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Cannon Fodder Teaching in Ancient Time: Chapter 1 – First encounter 2/2 Xu Zhen wanted to let the little beggar stay in one room alone. But she did not expect that, right when she placed the little beggar down on the bed, the little beggar suddenly turned her body to the side and vomited out all of the Chinese herbal medicine. The ash green vomit laid on top of the white quilt while emitting out a strong fishy stench. Xu Zhen shrieked miserably, “My quilt!” Soon after, the little beggar coughed out a mouth of dark-red blood. Xu Zhen was scared by that as she said hurriedly, “You mustn’t die ah!” She took some warm water and dabbed it onto the little beggar’s lips, then took a towel and helped wiped the little beggar’s body and face. After wiping away the dust that covered her injuries, she used medicine on the injuries. When it was about to reach night time, Xu Zhen was currently dozing off, but she was woken up by the sound of heavy breathing. She rubbed her eyes and stretched out her hand to touch the little beggar’s forehead, and her hand was almost scalded by the high temperature. She conveniently draped on a white color robe and ran in panic to the medicine shop to get medicine for lowering temperature, then fed it to the little beggar bit by bit. The little beggar drank a mouth, and spat out two mouths, her lips were dry and it began to ooze out blood again. Xu Zhen felt very heart pain and stubbornly made the little beggar drank all the medicine in one go, then jumped onto the bed and stroke the little beggar’s back, “I spent 10 taels of money to save you, if you don’t give me a bit more merit points than usual, I will not let you off.” The little beggar that was on the bed wrinkled her brows somewhat more tightly. Midnight, it was raining heavily outside the window. Xu Zhen was woken up by the sound of the ‘thud, thud’ sound of the falling rain. Recalling of the little beggar that she brought back home, she stretched out her hand to touch the little beggar. However, within the range where her arm could extend out, she didn’t touch until any bit of obstructing objects. Xu Zhen tried hard to open her eyes and lifted her hand, wanting to light up the candle to see what the situation was. Right when she stretched out her leg, she felt her leg touching onto something soft. She shouted loudly, “Fuck!” The soft thing that was on the floor moved for a bit and emitted out two faint lights. Xu Zhen thought she saw a ghost and immediately withdrew back her leg in shock. She retreated a few steps backward. After calming down, she used the moonlight to size up the lights that were on the floor and finally discovered that, the lights were actually reflected out by a pair of eyes. Taking another look much more attentively, the shape of the eyes were very good looking, it was the peach blossom eyes which was popular in the later generations. The arc was just perfect, the outer corner of the eye raised upwards, but unfortunately, a few disarrayed knife scars destroyed the beautiful look of the peach blossom eyes. The eyes seemed to be opened by sheer willpower, the gaze was in disorder and could not see the focal distance. Once Xu Zhen knew that she did not meet a ghost, she let out a sigh of relief. Xu Zhen asked, “You are okay already?” The little beggar did not pay any attention to her and was still lying down on the floor, with her head looking to one side, not sure what she was looking at. Xu Zhen asked, “What is your name?” The little beggar still did not pay any attention to her. Xu Zhen didn’t mind and straightforwardly introduced herself, “I am called Xu Zhen, I just spend 10 taels of money to buy you and even found a doctor to take a look at you, I am your benefactor.” The little beggar’s eyelids drooped gradually. Xu Zhen asked, “You are going to sleep already? You have to remember that you still owe me 10 taels of money. Let your parents send the money over some other day.” The little beggar moved her lips. The voice was too soft already, and Xu Zhen could only guess, “You are asking me to straightforwardly go to your house to take the money? Where do you live?” The little beggar moved her lips once again. Xu Zhen couldn’t hear clearly and thus moved closer and asked, “Where?” The little beggar said with an extremely low voice, “Scram.” Xu Zhen almost got angered to death. To get treated like this after saving the little beggar, if not for the sake of those merit points, she would definitely throw the little beggar out of the house. “Little unthankful wretch.” Xu Zhen scolded. After scolding finish, she covered the quilt on her body and continued sleeping. The moon was bright and the stars were scarce, and the faint moonlight shone down. Within the bedroom, it was empty and pitch-black, and quiet like a deep well. Any feeble sound within the room could become a few times louder and turn into a nail, entering into Xu Zhen’s ears. No matter was it the sound of the frog or the sound of breathing. At her side, the breathing sound became louder and louder, louder and louder, seemingly trying to purposely go against Xu Zhen. Xu Zhen got annoyed hearing the breathing sound and cursed out one time. After that, she turned her body over and looked at the sky fixedly. In the end, she could not take it anymore and sat her body up, then dragged the little beggar onto the bed and covered the quilt on her so that her breathing would become stable. After the little beggar’s breathing became stable, then did she dare to fall asleep deeply. The next morning, the rainstorm came to a stop and the chirping of insects could be heard outside the window. Because Xu Zhen had something on her mind, she actually woke up early. Summoning out her illegal immigration system, she checked her own merit points. Because the merit points given was different every time, thus before checking the merit points, Xu Zhen had a special activity that she enjoyed – Guessing the number of merit points. This time, before opening the merit points page, she guessed with all her might, 10 points, 10 points, 10points! After opening the page and taking a look, it was 8 points. Xu Zhen, “……” Although it was less than what she expected, it was still quite a good number. Normally, when