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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 99 – Kill! 2/2 “No matter if you came to collect debt, or to collect my life! Today, you will die under my sword!” Xiao Yi was not someone to be trifled with, and he wouldn’t wait for his opponent to make the first move. A strong energy light erupted out from Xiao Yi’s eyes, and a sword light was thrust towards Death Mage in a blink of an eye. The sword light was soundless, just like a ghost, and the sharp end of the sword light was pressing on towards the middle of Death Mage’s brows. Experts wouldn’t use their true strength at the start of a fight, and would instead be trying to probe out their opponent first, just like what Xiao Yi was doing right now! Don’t see that it was just a small thrust, if it was Tang Wushuang who had to go against this small thrust, Tang Wushuang would have to deal with it attentively! Although Death Mage looked down on Xiao Yi, he also didn’t dare to recklessly take on this attack. What master said is right, this man’s strength is outstanding, no matter if it was his strength or his speed. Even more, I can already see the next sword attack that will be followed by this sword attack! Xiao Yi’s gaze congealed, as expected, this guy is an expert! Giving up on thrusting towards Death Mage, Xiao Yi turned his body around and slashed from up to down! Broken Emperor Sword immediately emitted out a dazzling light, formed a sword qi, and slashed towards the air. The air immediately started boiling, and big trees after big trees were split into half, and even a long trench was made. This slash was truly formidable! Death Mage who was behind Xiao Yi’s back gradually disappeared and appeared at a spot not far away from Xiao Yi. When Death Mage appeared, his body could be seen to have been slashed into half by the sword qi. In actuality, during a split second just a while ago, Xiao Yi felt that the Death Mage in front of him was fishy, and thus decisively turned around and slashed with his sword, and as expected, his attack landed onto Death Mage! Looking at the Death Mage who was split into two, Xiao Yi once again felt the solitude of being unequaled. This person is counted as the strongest that I had met in those few years. He almost swindled over a thrust from me, but luckily, I reacted fast enough, if not I would have made a fool of myself. In the end, this debt collector is nothing much too. However, tomorrow, it is going to be my turn to go and collect debt! And this debt will be much more than 50 billion! Qing Family! You all can prepare and wait to receive my fury! Pew! Right when Xiao Yi was fantasizing about how he was going to destroy Qing Family, a black lightning struck towards him. Xiao Yi did not have time to dodge it. Pointing his sword towards the black lightning, a talisman writing that was on the sword hilt emitted out a light shield! The black lightning immediately struck towards the light shield. There was no whatsoever brilliant light beam. When the black lightning and light shield collided, the two disappeared at the same time, seemingly having canceled out each other. Xiao Yi's expression was cold and gloomy as he looked towards the black figure that was not far away from him. He is raising his arm and pointing his index finger at me, and his mouth is emitting out that disgusting sound again. From the looks of it, it seems like he is mocking me!!! However, I was indeed played by him! The thing that I killed a while ago was his phantom image. I totally did not found his real body just now, and furthermore, a layer of talisman writing that is on my Broken Emperor Sword has been used by me! Suddenly! Xiao Yi’s nightgown started fluttering, and Xiao Yi’s aura began to rise continuously. The tree leaves that were on the ground even began to float. While looking at Xiao Yi, Death Mage’s interest was piqued. This is the strongest human that I have come across in those five years. Just that, the scent on his body makes me feel sick. “Heaven Punishment Sword Technique – Destiny Nirvana!” When have Xiao Yi ever been deceived like this by his opponent? Thus, he decided to just use his killer move right away and end the battle quickly! Broken Emperor Sword seemed like it had sensed it’s master’s anger and it soared towards the sky. Within this pitch-black night, Broken Emperor Sword was just like a dazzling star, and more often than not, beauty was accompanied by death! The tip of Broken Emperor Sword condensed out a frightening power, and the color of the sky immediately changed. The sound of an explosion suddenly rang out through the mountain range! While raising his head and looking at the Broken Emperor Sword, Death Mage suddenly pierced his ‘Sickle of Death’ into the ground. Bang! This loud sound caused Xiao Yi’s expression to become graver. This guy’s strength is actually this strong too, when he pierced his sickle into the ground, the entire ground actually shook! Death Mage stretched out five fingers, and a black thread emitted out from each of his fingers. Soon after, the black threads congealed together. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Cave of Darkness!” In a flash! The congealed black threads spread out like a spider web, forming into a black hole which's depth could not be seen. This black hole revolved around Death Mage’s surroundings, and Xiao Yi was totally unable to make sense of just what kind of technique Death Mage was using.

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