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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 99 – Kill! 1/2 Wang Dabao’s fingers trembled subconsciously, and even his legs trembled too. Why did she suddenly ask me, she is not acting by the plot! “How can my wife’s forethought be understood by us men, my wife’s thoughts are as fine as needle, how would I ever dare to anyhow guess my wife’s intentions. In any case, anything that my wife said is correct. And even if it is wrong, it is still correct!” Wang Dabao felt that he had never felt so refreshed before, to be able to bootlick so smoothly without any pause at all. Bai Qi couldn’t help but gave Wang Dabao a thumb up, brother-in-law’s desire to be able to live is actually able to make his speech so much more incisive, formidable. Bai Cixin lightly tapped onto her husband’s forehead and said faintly, “When did I say that I was really going to give them this 50 billion?” “Ah?” “Ah?” “The usefulness of this 50 billion will be shown tonight, and whether if it would be worth it to give them the 50 billion, we will also be able to see it tonight. If it isn’t worth it, we will just take back the money, and there won’t be a Qing Family in Zijin City. If it’s worth it… then it would be great.” The two men were stupefied! “Wife is brilliant!” “Big sister is formidable!” Two bootlickers. “The sky is perhaps going to change tomorrow, although Xiao Family and Tang Family seemed to be in an alliance, but neither of them is willing to lower their head to the other, things are really getting more and more interesting.” Bai Cixin shook her head and lightly rubbed her thumb onto her index finger, “We will just wait for tomorrow morning’s result. Bai Qi, you should go and sleep early. Husband, let’s go back to our room.” “Alright~” Wang Dabao said happily, there is nothing greater than pressing down onto my wife. Seeing his big sister and brother-in-law leave, Bai Qi wasn’t able to understand, why did big sister like Wang Dabao? I’m so confused… However, not only were Tang Family and Bai Family discussing about this matter, lots of big shots had to wake up from their sleep and wait for the result, so that they could prepare for just what to do next. The debt collecting matter this time was not just a money problem, it was also related to the benefits of lots of people, this matter was not just 50 billion only. The drip of water that Ye Hua casually flung had caused a billow to appear on the calm lake, and the billow was currently forming into a huge wave. The air temperature at the mountain range was a bit low, but the murderous intent that was emitted out from Xiao Yi’s body caused the air temperature to become even lower. The atmosphere was becoming more and more heavy, and a murderous aura swept all around the mountain range. Although the Broken Emperor Sword that was within Xiao Yi’s hand was not unsheathed yet, there was a sharp sword might pressing on towards Death Mage. Although Xiao Yi was only wearing a nightgown, he looked just like a monarch, and it seemed like as long as he brandished the Broken Emperor Sword that was within his hand, heads would drop, and an ocean of blood would appear. However… However, this kind of aura did not have even the slightest effect on Death Mage at all… However, Death Mage belonged to long-range combat, and Xiao Yi belonged to close-range combat, thus, Death Mage was evidently the one that was at a disadvantage. Adding on to the fact that Xiao Yi was not an ordinary person and was very experienced in combat, Xiao Yi could easily find his opponent’s weak point, then progress to give his opponent a fatal blow. However, Death Mage was not one to be estimated too. Although he had formed the bad habit of gambling, his strength was not something to belittle. In the past, Wei Chang even said that, the number of experts that died in the hands of Death Mage was uncountable, because those experts would always make a mistake, which was to underestimate their enemy. However, Death Mage’s opponent this time was an immortal emperor! Although Xiao Yi’s strength still had not recovered back to his peak, it was still enough to give Death Mage a hard time. Moreover, this time, it was not the opponent who was underestimating their enemy, and it was Death Mage who had began to underestimate his enemy. And the reason why Death Mage was underestimating Xiao Yi was because Death Mage felt that there was no one formidable on this planet at all, and the Xiao Yi that was in front of him was no different too!

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