly digging a dragon vein. However, I was injured by the Cloud Sect’s disciples, and if this goes on, I will definitely be captured by them. Luckily, while running away from the Cloud Sect’s disciples, I saw a couple camping at the lakeside, and after observing them for a while, I discovered that they are good people. After all, to show affection to each other like that, and that beautiful woman is even running around like a child and shouting out ‘come and catch me’, which shows that the woman is truly adorable and kindhearted. And that man is extremely doting towards that woman too, thus, I reckon that the man is also a kindhearted person. If the two saw a person like me who is in a difficult situation, they would definitely try to help me. Take a look right now, this beautiful woman is anxiously shouting out to the guy to come and save me. I am really happy right now, quickly carry me to your car and drive me away from this place. “What’s the matter?” Ye Hua walked over and asked lightly. “I don’t know, he suddenly ran out from the woods and fell right in front of me. Quickly save him.” Qing Ya pulled onto Ye Hua’s hand and shouted out anxiously. Ye Hua’s expression was very serious as he said, “Qing Ya, be at ease, he is fine.” Jian Yuan who was lying down on the floor scolded out in his heart, “What kind of eyes do you actually have! I’m covered with blood from head to bottom and you actually said that I am fine! Only a fool would believe that!” “If he is fine, I can be at ease then.” Qing Ya pat onto her chest and let out a breath of relief. Jian Yuan froze, how can you even believe in those kinds of words! Don’t believe in a man’s mouth, believe in your own eyes! Qing Ya of course believed in Ye Hua, after all, Ye Hua was a cultivator. “Why isn’t he waking up then?” Qing Ya walked to Jian Yuan’s side and asked curiously. “It could be that he fainted when he fell onto the floor just now, go and get a bit of water and splash on him and he should wake up.” “That’s right, why didn’t I think of that.” Qing Ya pat onto her forehead, I am really becoming more and more stupid. Jian Yuan felt that he should wake up right now. There are injuries on my body right now, and my injuries cannot come into contact with water. Right when Jian Yuan was pondering whether to wake up or not, a cooling splash of water landed onto his face and his entire body couldn’t help but tremble for a bit. “Ye Hua, he moved! He moved! But, why is he still not waking up yet?” “Not enough water.” “Oh.” Jian Yuan was greatly startled, this cannot continue on, I have to wake up now! “Cough, cough, cough…” Jian Yuan started coughing out heavily. It could be that, he wanted to make his coughing seemed a bit more real, and thus he used a bit more strength when coughing. But, who knew, because of that bit more strength he used, he even started to cough out blood. And from there on, the situation got out of hand and he couldn’t stop his own coughing. Qing Ya was frightened by the bloody scene in front of her, “Ye Hua, is he going to die…” “It’s fine, he is just coughing out stagnant blood, he will be fine in a while.” Jian Yuan’s mind was collapsing, who the f**k coughs out stagnant blood like this, why do these two people not have even the slightest bit of common sense!

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