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Liu Xiao Li said and immediately took a few small porcelain bottles from his multipurpose backpack. After he dug his bag pack awhile, he took out a bottle and shook a red pill out of the bottle. His short hands picked the pill and squeezed it into the mouth of the man on the couch. That pill melts in the mouth and no swallowing was needed. Seeing the man take the medicine and his face became relaxed, Liu Xiao Li put the bottle back into his bag. He moved a stool and sat in front of the soft couch. Yan Pei’s head was already quite muddled. The longing pain made his limbs numbed and immovable. Until there was something cooling that went into his throat and absorbed by his body, he then slowly regained some consciousness. Today, it seemed like the pain lasted only awhile. Yan Pei knew that when he regained his consciousness, the pain would slowly dissipate not long later. He patiently waited. He knew that he managed to endure this time again but did not know why he needed to endure anymore? Would it not be a better end if he was to die from the pain? The time passed bit by bit. When Yan Pei finally regained his consciousness, he opened his eyes and met with a tender and cute small face. He was stunned for a moment; his head was still muddled. After a long while, then he remembered who this child was. “You woke?” Liu Xiao Li’s head went closer to take a look. Looking at the man’s slightly dazed eyes, Xiao Li extended his hands and touched his head. Then, he checked his under eyelids and nodded, “it has passed. You are not in pain now?” Yan Pei did not speak. His throat was dry and hoarse. Whenever he had a trigger, he would have a moment which he could not speak. “Is it still painful? Liu Xiao Li scratched his head, feeling a little illogical, “I gave you a Red Blood pill. Even though it cannot cure your Poison of Bitter Marrow, it is a good medicine to stop the pain. Previously when the third auntie had a difficult labour, she ate this and smoothly gave birth to her sixth child.” He muttered to himself and then looked for the bottle again. He took out a pill and sniffed. After confirming the medicine was not expired and the efficacy was there, he looked at Yan Pei, “is it really still painful?” “No, not painful.” The man found his voice. His voice was still as cold as ever, but it had a tinge of solemness and hoarseness. Liu Xiao Li breathed a sigh. Then, he looked at the small medicinal embroidered pouch and casually grabbed them, “these are the medicines which you take usually? I did not see them just now.” As he said, he opened the pouch. But when he saw the pills inside, he frowned, “What are these?” Xiao Li sniffed, “Ginseng, deer antler, agarwood, gypsum, silver flower, jujube kernels…… What are these? These are just to boost qi and blood but cannot even stop a little pain. Plus, with your body now, eating these would not even help. Poison of bitter marrow is not organs, but bones; what is the use of taking these? As he said, he took the pouch and casually threw it away with a face of disgust. Yan Pei looked at the pouch, which was brought here by Yuwen Yao, being thrown far away but he did not say anything. He adjusted his voice and asked, “didn’t you leave?” “Hmph, that friend of yours is outside looking for me. I came to hide.” Liu Xiao Li said and jumped, “I saved you once just now, so you cannot betray me. That red blood pill is not made by me, my dad made it. The efficacy is complete. If this is sold outside, it would minimum be two hundred taels per pill.” Yan Pei’s all-year-round icy face had no expression. Only looking at him and seriously asking, “What is Poison of Bitter Marrow?” To be honest, he still wants to know.

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