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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 95 – Money has to be collected, and a person also has to be killed! 2/2 The sunlight in the early morning would always feel warm. Without the sister-in-law in the house, there seemed to be a bit less merriness in the house, but at the same time, the house was also much more peaceful now. “Time to wake up, moaning monster.” “Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm~” To speak the truth, Ye Hua much preferred when Qing Ya acts coquettishly. While gently caressing onto Qing Ya’s gentle long hair, Ye Hua felt that this kind of life was not too bad. This is a bit much better compared to the loneliness in the past. Seeing that Qing Ya was not waking up, Ye Hua had no choice but to carry out coercive measures as he straightforwardly carried Qing Ya all the way to the washroom. Qing Ya of course didn’t like it and the sound of quarreling immediately rang out. Just a normal daily routine only. With her mouth pouted, Qing Ya who lost the quarrel left the house to go and buy breakfast, and on the other hand, Ye Hua came to the sister-in-law’s bedroom and opened the computer, preparing to play computer game. I have to train my skills, no matter what is said, I have to bring my wife and sister-in-law to eat a round of chicken, and not just listen to them complain about not being able to eat chicken. After Qing Ya came back, upon seeing that Ye Hua was secretly playing computer game, she naturally joined in with him, and in the end, the two ended up duo-queueing, and for lunch and dinner, they ordered food delivery. Ye Hua had led his wife astray… “Ye Hua, let’s play one more round~ I want to eat chicken~” Qing Ya pulled onto Ye Hua’s sleeve and pleaded pitifully. Ye Hua pointed to the clock, “Look at just what time it is now, it’s already 11.30 pm, are you not intending to sleep!” “Please, please, just one more round.” “You have been saying that since 10 pm, do you know that you are someone who is going to become a mother soon!” “Really, this will definitely be the last round, after finishing this round, we will go to sleep~” Qing Ya opened her big watery eyes up wide and even imitated the way her sister would act when acting coquettishly, totally reconstructing Ye Hua’s understanding towards her. This was also only under the situation where Qing Yutong was not in the house. If Qing Yutong was in the house, Qing Ya would definitely act with the bearing of a big sister. Ultimately, no matter what was said, Qing Ya was currently slowly accepting Ye Hua. Ye Hua let out a breath, “This is the last round!” “Thank you my husband, muacks, muacks.” “Your saliva is all on my face.” “Tsk, tsk, tsk, for such a beautiful woman like me to be willing to kiss you, and yet you even still complain.” “You can play yourself then.” “Don’t, don’t, don’t, husband, I understand my mistake…” A man who was able to bring his wife to eat chicken was a man who was capable. And meanwhile, Ye Hua had forgotten about the proper matter. But luckily, Wei Chang still remembered! At the first floor, Wei Chang took a look at the clock. It’s about to be 12 am soon, what that has to be collected, has to be collected. Walking into the toilet and closing the toilet door, Wei Chang summoned, “Death Mage!” At the first floor of a villa in Long’an City, Death Mage was currently drinking beer and watching Germany versus South Korea. Isn’t it obvious that Germany is going to win? Death Mage decided to bet for the last time and placed a bet on Germany winning. Just that, right when the match just began, Death Mage received his master’s summoning. This was one of the hardest decisions to choose in life, and Death Mage chose his master. Just that, where is my sickle at… Finally, he found his sickle lying at the corner of the kitchen. This sickle of mine is a bit dusty, I have to clean it for a bit, I cannot let master discover that I have been lazing off. According to master’s order, I am currently keeping watch on that Long Aotian. After Wei Chang waited for half a minute, Death Mage finally appeared in the toilet, and on the Death Mage’s body, there was actually the smell of alcohol…

Translator: Wigglegui



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