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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 94 – Ye Hua’s misgiving 2/2 When Ye Hua arrived at the office, he shouted out gravely, “Wei Chang, Lie Gu, come over!” Immediately, both Wei Chang and Lie Gu dropped whatever that they were doing and appeared in front of Ye Hua. When they appeared, they shouted out respectfully, “Your Honor.” Looking at Lie Gu, Ye Hua asked, “Are you used to the corporeal body?” Lie Gu said with great happiness, “Thanks to Your Honor building a corporeal body for subordinate, subordinate was finally able to experience the pleasure of being a human.” “Actually, I like it more when you were a dog.” Ye Hua lighted up a cigarette and said. Lie Gu expressed that he was feeling very awkward, while a trace of arc appeared on the corner of Wei Chang’s mouth. “Wei Chang.” “Subordinate is here!” “What is the meaning between you and that employee?” Ye Hua asked. Wei Chang didn’t dare to be careless as he said gravely, “Your Honor, subordinate is currently experiencing humans’ feelings.” Feelings! This made Ye Hua felt a bit puzzled. “Did you gain anything from experiencing it?” Ye Hua asked. Wei Chang arched his body forward and said, “After interacting with Xiao Tang for a few days, subordinate has discovered that humans’ feelings are very strange.” Ye Hua’s interest was piqued as he asked, “In what way is it strange?” “When Xiao Tang was not with subordinate, subordinate would feel a tiny bit absent-minded. And when Xiao Tang was with subordinate, that tiny bit of absent-minded would go away.” Wei Chang was also very vexed about this matter, and he even thought that he was poisoned. Ye Hua wrinkled his brows, why does this symptom that Wei Chang just described seem to sort of resemble my symptom right now… “Lie Gu, tell us about your thoughts of those women of yours.” Ye Hua asked. Lie Gu paused for a moment, and after thinking for quite a while, he finally said, “Eh… They are… They are very impressive…” Ye Hua, “……” Wei Chang, “……” “Wei Chang, if I were to order you to kill that employee now, what would you do?” Ye Hua’s aura suddenly changed as he emitted out a severe murderous aura. A trace of hesitation appeared in Wei Chang’s gaze, however, the hesitation disappeared very quickly as he kneeled down with his right leg and said, “Subordinate would solemnly obey Your Honor’s order!” Ye Hua waved his hand, “Alright, you don’t have to be so solemn about it. Wei Chang, it’s fine for you to get a girlfriend to experience humanity, but you have to keep your real identity a secret. If your girlfriend was to find out about your identity, you should know how to deal with it.” “Subordinate understands!” Wei Chang lowered his head and responded. “Lie Gu, same for you too!” “Subordinate will do as you bid!” Ye Hua lighted up another stick of cigarette and asked, “Want a stick?” Wei Chang, “Subordinate does not smoke.” Lie Gu, “Smoking is not good for your lungs.” Wei Chang looked confusedly towards Lie Gu, do you even have lungs? “Is there any news from the other five sins?” Ye Hua inhaled a mouth of cigarette, then blew out a mouth of smoke. Lie Gu changed his frivolous manner and said solemnly, “There is still no news from them for the time being.” “Your Honor, it has been five years already! For the other five sins to have yet to come find us, I’m afraid that there is something going on.” Wei Chang’s tone was filled with murderous intent. Towards traitors, there is no sentiment to speak about, even if they were my comrades during the past. Ye Hua let out a breath, “Each of the Seven Sins has their own trait, if they were to team up, the two of you also wouldn’t be a match for them. On the other hand, one on one is still fine for the two of you.” Wei Chang and Lie Gu remained silent. The strength of the other five sins is indeed formidable. Not only is their strength formidable, their personality is also twisted. Ye Hua and these two subordinates of his, their personality was also twisted too, just that, they had been learning humanity for the past five years, which helped improve their personality for a bit. However, who knows just what the other five sins have been up to during these past five years. Perhaps, their personality was still the same as it was back then. Ye Hua extinguished the cigarette bud and a trace of red light flashed through his eyes. Those seven subordinates of mine are just like my child, if the other five sins really turned on us, should I kill them or not. Furthermore, the strength of the other five sins is not something to belittle. “We will place this question at the side for now and settle it in the future. For now, let’s settle that Xiao Family who owes me money!” Sitting on the boss chair, Ye Hua said calmly. “Your Honor, I can handle this matter.” Wei Chang said respectfully.

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