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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 98 – All parties are moving 2/2 Meanwhile, at Zijin City’s west suburb, there was a castle situated there. Looking at the castle from far away, the castle seemed just like the vampire castles that were seen within the movies. Furthermore, to enter into the castle that was situated at Zijin City’s west suburb, one has to cross over a drawbridge. This castle was very interesting. This castle was where Bai Family resided at, and the woman that stayed here was the woman who had the title of north’s beautiful woman, Bai Cixin! Within the living room of the castle, two men and one woman could be seen sitting on a blood-red sofa, and the woman was precisely Bai Cixin! Bai Cixin was just like her name, her skin was extremely white, and even her attire was white too. She wore a white headscarf on her head, adding a mysterious look to her, and on her hands, a pair of white gloves were worn. Bai Cixin sat at the middle of the sofa, and the two men sat at her sides. Looking at this, there was no need to say much regarding the statuses within the family. Currently, Bai Cixin was holding onto a teacup, and her bright red cherry lips were tasting the new Mao Jian Tea that was recently released in the market. However, while tasting the tea, Bai Cixin’s brows were slightly wrinkled. “Dabao, don’t buy this kind of tea anymore in the future, you know that I am used to drinking Da Hong Pao Tea.” Bai Cixin lightly placed the teacup down, totally not minding about how much money this Mao Jian Tea cost. In Bai Cixin’s heart, there was only either good or bad. Wang Dabao laughed embarrassedly, “Wife, there has been a shortage of Da Hong Pao Tea recently, if you want to drink it, you still have to wait for a few more days.” “Find whoever that has a stockpile of Da Hong Pao Tea and buy from them then.” Bai Cixin said faintly, and a murderous intent appeared in her tone. Wang Dabao precisely liked this high and mighty look of his wife, because, during the night, he would be able to be high and mighty too. “As you wish my wife~" Bai Qi who was sitting at the side was very melancholy. He didn’t care about whether if it was Mao Jian or Da Hong Pao, in any case, all of them tasted bitter to him. “Big sister, how should we handle the matter at Long’an City?” Bai Cixin said lightly, “They are just some insignificant small characters only. Within this period of time, you stay here and don't go the south anymore." “I understand…” Bai Qi paused for a moment, then asked curiously, “Big sister, are we really just going to give that 50 billion away like that? Are you being serious about giving the money away just like that?” Bai Qi understood this big sister of his well. This big sister of mine, she is gentle and pleasant on the surface, but inwardly, she is a devil, and her mind is a little twisted. Furthermore, she is someone that would never suffer losses. When brother-in-law lost 50 billion, before paying the money, he definitely inquired big sister regarding the matter, and big sister actually agreed to pay the money. I simply do not understand it. Actually, Wang Dabao was also curious about it, he felt that the reason his wife agreed for him to pay the money was because she had a deeper intention. However, he didn’t dare to ask his wife about it. If I asked, it would make me seem very stupid, to not be able to even understand what deeper intention she had. Just nice, my brother-in-law asked my wife about it. Everything is just going so smoothly for me. “Dabao, what do you think?” Bai Cixin suddenly asked her husband. Bai Qi revealed out a smile and rejoiced in Wang Dabao's misfortune. I will see just how strong my brother-in-law’s desire to be able to live is.

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