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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 97 – You totally do not know just what kind of person you have provoked 1/2 Just that, Xiao Family’s security guards truly did not expect that a person would dare to single-handedly come to Xiao Family and find trouble with Xiao Family. This person’s aura is not bad. Not sure where he borrowed that prop from too. “Jiejiejie…” Death Mage of course did not know how to speak, and only Wei Chang was able to understand what Death Mage says. Imperial translation: “I’m here to collect debt!” “Where did this mental person came from? Quickly scram! If not, I am going to beat you!” One of the security guards took out his stun baton with one hand and lightly hit onto the palm of his other hand. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “If not for His Honor demanding to kill only just one person, all of you would have long turned into dust.” “Oh, give you face and you don’t want it, and you still keep on jiejiejie, see if I don’t beat you to death!” Two black lights were shot out from Death Mage’s hand, and the security guard who was arrogant just a while ago, along with the other security guard immediately couldn’t move their bodies anymore. The two security guards couldn’t shout or move, and fear could be seen revealing out from their eyes. The jaw of those scouts who were squatting outside of Xiao Manor almost dropped onto the ground. F**k! This person is not here to joke around, he is f**king here to look for trouble with Xiao Family! “Quickly, quickly, quickly! Quickly go and report this side’s situation!” Very quickly, this side’s situation landed into the ears of each of the respective big families, and Zijin City’s sky was suddenly covered by a layer of dark cloud, causing Zijin City to be filled with a heavy atmosphere! Death Mage walked past the two security guards and easily pushed open Xiao Family’s big gate with both of his arms. When the security guards inside Xiao Manor saw the big gate was pushed open by a stranger, and was even dressed like a grim reaper, without out any hesitation, they took out their guns and shot at Death Mage. Bang, bang, bang! The sound of gunshots sounded evidently ear-piercing in this quiet night. Right when Xiao Yi just turned off the light, and Yu Qi’s pants were taken off down to her knees, the sound of gunshots suddenly rang out. How many years has it been! When have so many gunshots ever rang out in Xiao Family!!! The two wives were startled as Nangong Xinyi immediately turned on the light, “Brother Xiao!” Xiao Yi wore his nightclothes and wrinkled his brows, “Both of you stay inside and don’t come out, I will go and take a look.” “You be careful.” The two women reminded Xiao Yi as they thought to themselves, “Just who is it that is breaking through Xiao Family right now! This person is really extremely daring!” However, the sound of gunshots became less and less, and very quickly, the sound of gunshots came to a stop, and it was peaceful again. The two women took a look at each other, then let out a breath of relief. Seems like Xiao Yi has settled the matter. “Let’s go out and take a look.” Nangong Xinyi said. “En.” Yu Qi wore her nightclothes and followed behind Nangong Xinyi. After the two left the house, four other beautiful women could be seen walking over to them. Seems like they were all Xiao Yi’s wives, this Xiao Yi’s luck with women was truly not light.

Translator: Wigglegui



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