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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 96 – Collect money 1/2 “Master…” Death Mage kneeled down on the floor and shouted out respectfully. I hope master quickly tells me what he summoned me for, I still have to go back home to watch the soccer match, especially when I betted with my family property this time. Wei Chang wrinkled his brows, but did not probe on the matter regarding the alcohol smell coming from Death Mage, “There is a family called Xiao Family in Zijin City. The family head, Xiao Yi, owes His Honor 50 billion. So this time, your task is to go and collect the money that Xiao Yi owes! And asides from that task, you also have another task, which is to kill a woman who is the most important him. As for how you go about completing the tasks, you can do as you see fit.” “A mere random small fish also dares to owe money to His Honor and even cause His Honor to be vexed about this matter, how could killing just one person be able to appease His Honor’s anger, may I be so bold as to request to kill this Xiao Yi’s entire family!” The corner of Wei Chang’s mouth twitched. Aren’t these the lines that are specially used by me back then? Seems like I am indeed no longer as blood-thirsty as I was back then. “Is His Honor’s order even something that you can change as you wish!” Wei Chang shouted out lightly. This subordinate of mine sure is unruly. “Subordinate ought to die…” “When midnight reached, you can start to carry out your tasks.” Death Mage did not dare to ask too much. Why do I have to wait till midnight before I can start to carry out my tasks, this is truly strange. “The strength of the opposite side is not bad.” Right before opening the door, Wei Chang reminded. “Master, you can be at ease, subordinate will definitely retrieve His Honor’s 50 billion, and also collect the life of one person!” “You can leave.” “Yes!” Wei Chang walked out of the toilet, and just nice, he saw Tang Wei walking over to him. “Uncle Wei~” Tang Wei shouted out sweetly and her face started to blush. “Xiao Tang, after we closed the bar, Uncle Wei will treat you to supper.” Wei Chang smiled lightly. “En~” Ye Hua thought that Wei Chang would personally handle this matter, but who knew that Wei Chang actually had a date tonight and thus called over his subordinate and handed the matter over to his subordinate. And in actuality, Death Mage had planned to watch the soccer match between Germany and South Korea tonight. If not for Wei Chang saying that the target was not weak, Death Mage would have definitely called his own subordinate over and handed the matter over to his subordinate.

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