she helps others to carry their shoulder pole, help others build a house and so on other things, she would only be able to receive 1 or 2 points. This time, with the same amount of time spent, to be able to get that many amounts of merit points, it was already counted as okay, just that she had spent quite a bit of money. Also, 8 merit points also meant that she would be able to live in peace for 8 days. When she thought about not having to spend the next 8 days on edge, she felt somewhat happy. The sun raised and sunlight shined into the room. Xu Zhen turned her head around and discovered that little beggar was lying down with a peaceful face, and the little beggar’s complexion had already turned from brown to white. After looking for a while, Xu Zhen discovered that this little beggar possessed a slender figure, sunken cheeks, long eyelashes, deep eye socket, seemingly to have been with mixed with foreign blood. Although the current era did not exist in history, there were Hu people and such, which were split into 10 small countries, standing opposite against the Han people. Hu and the Han were intolerant of each other, and would definitely get into a fight when they come into each other. If this little beggar had been drifting outside for a very long time, she must have definitely suffered quite a lot of hardships. Xu Zhen stretched out her hand to caress the little beggar’s face. When she touched the little beggar’s face, the little beggar suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were bright, seemingly to be much more spirited compared to yesterday. Xu Zhen withdrew her hand and asked, “You woke up?” The little beggar did not speak. Xu Zhen asked, “I forgot to ask you yesterday, what is your name?” The little beggar moved slightly and pieces of her chapped skin fell off, revealing out the dark red flesh. Xu Zhen hurriedly took the kettle and towel which were at the side and dabbed onto the little beggar’s lips. While dabbing, she said, “About the matter where you scolded me yesterday, I don’t blame you anymore. So, can you talk properly today?” The eyes of the little beggar were enveloped by a shadow, deep to the point where the depth can’t be seen. After staring at Xu Zhen for a long time, she did not say anything in the end. Xu Zhen was somewhat disappointed. Stroking the little beggar’s head, she said, “You can recuperate your health at my place first. If you want to leave, at least wait until your body has gotten better.” The little beggar was most likely somewhat tired as her eyelids drooped, seemingly about to close. Xu Zhen said, “Little mute.” What replied to her, was the sound of feeble breathing. After Xu Zhen scolded, she was prepared to go out to work. When she walked passed her room, she saw the 'Flower Bird Fish All-Inclusive' books which were returned by the Yunmo Store. It would be a pity if she were to lose the books, but there was also no use leaving the books here. While Xu Zhen was at a loss, a bright idea suddenly came to her mind. Picking up 10 books and bringing it to the market, she intended to sell the books at the market. There was already quite a number of people sitting down at the market. She found a corner, squatted down at the corner and waited for a buyer. After waiting for half a day, an old man who had an ash-colored beard came. The old man squatted down trembling, looked at the books that she was selling and asked, “What kind of book is this?” Xu Zhen was afraid that the old man would not be able to hear her and replied loudly, “About growing flowers! Raising birds! And raising fish!” The old man took a look at her and said, “I can hear you.” Xu Zhen immediately lowered her voice and asked, “Then, are you buying? If you buy it, I guarantee that the output of your house’s flowers, birds and fishes will double!” The old man shook his head. Xu Zhen sighed. The old man continued squatting. After squatting for a while, he said, “I can’t see clearly, what is written in the book?” Xu Zhen said, “Things like what you should do for whatever symptom that appeared on your flower and so on……” After speaking halfway, she saw that there was mud within the old man’s fingernail and asked, “Old man, do you plant flowers at home?” The old man nodded his head, “Someone gave me some flowers, but I don’t know how to grow those flowers and right now, they are on the verge of dying already.” Xu Zhen said, “Different flowers need to be grown differently.” She flipped her book and showed the old man, “You look at this flower, this kind of flower must not be placed under the sun and it has to be watered every 20 days, if not it will become rotten easily.” The old man stared at the picture that Xu Zhen drew and asked while somewhat entranced, “What else are there?” Xu Zhen, “For the rest, you can buy the book and look at it yourself when you go back home.” The old man raised his head and took a look at Xu Zhen. He came to the market frequently and this was his first time seeing Xu Zhen. He kept feeling that this person was a swindler, but at the same time, the content of the book was very interesting. He saw a small tree which was drawn on one of the pages at the back. The small tree was one of the trees he had growing in his house. When he took a hurried glimpse just now, he only glimpsed until the words ‘water it once every 7 days, water it thoroughly’. He did not know if it was true or fake, and also did not know if there was other things that needed to be taken note. After hesitating for a moment, he asked about the price of the book. After finding out that it only cost 3 qian for 1 book, he resolute his heart and bought one book, then left the market. (钱: qian – 1 qian = 1/10 of a tael.)

Translator: TuZi & Wigglegui



TuZi & Wigglegui's Remarks:

Had the spare time so I decided to translate the rest of chapter 1. Unfortunately, will be dropping this since both translators, TuZi and I, find this novel to be harder to translate compared to other novels we have translated. Most likely either the writing style of this novel or ancient time genre doesn't suit us. Tuzi and I will be searching for some other BL/GL novel to translate together. So, if anyone wants to pick up this novel, feel free to do so.

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