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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 98 – All parties are moving 1/2 The two immediately disappeared from Xiao Manor, and when they appeared again, they were at a mountain range that was 10+ km away from Xiao Manor. This place was desolate and was very suitable for the two to fight at! For such a thing to happen to Xiao Family, just as Xiao Yi expected, the family head of each of the respective big families in Zijin City came to know about the matter moments after it happened. I originally thought that Qing Yutong was joking around with me and I didn’t expect that she was actually being serious about it! At the other side of Zijin City’s north suburb, there was a very modernized manor there. Various kinds of mechanisms were hidden under the appearance of the modernized manor, and all of the mechanisms were personally designed by Tang Wushuang. That’s right! This manor was Tang Wushuang’s house! At this moment, Tang Wushuang had also gotten the news from his underling, and he felt very unexpected towards the news. Someone actually really dares to find trouble with Xiao Family! Is that person confident, or is he just ignorant? “Peng!’ “Gang!” “Winning tile!” Tang Wushuang let out a heavy sigh. I married 10+ wives, and only after I married them and brought them home, then did I discovered that all of them are experts in gambling. There was a time where I even had to give my golden desert eagle to one of my wives after losing in a gamble to her. Standing up, and with his hands placed behind his back, Tang Wushuang let out a long sigh. Why are all the people with the surname Tang so tragic, could it be that I am the reincarnation of Tang Bohu… “Wushuang~” Quan Anrong walked over with a smile. Tang Wushuang was gratified, at the least, there is still one wife who is obedient. “Quan Anrong, you…” “Wushuang, I’m out of money, transfer a few million to me first.” Tang Wushuang’s entire person came to a froze. “Wushuang, I am just joking with you~” Tang Wushuang couldn’t help but rubbed onto his wife’s nose, “You mischievous thing~” “I’m scared that a few million wouldn’t be enough, transfer me 10 million instead.” “……” Tang Wushuang was about to spat out blood. “Alright, alright, I won’t joke around anymore, did something happen at Brother Xiao’s side?” Quan Anrong pinched onto her husband’s face and said with a smile. Tang Wushuang laughed helplessly “En, I just received the news. If the guess isn’t wrong, the reason that the person went to Xiao Manor was to collect debt.” “Wushuang, since Brother Xiao is that formidable, I’m sure that he should be able to solve this problem easily.” “Anrong, are you trying to tell me not to get involved in the matter?” Tang Wushuang wrinkled his brows, not being able to tell if there was any deeper meaning in his wife’s words. Quan Anrong held onto Tang Wushuang’s arm, walked out of the mahjong room with him and arrived at the garden outside, “Firstly, Brother Xiao’s strength is formidable, even if you were to go and help him, it wouldn’t have any effect at all. We won’t do things like adding flowers on a brocade. If we want to help, we should provide help only when Brother Xiao is in his hour of need.” “Provide help only in his hour of need?” Tang Wushuang’s brows were wrinkled very deeply. “Brother Xiao’s prestige within the social circle is very huge, and even so much that, his prestige is bigger than yours. Wushuang, although you don’t say anything, I am able to see that you still mind it!” Quan Anrong took a look at her husband’s expression, then continued and said, “If Brother Xiao came out unscathed tonight, we will take it as I didn’t say anything, but if Brother Xiao was to meet with any mishap tonight, then, Wushuang, your chance is here!” “But…” Tang Wushuang was in a predicament and he didn’t know what to choose. “Wushuang, if Brother Xiao was to really fall tonight, you will really have to plan ahead for the storm that will be coming. Within Zijin City, there will another big shuffle amongst the big families, seclusion families, sects, cultivation world, ability power world, and all the powers that are living under Xiao Family’s wings!" “But… but, I don’t want to betray Brother Xiao! After all, he saved my life before!” Quan Anrong let out a sigh. How would I not know about that, but to help my man rise up to the peak, there are a lot of sacrifices that have to be made! “Wushuang, I’m not telling you to betray Brother Xiao, all you have to do is act as the good guy!” Tang Wushuang immediately understood his wife’s thoughts. If Brother Xiao was to suffer a defeat tonight, the entire Xiao Family would be a group of dragons without a head. And as the identity of Xiao Yi’s brother, I can obtain benefits by helping to support Xiao Family in their time of need. Furthermore, by doing that, my reputation wouldn’t be harmed, and others would even praise me for being loyal. “Wushuang, don’t think too much. Brother Xiao’s strength is formidable. There are countless people who want to topple him, but none of them were able to succeed. This matter that we are speaking about is very difficult to happen. But if it does happen, it would be your chance. Of course, you can also choose to not take this road, after all, I am just giving you a suggestion.” Quan Anrong kissed onto her husband’s cheek, then walked back towards the house. However, she suddenly came to a stop as she seemed to have recalled something. “Wushuang, you still have a master too, and that is something that Xiao Yi doesn’t have!” Tang Wushang’s entire body shook. Master! That’s right, I completely forgot about master. But, to be honest, how would I not know that this is a hard to come by chance for me to annex Xiao Family? And if I do annex Xiao Family, at that time, Bai Family and all those other families would be nothing to me at all! However, the precondition is that, Xiao Yi has to die! And for Xiao Yi to die, the probability of it happening was even lower than winning a lottery!

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